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twoleftfeet 5:39 Fri Feb 21
Iron Men.
Just watched it, made me sad.

Why the fuck did we leave our home 😢😢😢

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Buster 12:12 Sun Feb 23
Re: Iron Men.
The TV deal had absolutely nothing to do with the move. As some of us have said for years, it’s fuck all to do with progressing the club, it was all about ultimately buying the stadium on the cheap and then selling up.

Gary Strodders shank 11:58 Sun Feb 23
Re: Iron Men.
Is a great film/documentary they showed it on London live just before xmas.

Very poignant and touching in parts
All we have now is some great memories.

I would think the burden of guilt / responsibility weighs very heavy on Golds shoulders as he after all is the local boy made good who was forever professing his love for the place and the club that he is gradually destroying.

I would also doubt that despite all this so called love for West Ham that him and Sullivan would of ever got involved if it wasn’t for the carat of the the OS.

Sad to think there is a generation of West Ham fans growing up now who will never get to experience the special atmosphere and history of Upton Park and the great characters that used to reside there.

I’m likely to have to pass by there later this week for the first time since it was demolished and I’m pretty sure I will be feeling emotional as I do.

jim@chickenrun 11:46 Sat Feb 22
Re: Iron Men.
Can't watch it,it will remind me of a big part of my life I miss..

Nagel 6:51 Fri Feb 21
Re: Iron Men.
When the deal itself was finalised the 2016 deal was in place, but when the bid was won it was as I said, a less than 4% increase on the previous deal.

I suppose they could have got out of it if they wanted, but then, presumably they thought the OS was better for selling the club on to someone else at great profit anyway.

Johnson 6:43 Fri Feb 21
Re: Iron Men.
The new TV deal was signed before the OS deal was signed.

It was all pointed out on here at the time, but you can't teach blind men to see.

Nagel 6:41 Fri Feb 21
Re: Iron Men.
Obviously the extra £10-£12m a year isn't worth it.

To be fair though, back when GSB won the bid for the OS Premier League clubs were getting £40m-£60m a year from TV, compared to the £100m-£150m a year now. So, if the TV money hadn't skyrocketed then that extra revenue would have meant a lot more. The 2013 deal only went up by less than 4% from the previous deal so no-one would have predicted it would go up by almost 200% in a few years, and the knock-on effect on wages and transfer fees.

Still wouldn't have been worth selling our home for, and GSB would have just fucked up how they used the extra income anyway, but...

twoleftfeet 6:26 Fri Feb 21
Re: Iron Men.
But unlike the titanic none of the fans actually interviewed saw it as the promised land.

I hate seeing aerial shots of the Boleyn because it shows that with some thought we could have expanded the ground.

factory seconds 6:20 Fri Feb 21
Re: Iron Men.
it's like watching a documentary filmed in southampton harbour on the 10th of april 1912, interviewing everyone about the great atlantic adventure they're about to go on and all their hopes and dreams for when they reach america.

twoleftfeet 5:57 Fri Feb 21
Re: Iron Men.
Don't watch it, it's very sad.

The worse thing is seeing Mabel the 100 year old fan in tears.

Sullivan states on it that moving ground gets us an extra £10-£12m a year, was it worth it just for that?

Very, very sad.

Johnson 5:48 Fri Feb 21
Re: Iron Men.
Not watched it.

Won't watched it.

Buster 5:47 Fri Feb 21
Re: Iron Men.


Jim79 5:46 Fri Feb 21
Re: Iron Men.
GO posts and not a wiff of a schmerrel conspiracy.

Site, dogs, etc

Golden Oldie 5:42 Fri Feb 21
Re: Iron Men.
Apparently by moving to a bigger stadium it guaranteed for a fact (FACT) West Ham London plc would be in the Champions League within 5 years.

I recall anyone pointing out that in theory if every club was to do this how could they all guarantee such a self-evidently impossible promise.

They were shouted down by the progressive spastics mantra of "change for changes sake, is double plus good".

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