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Coffee 8:43 Sat Feb 29
Saturday football
Separated by five points and the A23, Palace are sitting pretty in lower mid-table and look to be heading for safety. Brighton haven’t improved much in points terms from last season, but the consensus is that they’re playing better. Palace will or should need no urging to go for the win, but it’s hard to choose between them. Heart over brain. Away win.

Bournemouth, arguably, have had even less fortune with VAR than West Ham. Both sides come into this smarting from painful defeats, and both are under pressure for different reasons. Chelsea should walk it, and will want to walk it with Man U breathing down their necks. Away win.

The Magpies are inching towards safety. Burnley are virtually there. Draw.

This is as much of a must win as we’ve had all season. Nothing but praise for the way the Saints have lifted themselves up the table in recent months. Danny Ings, which I’ve always thought is a strange name, is on fire and will be a threat. Will David Moyes be able to raise the team for what could be a truly pivotal game in our season? It’s time for Anderson play with brawn as well as brain. Snodgrass and Antonio have to be on top of their game: Fornals, too, if he plays. And let’s hope Bowen shows that he can score. Slightly nervous. Home win.

Watford are behind us on goal difference and will be encouraged by the way their visitors struggled to beat another relegation-threatened side last time out. Liverpool are set for the record for successive Premier League wins. Will that spur them on or cramp them? Should be a competitive game. Away win.

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claretandbluedagger 8:17 Sun Mar 1
Re: Saturday football
Considering Grealish is meant to be the second coming, he was toilet.

Hammer and Pickle 6:28 Sun Mar 1
Re: Saturday football
Most satisfactory.

This weekend’s results will give us some welcome respite from the more outrageous bullshit on the political threads.

cygnet 5:49 Sun Mar 1
Re: Saturday football
That was some finish at Everton. Outstanding saves from Pickford and De Gea then an Everton winner disallowed for very debatable offside...

Iron Duke 5:47 Sun Mar 1
Re: Saturday football
Man Utd helped by VAR yet again.

El Scorchio 5:36 Sun Mar 1
Re: Saturday football
Irons- weirdly was just discussing that with some friends at lunch. Would be fucking hilarious if they had to void the season.

ted fenton 5:25 Sun Mar 1
Re: Saturday football
Spurs 2 Wolves 3

Everton 1 Man Utd 1

The Hammers 5:24 Sun Mar 1
Re: Saturday football
Tottenham 2 - 3 Wolves

geoffpikey 4:28 Sun Mar 1
Re: Saturday football
Roberto probably ahead of De Gea in Spanish rankings!

Pickford behind both. FOMB.

ted fenton 4:03 Sun Mar 1
Re: Saturday football
Yet another howler by de Gea at Everton !


ironsofcanada 4:02 Sun Mar 1
Re: Saturday football

Imagine if the virus cancelled the season

Vexed 3:59 Sun Mar 1
Re: Saturday football
Not much to do with luck, couple of players played like cunts. Like most games this season.

El Scorchio 3:56 Sun Mar 1
Re: Saturday football
It’s sickening to know Liverpool were there for the taking on Monday and through shitty luck we couldn’t capitalise and be the ones who beat them in front of their own cunt fans. Hopefully they used up their last bit of luck for the season and it starts going tits up for those complete cunts. If by some miracle they failed to win the league from here (won’t happen) it would be the most amazing thing ever witnessed. The grief.

terry-h 3:24 Sun Mar 1
Re: Saturday football
Watching Coventry v Sunderland at the moment. George Dobson in midfield for Soonderland. If you can't remember him he was described as a highly rated youngster when he joined West Ham from Arsenal as a teenager. Looks like a very poor man's Mark Noble to me. Very slow but without any tackling ability. Pretty shit really.

Fortunes Hiding 9:45 Sun Mar 1
Re: Saturday football
Thatve lost 2 in three.

But for Fabianski, should’ve been three.

They’ve won the league, but I think they will lose a few more games in the run in

crystal falace 5:17 Sun Mar 1
Re: Saturday football
As much as i hate them they're already on more points than man utd's treble team, losing this game may be a blessing in disguise and let them focus on other competirions like the fa cup

gph 2:10 Sun Mar 1
Re: Saturday football
FC - agreed, only Fabianski's off-day saved them.

They're running out of steam, but too late for anyone to stop them. (I'd really rather COVID-19 didn't, as the silver lining wouldn't be worth the cloud).

ironsofcanada 12:53 Sun Mar 1
Re: Saturday football
First up on motd, the only really disappointing thing of the day.

Was hoping for a 0-0/.

Iron Duke 10:35 Sat Feb 29
Re: Saturday football
You’ve got to hate Liverpool haven’t you? Never do us a favour.

Watch them beat Atletico now. Then lose to Bournemouth.

Grumpster 10:33 Sat Feb 29
Re: Saturday football
I'd imagine that when they lift the trophy they wont really give a shit that they didnt go unbeaten.

Massive whooping though, fair play to Watford.

factory seconds 10:29 Sat Feb 29
Re: Saturday football
you have to laugh at klopp banging on about needing a winter break, then finally getting it and having his all conquering team return looking bang average.

they scraped a 1-0 vs. norwich, lost to atletico, barely got over the line vs. us with some help from our goalie and got properly done in by watford.

actually think it puts monday in a bit more perspective. the players came off thinking they ran an outstanding team close to the edge and the confidence bled into today bringing us a 3-1 win, when in actual fact liverpool presently aren't the team have been all season.

mentality is half of the game.

nychammer 9:35 Sat Feb 29
Re: Saturday football
Ugh was gonna happen sooner or later. Had to be watford too. Now we absolutely have to beat them.

No reason we cant get something at Arsenal next week if we play like today.

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