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only1billybonds 7:50 Sun Mar 15
School in the 60's
Couple of threads and lots of beer have got me feeling a little nostalgic.

What are your memories of your very first school?


Going for a kip after lunch. (This really happened kids)

Little bottle of milk.

Taking home daffodil bulbs,hoping for a coloyr picture of said bloom as a prize. Poorer efforts were rewarded with a black n white photo.

My sister getting into lots of fights. With boys. She kicked arse.


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gph 1:01 Thu Mar 19
Re: School in the 60's
Never much bullying in our year.

Mainly because we were all being bullied by the next year. Especially bad when they were 15 and we were 14 (on average).

'Orrible bastards.

CanningTownWA 11:50 Wed Mar 18
Re: School in the 60's
Cheeses cruyf we would have at least recognized one another even though I was a year above. I knew Alan Curbishley well he used to bring in new Who and Hendrix records that he would sell cheap to me, his brother Bill was The Who manager.

John McDowell used to take us for football training over the Memorial Grounds even though he was. West Ham player, no chance of that happening now!

Lertie Button 9:06 Tue Mar 17
Re: School in the 60's
Always have a quiet smirk when I hear about the school kids Friday climate strikes. Who the fuck ever went to school Fridays? Fridayitus, something else lost from my youth

Hello Mrs. Jones 8:57 Tue Mar 17
Re: School in the 60's
Going for a PE class cross-country run from WGC Grammar School and stopping off at the Waggoners for a pint of mild.

cheeses cruyf 8:22 Tue Mar 17
Re: School in the 60's
Charleyfarley I was in the team with Curbishley all the way through (and Fairbairn) and we were the best team around. In the first we won every game bar one - a one all draw with Pretoria who after us were the best, we beat Rokeby in the Newham final. St Bons were good but l remember beating them over Beckton alongside the slaughter factory the smell of that place lives on in the memory

, 8:03 Tue Mar 17
Re: School in the 60's
Early sixties and by now in the sixth form I well remember the annual cross country races around part of Hainault forest. We used to finish just behind the Retreat pub. The incentive to finish in the top ten, out of some 120 runners, was the bonus of being first in one of the ten zinc bath tubs full of steaming hot clean water.

charleyfarley 7:32 Tue Mar 17
Re: School in the 60's
cheese cruyf & Canning Town..Neil Garbutt referee yes & Bill Thurman I think Charlie Ardley was the woodwork teacher and of course Kevin Lock year below me and Alan Curbishley and Peter Grotier all played for West Ham St Bons had the best football teams throughout the years they seemed to win everything

ted fenton 7:22 Tue Mar 17
Re: School in the 60's

As the WHO Michael Fish I must point out to you that the harsh winter was the winter of 1962–63, known as the Big Freeze of 1963.

Carry on.

Aalborg Hammer 6:59 Tue Mar 17
Re: School in the 60's
Started Infants school in about 1960…I remember walking to school through the blizzard in the harsh winter of 1961/62-it was a good walk too,probably a mile.Only wearing shorts on my legs and a gaberdine coat and walking across the playground ,the snow/sleet
burned my legs..usually late because my Mum had just had my baby brother ,I had to help changing nappies..school at that time had it’s own smell,like crayons and powder paint. Miss Smith was our headmistress who drove one of those DAF automatic cars…she wore horn rimmed glasses and a hairnet.
We had one Afro Caribbean girl in the whole school, Gwendoline and she was teased all the time…it all came to a head when we herded her into a classroom shouting at her…terrible to think of that.
The school consisted of three old government buildings left over from the war…our whole ‘village’ was built on an old airbase so we had hangers and water towers to play on for years …Junior school was a new build over the road with a lot of older teachers..two had been working on the DEATH railway in Thailand and one of the women captured by the Japs in Singapore .Our headmaster used to come out and play football with us ,wheezing through the whistle at half time!
I remember getting milk or orange squash at morning break….they really were the happiest days of my life..life consisted of playing football ,fishing and scrumping!

ted fenton 6:41 Tue Mar 17
Re: School in the 60's
riosleftsock 5:16 Tue Mar 17

Was that my school ?

I quite liked school joined 1961-65

I was the youngest in the year but always made the football team !

I was always questioning the Catholic teachings which often got me the cane !! not very christian was it !

eswing hammer 6:26 Tue Mar 17
Re: School in the 60's
I know there are a lot of allergies about nowadays and they can be deadly ,my misses works in the school kitchen but when l went to school at five years old until sixteen l was never aware of any or knew anyone who had one , the way l see it all the kids in my school came in the same gate ,ate and drank the same stuff (mostly those small bottles of milk) and then went back out the same gate and they all survived!

riosleftsock 5:16 Tue Mar 17
Re: School in the 60's
Was in the same year at same school as ATBOG on here.

We got caned, belted, things thrown at us by all the teachers.

Pretty good school really.

cheeses cruyf 5:15 Tue Mar 17
Re: School in the 60's
Canning Town I was there 69 -74, had the stick off quite a few of them but my eyes still water at the thought of Neil Garbut, he really used to let rip

13 Brentford Rd 5:14 Tue Mar 17
Re: School in the 60's
.....My school was like the film Scum!

13 Brentford Rd 5:13 Tue Mar 17
Re: School in the 60's
School was fucking grim in that era, couldn't wait to leave and did before I was even 16.
Full of bullies (teachers & pupils)

CanningTownWA 5:09 Tue Mar 17
Re: School in the 60's
Charleyfarley I was there 67-73
I would have had the same teachers as you who used plimsoles, the cane and rulers to hit you with as well as flicking your ears. Happy days

Chigwell 7:18 Tue Mar 17
Re: School in the 60's
They sat our class in alphabetical order. I had to share a twin desk with a right psychopath who liked to play practical jokes.. It was no use retaliating against him because you knew he wouldn't stop until he did something even worse in return .
He ended up as a leading biochemist, I ended up posting on WHO. I think there's a link somewhere.

HairyHammer 4:52 Tue Mar 17
Re: School in the 60's
60's ? I have no idea but it must have been scary with all the dinosaurs roaming about.

gank 3:46 Tue Mar 17
Re: School in the 60's
We only had a couple of teachers in the school, the rest were all nuns. Contrary to what you might think, the teachers were great. The nuns walked about with old wooden rules which served only one purpose. They weren't measuring anything, the horrible witches.

wtf 3:22 Tue Mar 17
Re: School in the 60's

Getting knocked down by a car, running out of school to look at tadpoles in the pond opposite.

Tepid milk.

Zion 3:59 Mon Mar 16
Re: School in the 60's
That pile of sand in the corridor where someone had thrown up.

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