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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

jim@chickenrun 8:50 Fri Mar 6
Who,s going down?
Was quite sure we are going to get religated,but having looked at the fixtures of us and those around us this is my prediction of the final points tally in the religation zone....

West ham ...36
Brighton ...33

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gph 1:00 Mon Mar 23
Re: Who,s going down?
When Alex V sees that, things are going to get entertaining.

Or maybe not

, 11:20 Sun Mar 22
Re: Who,s going down?
Anyway back to football. On the BBC sport website they have published an article that sets out the probable promotion/relegation/CL qualifying positions at the end of the season.

The source is Euro Club Index which has used 100,000 simulations to arrive at the most likely end of season situation if no more league games are played this season.

Naturally Liverpool win the EPL but what interests me is the relegation situation. According to this index Norwich are 90% sure to be relegated, Aston Villa are 62% sure to be relegated, Bournemouth have a 50% chance of being relegated, Watford a 35% chance. Followed by Brighton at 31% and West Ham at 29%.

normannomates 6:09 Tue Mar 10
Re: Who,s going down?
The deckchairs
The (not so) peaky blinds
The farmers

Texas Iron 12:11 Tue Mar 10
Re: Who,s going down?
Id take 17th right now...

...and GSB OUT...!!!

YellowBellyHammer 6:54 Mon Mar 9
Re: Who,s going down?
Can't see us getting enough points on board, we are poor defensively and seems we always going to need to score 2 a game to have any chance.
Pressure will be too much, Norwich, Burnley, Newcastle all tough games on top of the likes of Man U, Wolves etc.

DukeofDevo 6:21 Mon Mar 9
Re: Who,s going down?
We had more than enough good opportunities to win against Arsenal Saturday! Just not smart enough when it comes to the crunch. Encouraging signs though since we started playing Bowen; much better drive

Texas Iron 5:37 Mon Mar 9
Re: Who,s going down?
Anderson will score a couple of goals in the run in to save WHUFC...


Westside 4:22 Mon Mar 9
Re: Who,s going down?
All have the same in common, shit at the back & don't score enough goals.

We score enough goals (Joint 10th in goals scored terms in the league). It's the shit at the back that will do for us.
Have scored 10 more goals, than Newcastle for example. 5 more than Sheffield United.

Any Old Iron 4:17 Mon Mar 9
Re: Who,s going down?
If we can get a win or a couple of draws out of the next three games then we give ourselves a chance. But I fear we'll get nothing out of Wolves, Sp*rs and the rent boys, and so will put massive pressure on ourselves for the last six games.

It would help our cause massively if Haller started to show a bit of form because at the moment he's a waste of a place.

dealcanvey 4:05 Mon Mar 9
Re: Who,s going down?
Whatever happens to Wolves midweek. Hopefully they either dont lose heavily or win big. Will determine how strong their team is on Sunday.

Nuno rarely changes much.

Stevethehammer 3:53 Mon Mar 9
Re: Who,s going down?
Really hope Wolves get stuck out in Greece on Thursday night and spend the best part of Friday getting back here.
Lack of match preparation on Saturday and obviously the game on Sunday, might just help us.
Then again knowing us we will be unprepared and Nuno will be sitting in Athens airport hatching a plan to get all 3 points.

Chinkey Weasel 3:19 Mon Mar 9
Re: Who,s going down?
West Ham, Aston Villa & Norwich.

All have the same in common, shit at the back & don't score enough goals.

LeroysBoots 3:06 Mon Mar 9
Re: Who,s going down?
Agree with the OP

Brighton and Villa have some scary fixtures

Sir Alf 2:49 Mon Mar 9
Re: Who,s going down?
"Funny old game" as Greavsie used to say... when we were 6 games into the season without a loss, you could see the cracks, and the good fortune in a couple of games and then the loss of Fabianski brought about the collapse through to Xmas when Pellegrini should have gone. We were open defensively even in games we won. It was no surprise to most of us tbh.

