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Coffee 10:24 Sat Mar 7
Saturday football
So the runaway leaders are not infallible. This will cheer Eddie Howe, but will also shit him up for fear of being on the receiving end of a rebound. Liverpool still need 12 more points to be certain of lifting the trophy and will expect to reduce that to nine this afternoon. A good hammering would hurt the Cherries’ goal difference too, which will be welcome. Home win.

Under Arteta, Arsenal are very much a work in progress, which – as their league position suggests – is a euphemism for unconvincing. We can take much encouragement from the last two performances, but as any long-time supporter knows that is by no means a guarantee of future performance. With an extra threat up front in the shape of young Bowen, we can still offer the kind of sharpness in attack that’s been missing for much of the season. There’s also been something pleasingly positive about David Moyes’ body language and upbeat talk in recent days. This is a game that will certainly require hard work, so the efforts of Antonio and possibly Snodgrass could be vital. It’s also a fixture that could have been right up Mr Anderson’s street. It still can be if he’s pulled up his socks in training this week. Is it over-optimistic to say that we can win this? Probably. Draw.

An unexpectedly intriguing fixture between two sides that have got used to winning. Both work hard and have been tricky to play, and beat. Palace did us a favour last week. We could do with a repeat. Come on, For‘n Eef. Home win.

At the start of the season, many expected these two to be occupying the drop zone. But European qualification is now in the Blades’ own hands. Expect the to be too sharp for Norwich. Home win.

Both sides are probably safe for another year, but neither would be wise to rest on their laurels just yet. For the visitors particularly, a run of poor results will get the heebie jeebies going. The Saints will want to atone for being thoroughly routed last weekend. Home win.

A game notable for having the largest aggregate number of syllables in the teams involved, and also for its top and bottom of the league significance. Speaking of heebie jeebies, the Seagulls know all about them. One point above the drop zone and a demanding run-in to look forward to, Graham Potter would dearly wish he could call on namesake Harry to give his team the magic touch. Wolves have been magnificent and have their eyes on Europe. Home win.

What a boring game to end the day with. Burnley have been good of late and sit just two points behind their opponents. Spurs, in contrast, have had a miserable couple of months and won’t relish their visit to Turf Moor. Or, probably, their return to London. Home win.

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normannomates 5:52 Tue Mar 10
Re: Saturday football
I smoke senior service. (40/day).. FUCK IT!.. 😁

just another day... stayin' alive.. there's been a lot of movement on the Romford border.
Caravans of pikeys moving across.. Al lot of little skirmishes.. ambushes.. but the pikeys are like a ghost in the landscape.

normannomates 5:28 Tue Mar 10
Re: Saturday football
March, man, in Dagenham.
Sniff the pines...
Sniff that cross-mounted pussy by the river.😋 (WHOA).. hot damn!.. I'll tell ya.

Manuel 5:26 Tue Mar 10
Re: Saturday football
He's a shocking footballer. Clumsy and full of mistakes.

normannomates 5:16 Tue Mar 10
Re: Saturday football

Manuel 5:15 Tue Mar 10
Re: Saturday football
Rarely seen such a poor performance from a PL side, they literally couldn't pass the ball to each other?

Btw, does it ever stop raining in the UK?

normannomates 5:11 Tue Mar 10
Re: Saturday football
Villa have 6 home games left out of 10.

They also shadow us with..
Wolves (h)..
Geordies (a)..
CFC (h)
Match them on those games..
I reckon we need to stay unbeaten at 'home'.. and an away win.

Brighton have four draws straight.. Slippery fuckers will survive.
IF not us

Manuel 4:01 Tue Mar 10
Re: Saturday football
What a pathetic outfit Villa are. You could put your house on them going down and not lose a minutes sleep.

Sven Roeder 12:01 Tue Mar 10
Re: Saturday football
My attitude is that the bottom 6 ALL deserve to be relegated and 3 of them get lucky.
No such thing as a hard luck relegation story.
You really do have to be seriously shit to be unable to get to 40 points in a 38 game season.

ironsofcanada 11:47 Mon Mar 9
Re: Saturday football
As much as we have struggled, we have scored more goals and have a better goal difference than any of the rest of the bottom 5.

If we can't win our remaining games against them, we deserve to go down.

Sven Roeder 11:44 Mon Mar 9
Re: Saturday football
It IS depressing having to give a shit about what the Villa cunts are up to.
Good work Leicester
Villa still 2 Pts behind and goal difference now 7 worse than us.

geoffpikey 11:36 Mon Mar 9
Re: Saturday football
* of

geoffpikey 11:35 Mon Mar 9
Re: Saturday football
Tidy. Still need Chelsea to beat Villa Saturday. The SHAME if it all.

Texas Iron 11:35 Mon Mar 9
Re: Saturday football

Texas Iron 11:33 Mon Mar 9
Re: Saturday football

VirginiaHam 11:32 Mon Mar 9
Re: Saturday football
ted fenton 11:15 Mon Mar 9

The second was far more a penalty than the first! Surely that was Mings' shoulder, or did it fall into the 'not an obvious error' category?

Texas Iron 11:28 Mon Mar 9
Re: Saturday football

Poor GD...


cygnet 11:23 Mon Mar 9
Re: Saturday football
Why isn't handball called 'armball'?

geoffpikey 11:20 Mon Mar 9
Re: Saturday football
It's shit, but all that matters is a Leicester win.

Any Old Iron 11:15 Mon Mar 9
Re: Saturday football
VAR continues to demonstrate that it's operated by complete arseholes, aka referees.

Since when does the ball hitting the corner of the shoulder become handball. I'm all for Leicester winning tonight but if that decision had been made against us I'd be furious.

ted fenton 11:15 Mon Mar 9
Re: Saturday football
They should of had another pen IMO

Texas Iron 11:12 Mon Mar 9
Re: Saturday football
2-0 Leicester...pen...Vardy...


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