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Alfs 3:37 Sat Mar 14
Film Cliches
I'll start.

A beautiful woman dabbing cotton wool on to the heroes face after he's received a beating whilst trying to help her.

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MancIron 4:32 Mon Mar 16
Re: Film Cliches
Maverick cop/Hero opens fridge door.

Its contents are always a 4 pack of beer and one (just one mind) stick of celery.

Dan M 2:21 Mon Mar 16
Re: Film Cliches
Cool guys don't look at explosions


w4hammer 1:45 Mon Mar 16
Re: Film Cliches
American Diner

(Fugitive : cut & bruised and distant/hiding from what's coming to him-supping on a cup of coffee)

Tartwithaheart60yearoldwaittress :

" ..can get you a refill and some blueberry cake that Aunt shirley made just now ..!?!"

gph 1:54 Mon Mar 16
Re: Film Cliches
I'm in trouble if the Police knock on my door.

I've got at least four dirty cups in my house, but my claim to be alone is true.

martinbritt_63 1:42 Mon Mar 16
Re: Film Cliches
Suspect claims to have been home alone - investigator sees 2 tea/coffee cups on table and looks knowingly into the camera, then leaves.

Mad Dog 1:40 Mon Mar 16
Re: Film Cliches
In the final scene after perchansky has shot the main villain. He grabs the main female lead and forcibly kisses her.

She'll resist at first, possibly hitting him on the chest in protest. but then she'll be into it. Definitely not a sexual assault.

Mad Dog 1:37 Mon Mar 16
Re: Film Cliches
I deleted it and posted it again

zebthecat 1:27 Mon Mar 16
Re: Film Cliches
Is this Perchanski thing meant to be funny?

gph 1:22 Mon Mar 16
Re: Film Cliches
And then Mad Dog's post appears.

*Twilight Zone music*

gph 1:22 Mon Mar 16
Re: Film Cliches
Evil mastermind manipulates clock to create uncertainty.

WHO knows if Mad Dog REALLY posted at 1:15 WHO time, after my last post, despite it showing on the front page (well until I post this, anyway).

It's like FANNY BY GASLIGHT in here

Mad Dog 1:20 Mon Mar 16
Re: Film Cliches
Perchansky doesnt reload guns. He just tosses them aside and gets another gun

gph 12:43 Mon Mar 16
Re: Film Cliches
The Allies won the Second Hollywood World War because they were better shots.

zebthecat 12:41 Mon Mar 16
Re: Film Cliches
BRANDED 2:49 Sat Mar 14

The racist thing was night of the living dead.
Day of the dead had a pop at the military and pharma.

My favourite trope is the baddies being terrible shots. The entire star wars cannon, where eagles dare and pretty every western being classic examples.

gph 12:19 Mon Mar 16
Re: Film Cliches
Car crashes. Car explodes. 99% of the time.

In real life, it's nearer to 1% of the time.

FruityBoots. 12:17 Mon Mar 16
Re: Film Cliches
Perchanski walking meaningfully toward camera, sometimes in slo mo sometimes normal. In the background is the car or building he is walking from.....suddenly 💥 BOOM 💥 it explodes!! But Perchanski doesn’t flinch unlike the weaker people around him.

(Unless it’s already happened)
“Your off the case Perchanski!”

eusebiovic 9:26 Sat Mar 14
Re: Film Cliches
The restaurant scene for a special date or an undercover meeting which nearly always involves a cliched stuffy French restaurant with silver service and a snobby Maitre D who is very camp and dislikes one of the protagonists...

, 9:24 Sat Mar 14
Re: Film Cliches
If it’s an American film it has to have a car chase come what may.

BRANDED 9:23 Sat Mar 14
Re: Film Cliches
The Zombie sinks his teeth into Penchanski’s skull, eating out an eye and part of the cheek while Penchanski wanks the Zombie off watching zombie porn hub .

ironsofcanada 9:16 Sat Mar 14
Re: Film Cliches
If you want some great awful movies that include the angry lieutenant/chief demanding gun/badge etc. Check out:

Samurai Cop

Hollywood Cop

There is a great line in the latter from the chief, the build up is everything the buddy cops do gives him gas and an ulcer: "Every day ends in a Tums festival"

The chief is Cameron Mitchell who does some great work in awful movies.

arsene york-hunt 9:05 Sat Mar 14
Re: Film Cliches
Nearly every detective (Including Perchanski) fails to solve a crime, until the black chief suspends them.

Partners are always an older laconic white bloke and a black bloke with verbal diarrhoea

Mad Dog 8:38 Sat Mar 14
Re: Film Cliches
Perchansky is surrounded by 10 henchmen. They attack him one at a time.

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