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jooliandix 2:18 Sun Mar 15
Facebook big brother ?
I’m worried Facebook is reading my personal emails,I’ve recently started working as a mini cab driver,I’ve got a Facebook account and I’ve been invited to join a closed group purely for cab drivers in my town,I’ve never put on Facebook any posts referring to me becoming a cab driver,am I being paranoid ?

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jooliandix 12:09 Wed Mar 18
Re: Facebook big brother ?
This is a worry though,I have a joint email address in my wife’s name,and my Facebook account is in a false name anyway,how the fuck do they know how to link my Facebook account to the email ?,nosey cunts.

riosleftsock 11:43 Tue Mar 17
Re: Facebook big brother ?

its embedded on every device, as soon as you login to any account.

You can never delete it.

Sydney_Iron 11:38 Tue Mar 17
Re: Facebook big brother ?
Its also very difficult to get rid of, like many i opened an account years ago but never use it anymore, but can i get rid of the fucking thing? FFS

I can log out and thats it, new phone or whatever and my account always pops up again.

Anyone know how you can permanantly bin the cunty thing?

defjam 11:29 Tue Mar 17
Re: Facebook big brother ?
My FB isn't in my real name.

Had a few mad things happen though, A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend about Mexican graffiti (It's not a sequel to American graffiti)
Came home and logged on later and voila, a story about Mexican graffiti!

riosleftsock 9:55 Tue Mar 17
Re: Facebook big brother ?
If you want to know what Facebook is really about, first remember this;

If a great service is given you for free and you can't work out what is being 'sold' then you are probably the product.

Have a good dig around the internet about "livelog". Look who started it, look at the day it was closed and the day facebook went live.


Gentile 9:48 Tue Mar 17
Re: Facebook big brother ?
When you sign up for FB, YouTube, and WhatsApp and Instagram you basically allow them to read everything you write on your handset and listen to your conversations. By that I mean if you have a native email app and use the native FB app then they can listen and read all your data.

If you must use a 15 year olds social media tool then uninstall the app and only use the web browser on your mobile.

Cabbage Savage 9:32 Sun Mar 15
Re: Facebook big brother ?
vex will you pay for Justen p hair transplant?

Vexed 9:30 Sun Mar 15
Re: Facebook big brother ?
Tails is for nonces like Oxsaw

zebthecat 5:18 Sun Mar 15
Re: Facebook big brother ?
For the more tin-foil-hatty Tails is a good Linux distro (it is based on Debian with all sorts of secure extras).
I found that openSuse does the trick nicely for a desktop and for server stuff Centos all the way.
As for machine code...

mashed in maryland 5:12 Sun Mar 15
Re: Facebook big brother ?
Not entirely sure here, but targeted ads are based off things like google searches and pages visited. It wouldn't be surprising if there's a sort of "information crossover" when it comes to page suggestions etc.

Like a lot of this stuff there's probably a rational explanation but that doesn't mean Facebook *aren't* harvesting your data or whatever.

Mike Oxsaw 4:59 Sun Mar 15
Re: Facebook big brother ?
I post up something incorrect, inevitably somebody cannot wait to point out my error.

They score much coveted points, I learn something new. Win-win. What is there NOT to like about that?

Vexed 4:55 Sun Mar 15
Re: Facebook big brother ?
Anything remotely technical and Oxsaw inevitably ends up with egg on his wrinkly ballbag face.

Silly old sod.

Far Cough 4:47 Sun Mar 15
Re: Facebook big brother ?
Oxsnore, I hope you weren't referring to me with that remark, because I'm not a user let alone a serious user of Linux of any of it''s flavours

Just because you were taken in by that article, no need to get all shrieky and stampy about it


Golden Oldie 4:45 Sun Mar 15
Re: Facebook big brother ?
A serious user won't even entertain the idea of Jimmy Tarbuck gigs being played through the workplace's Muzak system

Mike Oxsaw 4:41 Sun Mar 15
Re: Facebook big brother ?
Machine Code is the way forward. Nobody fucks with Machine Code.

What is a "serious" Linux user? Or a "serious" user of any kind?

Is is a parallel to a "proper" West Ham fan?

A little clique that assigns some kind of self-determined importance to a member of such a group?

Sounds like a gathering of the boring bloke from every pub in the country to me.

Far Cough 4:23 Sun Mar 15
Re: Facebook big brother ?
Agreed, serious Linux users don't use Ubuntu, it's for complete newbies, who don't have to use arcane Bash commands

Vexed 4:23 Sun Mar 15
Re: Facebook big brother ?
Oh, it's not owned by Facebook after all. Mike knows his onions.

Golden Oldie 4:22 Sun Mar 15
Re: Facebook big brother ?
You have to do a lot of research to understand and know the 'safe' government free distro's of Linux to use.

Like Android getting bought out by Google [silent j] it's know no better than Apples i-slave products now.

I used to happily give out info on the best hardware/software to avoid the inbuilt backdoors etc, but nowadays too much info in the public domain fucks it up for rest of us, everything good once the public gets wind of it, turns to shit immediately.

After seeing the behaviour in response to a flu outbreak no worse than what we already have blowing through the tube's tunnels, I'll happily let those dumb enough to trust their controllers continue letting them study and control the herd mentality of the soon to be 100% state compliant lowest IQs in the history of mankind human.

Yeah Faceberg and all other corp controlled social media is not a friend, never was and never will be.

Far Cough 4:22 Sun Mar 15
Re: Facebook big brother ?
Vexed, see below

Vexed 4:21 Sun Mar 15
Re: Facebook big brother ?
Ubuntu is bloated shitware now anyway, most Linux folk binned it off years ago. Weird acquisition by Facebook though.

Far Cough 4:20 Sun Mar 15
Re: Facebook big brother ?
Whoops, April 1st 2014

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