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Leonard Hatred 4:54 Thu Feb 20
It's over, innit.
West Ham United is OVER.

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Mike Oxsaw 5:43 Sun Feb 23
Re: It's over, innit.
It was destined to change forever the moment fans attending games became no longer a club's main revenue stream.

The commercial broadcasting, the internet & satellite TV hastened that moment along, but it's destiny was set with the invention of television.

The Fonz 10:35 Sat Feb 22
Re: It's over, innit.
I think football is dead in general.

Forget the stadium, the whole experience is shit.

I watched spurs and Chelsea today, the amount of times you saw people filming the players was embarassing. This goes on everywhere. It was quiet on the tv for a 4th vs 5th london derby and that's in a purpose built footy stadium.

The money in the premier league has killed the fan experience.

If away days werent so good id try support a non league team. Fuck knows who though.

Mike Oxsaw 10:26 Sat Feb 22
Re: It's over, innit.
If the club go into freefall over the next 3 seasons, even if the board manage to buy the stadium freehold (which will have so many covenants they can't do a thing with it), absolutely nobody will want to take on owning the club - even a fans consortium would surely realise that turning things around is way beyond them.

They would be haemorrhaging personal money by the bucket-load as we plummet down the respective tables as no financial institution would ever lend what was needed under those conditions, and there would come a point where they simply cut their losses and run for it.

We'd be in six feet of shit for sure, if that happened, but, in reality, it wouldn't be that different from being in the 5 feet of shit they stuck us in whilst in charge.

J.Riddle 8:54 Sat Feb 22
Re: It's over, innit.
Football was finished for me after the Taylor report was implemented. Killed the atmosphere at the Boleyn and elsewhere. I stopped going a few years before then, went back to the Boleyn a few times but couldn't stomach it. Even Millwall in the cup was nothing like the terraces of the 70s & 80s.

Winning nothing for 35 years was going to change when we moved to the OS which is soulless inside and out, a few of us had our pants pulled down and signed up, we're all jacking it in going down or not, we would be competing for the Champions League, as Gold said the top four including Man United would be looking over their shoulders, he forgot to mention they would need binoculars along with our fans. We will only return when GSB are gone.

ted fenton 8:25 Sat Feb 22
Re: It's over, innit.
The way VAR have performed today football will be fecking over sooner than later for a lot of fans !!!

Leonard Hatred 6:18 Sat Feb 22
Re: It's over, innit.
Why would the tunnel have been closed?

violator 4:56 Sat Feb 22
Re: It's over, innit.
I used to wake up on a Saturday morning, yearning for bonds and brooking, the travel through the Woolwich foot tunnel and the 101 bus to Newham town hall, the smell of the burger stalls, Nathan's pie and mash shop, into my aunt's house after the game, could see the floodlights from her back garden, back on the bus home. Onto the ferry cos the foot tunnel was closed. My entire memories of my childhood have been destroyed by fucking chancers, and I'm fucking livid.

Northern Sold 12:31 Fri Feb 21
Re: It's over, innit.
Not on this thread please Kev.... this thread is for old fat disgusting wankers reminiscing about the old days....

Side of Ham 12:31 Fri Feb 21
Re: It's over, innit.
A half empty OS with the old school doing a conga round it with the stewards going mental about what to do, is about the best we could hope for........

JustAFatKevinDavies 12:30 Fri Feb 21
Re: It's over, innit.
sold0 you fat disgusting wanker

Northern Sold 12:29 Fri Feb 21
Re: It's over, innit.
The thing is when we have been shit in the past we had things to hold onto… to give us hope…. Now?? Fucking zilch…

Side of Ham 12:28 Fri Feb 21
Re: It's over, innit.
A stand out moment for me, for what was coming, was when Sky got one of their lackeys to move their microphones away from the Chicken Run.

We chuckled at the time, but it was a clear clue as to where this was all going.

The rebrand of football was for us like a 'My Fair Lady' project and for the sport as a whole really.

