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Keep dreaming 12:20 Thu Feb 20
Team for Liverpool

Zabaleta Diop Balbuena Ogbonna Cresswell Masuaku
Snodgrass Noble Soucek Rice

Bowen, Haller, Lanzini, Anderson, Antonio, Randolph

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Westham67 5:09 Mon Feb 24
Re: Team for Liverpool
stirlinghammer 4:45 Mon Feb 24

And older Indian saying, gently, gently, catchy monkey

threesixty 5:02 Mon Feb 24
Re: Team for Liverpool
Anderson is so frustrating.
He doesnt like to shoot at all. I think he needs a hypnotist to get him out of that mental zone.
Can we fine him if he doesnt have a shot when within 20yrds of a goal (not ours ffs..)

He would be an ideal partner for Bowen if he put his shooting boots on. I'd bring Haller on as a sub near the end.

Diop, Ogbonna, Creswell
Ngakia, Rice, Soucek, Fornals
Bowen, Antonio, Anderson

Thats 3 fast front players.. make Van Dyke worry about going past the half way line...

dolph 4:55 Mon Feb 24
Re: Team for Liverpool
A depressing method for optimism there pickle.

Pickle Rick 4:51 Mon Feb 24
Re: Team for Liverpool
They'll be set up to hopefully only concede a couple of goals, tonight will be about damage limitation on our goal difference compared to those around us, we could lose 2-0 tonight and still have a better goal difference than Villa and Watford. Get these games out of the way, hope we're still in touch with Villa then step it up to survive.

stirlinghammer 4:45 Mon Feb 24
Re: Team for Liverpool
looked good away to Southampton for 60 odd mins with haller/Antonio/Anderson up top..probably the last time i saw us getting the ball forward quickly ...god help us if we sit back tonight..old Chinese proverb..aim for damage limitation and you will be damaged beyond limits

Westham67 3:52 Mon Feb 24
Re: Team for Liverpool
According to C&H Moysinho wants to play Anderson up front like Arnie

Dandy Lyon 3:05 Mon Feb 24
Re: Team for Liverpool
In summary, I hate Kevin Nolan

Dandy Lyon 3:05 Mon Feb 24
Re: Team for Liverpool
I think people are forgetting we have Kevin Nolan as part of the coaching staff now, so we can be optimistic.

Now, not only will we be boring and defensive, but if we get a corner, we'll have Rice told to stand on the goalkeepers toes.

We'll also have players moaning at the ref and blame each other for their own mistakes.

Thankfully it's not the run up to Christmas too otherwise we'd have a couple of red cards too

Sir Alf 2:54 Mon Feb 24
Re: Team for Liverpool
Yeah Goose , Moyes said he had watched a lot of football while being out of the game. He forgot to mention it was a bunch of VHS video tapes from the 1990s :-(

goose 2:39 Mon Feb 24
Re: Team for Liverpool
Alf - there’s nothing new there.
The England ‘DNA’ as they call it has been part of the coaching badges for some time. There’s a big focus on transition and speed of transition.

First season under Bilic we were much faster in the transitions. Since then we’ve been shit. And had two managers who are/were living in the past.
Lack of pace & fitness.
Lack of direction from coaches.

For all his talk Moyes is a dinosaur.

Sir Alf 2:35 Mon Feb 24
Re: Team for Liverpool
Fortunes I am proud of my talent for verbal diarrhea. Thanks for the compliment.

I am agreeing with 360 that the squad investment lack planning, joined up thinking and has not kept pace with the way the game has changed. :-)

Fortunes Hiding 2:14 Mon Feb 24
Re: Team for Liverpool
Sir Alf

What are you waffling on about?

boleynkid 2:12 Mon Feb 24
Re: Team for Liverpool
tr3bor 1:59

Won't happen but I would settle for that.

Sir Alf 2:06 Mon Feb 24
Re: Team for Liverpool
Its an interesting point 360 :-)

We bought Diop at a decent price but aside from that... you are right we don't put the big investments into anything other than forward / attack minded players. It stinks of Sullivan. In today's game full backs are now one of your best sources of attack and have we ever invested in a decent full / attacking wing back?

Mind you Sullivan will say look at Yarmalenko, Anderson etc... they are midfielders we invested a lot in ? But they are attacking midfielders who as we have seen don't do much for the team when it comes to defending.

On a related note, I happened by chance to get chatting to one of the FAs coaching staff a few weeks back who has worked as a consultant for quite a few top teams ( Premiership, Championship) and he was saying the game has changed a lot in the last 5 - 10 years and now its much more about the Dortmund "Gegenpress" model which superceded the "Tiki taka" Barcelona approach.

He said and it makes sense that the most successful teams are those that can deal with and take advantage of the "transition" when the ball is lost or gained. We are the worst at it in the league by some measure. Not one manager we have had in recent years has addressed it or even recognised it. Probably because they are all yesterday's men with the exception arguably of Bilic.

Moyes is yet another who seems to have lost track of the changes. You defend all over the park nowadays. You cannot just have a well drilled back five as teams like Liverpool, Leicester even the likes of Southampton and Sheff Utd attack you with their full backs, midfield runners from deep etc. We have shown we cannot deal with it and not only do we lack collective pace to make a counter attack half of our players cannot pass accurately at speed or under pressure.

But it all goes back to the owners. Until they get out of the way ( or out of the club) and bring in someone as a DOF who really knows what he is doing and they leave him to put in place a long term plan and provide the finance to execute on it over 5 - 10 years nothing will change.

tr3bor 1:59 Mon Feb 24
Re: Team for Liverpool
Rice Diop Ogbonna
Antonio Soucek Noble Cresswell
Bowen Haller Anderson

goose 1:52 Mon Feb 24
Re: Team for Liverpool
surely we must be due some luck from somewhere?
VAR decision going our way? couple of red cards or injuries from them? one of theirs making a howler.

anything really.

threesixty 1:33 Mon Feb 24
Re: Team for Liverpool
Are lack of a decent midfield is all down to the owners thinking they're playing Championship Manager..

They only like spending on forwards. I think it give them a buzz. Have we spent more than 20m on any non forward player ever?

Its so backward. How can it be that Noble at 32 after like, 400yrs is still our first choice midfielder? We just seem to buy forwards and wingers every 2 seconds.

CanningTownWA 1:23 Mon Feb 24
Re: Team for Liverpool
I think if you look at the players we have bought, the money spent and who is available which should be the way teams are picked as well as form, the team should be
Zabaleta Diop Ogbonna Cresswell
Bowen Rice Soucek Anderson
Antonio Haller

stepney hammer 1:08 Mon Feb 24
Re: Team for Liverpool
Apparently BFS on Talksport this morning saying that a 2-0 defeat would be a GOOD result for us.

Sir Alf 12:40 Mon Feb 24
Re: Team for Liverpool
threesixty 12:20 Mon Feb 24

Thats what BFS did for years. Played direct to Big Andy or whoever.

We have been unable to win, get and dominate possession in the middle of the park for so long now I cannot remember when we last did?
Even the only successful season in 10 under Bilic we were still direct a lot of the time but had Payet pulling the strings spraying balls left right and centre,

threesixty 12:20 Mon Feb 24
Re: Team for Liverpool
We can have as many attacking players as we want, we cant keep the fucking ball!

I'm going to be optimistic and hope that we play Bowen and Antonio because we really just need runners to push their defence back. Maybe long balls into space and have them run in to the spaces.

Our midfield is kind of shit so maybe its a case of bypassing it.

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