Now I am seeing the defensive improvements, the discipline and tactics, players clearer about their roles but will an upturn in results follow the same way the downturn seemed inevitable? There should be but you just get that feeling the decisions, VAR or something will put the mockers on us as it always has in most of the 60 years of following this club.

Its a curse making us supporters of West Ham United !!

*** Shakes fist towards the sky at Dad and Grandad ***

Stowie.40 1:32 Mon Mar 9
Re: Who,s going down?
This Sunday’s game is our hardest left and that was before the arsenal game for me, I fancy us to get something from Chelsea more than wolves.

Eerie Descent 1:25 Mon Mar 9
Re: Who,s going down?
My worry with this season is not only have we been shit, but we also have been on the bad end of decisions, and very rarely have had luck go in our favour. Obviously there has been some, but mostly it's gone against us, the fact we're bottom of the VAR table for decisions will tell you that.

Clearly I hope I'm wrong, but it's just had a relegation feel to this season for me. Roberto dishing out points to anyone we played set the tone, and we've still not recovered fully.

Sunday is such a massive game. If we can nick a win, I'll feel hopeful. If we lose, as we seem to against modern day Wolves, I think there will be too much pressure on us in those winnable home games.

southbankbornnbred 1:18 Mon Mar 9
Re: Who,s going down?
Apologies - that string of "easier" looking games, not "easy". None of them are going to be "easy".

southbankbornnbred 1:16 Mon Mar 9
Re: Who,s going down?
The way things are currently going, I think it'll be Norwich, Villa and ourselves.

Naturally, I hope that is not the case. We've been a tiny bot better in recent games - even in defeat to Liverpool and Arsenal. But at this stage of the season (there are only nine games left), decent perfomances in defeat are no good whatsoever. We need a couple of games where we pick up even scrappy points against some good sides.

We've got that string of easier looking games at the end of the season, and many fans are assuming that's where we'll pick up the bulk of our remaining points. But if you think about what we've been like as a club for years, it's very rare that we've put together a string of back-to-back results/victories in the Premier League. I for one would not assume that we WILL win any three of our remaining games on the spin.

We COULD win that string of easy looking games, but history suggests we won't win them all - particularly when the pressure is on to get three points.

That's why we need to pcik up some unexpected points from one or more of Wolves, Spurs and Chelsea - even if it is the odd scrappy draw. It will take a lot of pressure off us during that supposedly easier run-in.

Rossal 1:10 Mon Mar 9
Re: Who,s going down?
I think we will draw either Wolves or Chelsea

I dont think we lose at Spurs

I think we win 2 of Burnely, Watford and Villa

Norwich away and Man Utd away we will prob lose

The key will be not losing to teams around us to stop them gaining on us. And then nicking points off of Spurs....Burnley etc

Sir Alf 1:05 Mon Mar 9
Re: Who,s going down?
Anything could happen and if there is any team that can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory it will be us.

I simply have no idea who will go. Brighton still struggling but pretty much every team is down there. Our inability to get points in a string of home games under Pellegrini and a couple under Moyesino is ultimately what might relegate us.

If we win all our remaining home games we have a chance but we will still be relying on others. Its been happening most seasons since the Sky era began and TBH we were always flirting with relegation before then too. But I think we have been down in the "struggling teams" for the last 5 or 6 out 7 seasons so its no surprise if we go.

Pellegrini turned out to be a busted flush and Moyes is hardly "one for the future". These managers ultimately have to work for 3 Fvckwits who are literally clueless about how to build a strong football team / squad. Unfortunately these Fvckwits are arrogant and ignorant and have the need for appreciation to satisfy inadequacies they feel ( Sullivan small man ) or narcissistic traits ( Gold and Brady). So they will never have the self awareness, humility to realise they are the problem and will spend all their time and energy trying to blame others.

Stowie.40 1:03 Mon Mar 9
Re: Who,s going down?
3 wins and we will need to rely on others, to take it out of others hands really need 4. Think the best we can hope for now is taking it to the last game.

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