Do we really want to be in the Happy Clapper Premier League?

Leeds & Millwall seem to still have a lot of bite.

Jim C 11:39 Fri Feb 21
Re: It's over, innit.
I am only an occasional reader and even rarer poster, but looking at this has really makes reality bite and sums up how I feel.

I had a season ticket for a long time and was a frequent traveller away from home. C Senior has already said that once we leave The Boleyn that was it for his ST, I could have moved to be with a really close mate, his old man and brother in law who were two rows behind us and companions on away days, but I was undecided as being there without Dad would have just not felt right. I had my doubts about the move too. The decision was then made for me as I discovered I was to become a father myself, due to long working hours during the week, weekends were going to be very precious. I am not suggesting for one minute that people with children should not go to football, it was just the way I personally felt was best for me, my family and situation.

I really thought it would one of the hardest things I ever did, but to be honest it has been a breeze. I have been back for a few games each season but it is just not the same and I don't get that feeling of belonging anymore. I had a catch up and a few beers with someone I have been friends with since childhood a few days ago and obviously the conversation got onto football. He told me he has never seen me with so little enthusiasm for West Ham, my response was that the club I fell in love with and will always support has changed beyond recognition.

As many have said, it is nothing to do with being shit, that is not new, but having the heart and soul of your club being ripped out puts things into perspective.

Percy Dalton 9:31 Fri Feb 21
Re: It's over, innit.
We'll know it's over once Millwall run us out of our own end.

One McAvennieeeeee 9:29 Fri Feb 21
Re: It's over, innit.

WHUDeano 12:54 Fri Feb 21
Re: It's over, innit. 

You really dont have to break down what's happened. I'm fully aware. I have no interest in a new club. I support 1 team. Good luck with it, but it's not for me and to be honest while West Ham United exist I just dont believe it will take off.

As I said, good luck with it all.

Westham67 9:17 Fri Feb 21
Re: It's over, innit.
Chip Shop Charlie 4:45 Fri Feb 21

I agree fuck the premier league. A poster compared a new West Ham to Wimbledon AFC but we have a much bigger fan base than them

Dr Matt 5:41 Fri Feb 21
Re: It's over, innit.
Ended when the city boys took over the fan base in the mid to late 2000s.

What was once a working man’s club is now a middle class city boy laaaahd club where bants and mobile filming are more important than passion and intimidation.

Manuel 5:06 Fri Feb 21
Re: It's over, innit.
ZERO interest in West Ham Athletic, or whatever silly name you want to call it. Not gonna happen anyway, is it.

Chip Shop Charlie 4:45 Fri Feb 21
Re: It's over, innit.
At least with WHAFC there would be terracing, we could stand together to sing, banter, no VAR, a sense of belonging again, cheaper beer, better pies, no popcorn, less tourists.
Ok the football might be gash but maybe played with a bit of passion...for the badge, by players that we have something in common with, not by multi-millionaires....it would be our team and us...together.
Roll on WHAFC

Texas Iron 2:29 Fri Feb 21
Re: It's over, innit.
It's Over...


, 2:04 Fri Feb 21
Re: It's over, innit.
Been going since the 1950s. In that period of more than sixty years the club has had a brief 16/17 year period of success bringing three FA Cups and a major European trophy. And being West Ham we also managed to squeeze in a relegation too.

I’ve been through times when the old ground ( and I mean the old ground with just one stand and the wooden chicken run ) was regularly banged out and at other times where we could not get more than 20k fans in on a regular basis.

And then the big change began, the change that has dwarfed all others imho, when Murdoch bought the soul of football. Football and the club as I knew it has gone downhill since then. It’s no surprise that with wall to wall subscription football available, almost every day of the week, the traditions like supporting a local club are being undermined. That big grounds regularly have a high tourist percentage take up, That owners have an interest which conflicts directly with fan’s aspirations etc.

The only way we are special as a club now is that our owners are Frankly incompetent at protecting their asset.

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