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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

The Stoat 4:10 Wed Mar 11
Dagenham Roundhouse
It has always been a West Ham boozer and was a great music venue, it's license is up for renewal next week and they are seeking signatures to help them get it

It has recently opened again as a venue for music, darts, boxing tournaments, weddings and all sorts

If anyone fancies signing then please help



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DukeofDevo 8:19 Mon Mar 23
Re: Dagenham Roundhouse
Cheers stoat I’ll have a listen to that! Fantastic gig right up and personal!

The Stoat 2:06 Sat Mar 21
Re: Dagenham Roundhouse
DukeofDevo 4:03 Thu Mar 19

I was there and a mate recorded it (not the best recording but it was on a portable tape player)


ted fenton 7:19 Thu Mar 19
Re: Dagenham Roundhouse
Brilliant news

DukeofDevo 4:03 Thu Mar 19
Re: Dagenham Roundhouse
Missed this Great news staying open.

Saw Dr Feelgood there about 1975 what a gig that was Lee Brilleaux and Wilco Johnson on top form!

The Stoat 3:47 Thu Mar 19
Re: Dagenham Roundhouse
Pleased to report that the license has not been revoked and the current management now plan to carry on the good work

Thanks to all those that signed the petition

yngwies Cat 1:43 Mon Mar 16
Re: Dagenham Roundhouse
Signed. Thanks for poping it up

Never went there, but it's important to stay alive,

Don't let it turn into what happened at the much missed
Premier place to rock your face in Brentford the Red Lion.

Much missed and now a Cunting Mc Donald's

Billy Blagg 1:04 Mon Mar 16
Re: Dagenham Roundhouse
Signed. It would be good to think it could be an important venue again but, sadly, I doubt it. Got everyone I know who used to go to sign to. People don't believe me when I tell them the bands I've seen there.

Last Gasp 10:03 Sun Mar 15
Re: Dagenham Roundhouse
Still got my blues club pass somewhere in the loft. For a Brentwood boy this was my weekend hang out. Saw so many bands there, remember the stage being turned for some reason. Really good memories of The Roundhouse, long may it continue. Also The Bridge House Canning Town was a great venue, is Bridge House 2 still open?

Toe Rag 11:27 Fri Mar 13
Re: Dagenham Roundhouse
Last time I was in the Roundhouse the outside was painted a rather fetching shade of ORANGE

Claret and Blue inside of course.

The Stoat 11:21 Fri Mar 13
Re: Dagenham Roundhouse
Thanks again

Well over a 1000 signed and 1.4k shares

Far Cough
No it was always Dagenham

Far Cough 3:10 Fri Mar 13
Re: Dagenham Roundhouse
Shouldn't it really be the Becontree Roundhouse?

charleyfarley 2:57 Fri Mar 13
Re: Dagenham Roundhouse
Interesting note that when Blodwyn Pig were playing the Roundhoiuse
membership was 5p amd entry was 37.5p

Blodwyn Pig 29 Mar 1969 Killing Floor & Yellow Dog. Opening Night - membership 1s (5p) and entry 7s6d (37.5p)

Far Cough 12:22 Fri Mar 13
Re: Dagenham Roundhouse
Sorry, meant Church Elm

Far Cough 12:19 Fri Mar 13
Re: Dagenham Roundhouse
Was more a Chequers man myself but have signed anyway

The Stoat 12:00 Fri Mar 13
Re: Dagenham Roundhouse
Fast approaching a 1000 signatures now ✌🏻

The Stoat 1:04 Thu Mar 12
Re: Dagenham Roundhouse
Thanks to those who have taken the time to sign, it’s now reached 627 signed and 1000 shares

The Stoat 1:03 Thu Mar 12
Re: Dagenham Roundhouse
A good day with over 440 signatures and 800 shares

Thanks a lot, just hope it helps now

PostmanPissed 11:29 Wed Mar 11
Re: Dagenham Roundhouse
As for any satanic rituals, I never heard of them.

PostmanPissed 11:27 Wed Mar 11
Re: Dagenham Roundhouse
can vaguely remember some satanic signs. As you entered the park via the main gates at the junction of Porters Avenue and Lodge Avenue. There was a path to the left that led down to the lake, and next to the path were two sets of steps. If you went down the steps that's where the graffiti was. There were also what looked like demolished brick buildings, donkey's years back these were Italian style gardens.

That area is all gone and has been landscaped over now. The two lakes are obviously still there, don't think any boating goes on anymore. The pitch and put that ran along the railway is now a nature reserve. The tennis courts in the middle of the park are gone and is now a sports centre that is part of the athletics track. Barking Football Club is still in the park, but no clubhouse now.

Crassus 11:16 Wed Mar 11
Re: Dagenham Roundhouse

Not about the pub, but when I went fishing in the park, there was all sorts of strange graffitti when that was a rare sight here

Forgive the distant memory, but I recall concrete blocks, on the way to the boating lake, looked like something to do with the war, anti air maybe

Anyway, they had what looked like Satanic symbols sprayed over them and in circles on the base, rumours abounded of a local black magic group amongst the anglers with the older ones warning not to arrive early, which of course I did, first bus from the Odeon Barking Rd and away - fucking strange place arriving there in the mist off the lakes and walking past that as a kid

Can you shed any light on that and did you get over there?

The Stoat 11:11 Wed Mar 11
Re: Dagenham Roundhouse
SurfaceAgentX2Zero 11:06 Wed Mar 11

Spot on sadly :-(

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