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Alfs 2:09 Sat Feb 22
Relegation Run-ins.
I've just had a look at our and the other four teams around us (Norwich, Watford, Villa and Bournemouth and they have much harder run-ins.

40 pts will definitely be enough, probably 37 or 38.

It's not over yet fellow WHOers.

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happygilmore 2:43 Tue Feb 25
Re: Relegation Run-ins.
Had a look through Our remaining fixtures. We should be capable of getting to 41 pts. Which would be plenty

goose 6:47 Mon Feb 24
Re: Relegation Run-ins.
i hope we stay up......... but i'm not convinced we will.

momentum is a big thing at this stage and we have very little.
we cant keep a clean sheet no matter how many defenders Moyes plays.
can we score enough goals? not with haller/antonio so very isolated.

time will tell. one of those teams mentioned will hit a run of form..........

Manuel 6:14 Mon Feb 24
Re: Relegation Run-ins.
ED - Put it another way. You got a mini league of West Ham, Villa, Watford, Bournemouth and Brighton with 12 games to play, and all we have to do is finish 3rd to achieve our aim. Not really that hard is it. Like I say the current fashion on here is to be negative about everything and off everyone goes. So yes, it is laughable. Let's see who is right in a couple of months.

Mex Martillo 5:26 Mon Feb 24
Re: Relegation Run-ins.
I agree Manuel and in the new tradition of WHO, I will repeat continually that we will not go down...

Eerie Descent 4:39 Mon Feb 24
Re: Relegation Run-ins.

Manuel 4:29 Mon Feb 24
Re: Relegation Run-ins.
So now you're making stuff up. I said we're definitely staying up?? Poor form that, fuck off.

Eerie Descent 4:28 Mon Feb 24
Re: Relegation Run-ins.
What is straightforward is, you think we're definitely staying up, and some think we're more likely to go down, which even though we're in the relegation zone with about 10 games left, you think is laughable. You, as always, are the one being a fanny about it.

Manuel 4:25 Mon Feb 24
Re: Relegation Run-ins.
Eerie - Give it a rest with all the shenanigans, it's fucking boring. It's really very straightforward..

Are we shit? Yes.

Is Moyes a fucking clown who has no right managing in the PL? Yes.

Despite the above, when it comes down to the real crunch over the next dozen games or so, with our squad, are we likely to outperform at least 2 of B'mouth, Watford, Villa and Brighton? Yes.

Stop going all round the fucking houses.

Russ of the BML 4:08 Mon Feb 24
Re: Relegation Run-ins.
Jasnik 3:49 Mon Feb 24

I think if we do stay up it is going to be from super-human efforts from Antonio, Rice and Bowen. If those 3 go missing then we are doomed.

Eerie Descent 3:59 Mon Feb 24
Re: Relegation Run-ins.
Writing us off? Were in the relegation zone you fucking nutter.

White Pony 3:57 Mon Feb 24
Re: Relegation Run-ins.
Expressing an opinion that you think we will go down is not the same as wanting us to go down.

I think we’re going down but I don’t want us to.

I dearly would love the players to prove me wrong, and other fans I speak to feel the same way.

Not sure why people are being dug out by their own fans but saying they think we are going to get relegated as there is a very strong possibility that will happen based on recent performances.

PeterJ 3:51 Mon Feb 24
Re: Relegation Run-ins.
How does that make me child? Care to explain?

Jasnik 3:49 Mon Feb 24
Re: Relegation Run-ins.
Manuel 3:32 Mon Feb 24

Has nothing to do with following the others on here its to do with watching us play it was so flat.

Then you look at the other teams in the same place to us and see they are actually trying to fight for their lives.

I just hope they wake up, as to me they look like they think someone else is going to do it for them. We can get behind the players but end of the day they need to buck their ideas up and do something more.

Last game the only two players who looked like they were trying were Antonio and Rice.

Manuel 3:48 Mon Feb 24
Re: Relegation Run-ins.
Before Christ?

Oooh, is Manuel BC? Stay on topic you fucking child.

PeterJ 3:41 Mon Feb 24
Re: Relegation Run-ins.
Is Manuel BC?

nychammer 3:39 Mon Feb 24
Re: Relegation Run-ins.
We suddenly have to find some form from somewhere and go on a run. Need to.avoid meltdowns like against Brighton. Given how we’ve played and the lack of fitness and pace in them squad it’s gonna be a big ask.

Positives are the new bodies in the side, but we’ve got to get off to a good start by beating Southampton and then the sides around us (Watford, Villa, Norwich) plus pick up some bonus’s points in what we would consider other winnable games.

Manuel 3:36 Mon Feb 24
Re: Relegation Run-ins.
And btw, of course we could go down, goes without saying, but everyone writing us off in Feb is laughable. Sheep.

Manuel 3:32 Mon Feb 24
Re: Relegation Run-ins.
Eerie - Behave. Most just go with the flow on here, always been that way. Speak to West Ham fans in the real world and there will be at best mixed opinions, but most will think we will stay up, but on here nearly every man and his dog are now all coming out with the same gloomy stuff. It's actually fucking pathetic, but that's this forum for ya.

wd40 3:28 Mon Feb 24
Re: Relegation Run-ins.

We were wrong you were right full apology sent c/o every supporter.

Eerie Descent 3:23 Mon Feb 24
Re: Relegation Run-ins.
Dancer, it may have escaped your notice, but we're currently in the relegation zone 3rd from bottom of the league, have the 4th worst goals conceded record (Southampton's 0-9 stopping us being 3rd worst on that front) even though we've played 1 game less than everyone else, and our game in hand is tonight against the best team in the world.

Add to that we've just employed a bloke who has not so long ago finished rock bottom of the Prem.

Now, you might think we're staying up, fair enough, but you can hardly call out people being sheep for thinking we might go down this season? It's hardly out the fucking realms of possibility is it?

Side of Ham 3:17 Mon Feb 24
Re: Relegation Run-ins.
What yesterday when you tried tried to question me on a post I agreed from someone else you div, that one? Or the one where I made you out for the cunt you are having a pop at a West Ham fan down on his luck?

You really are some thick cunt, and I reckon a woman could beat the shit out of you that's why always try to belittle women on here.

Man up, MANuel......are you out of your teens yet? As you post like a prepubescent child.

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