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swindon hammer 8:32 Wed Mar 18
Stuart Slater era 88-91
Just watching some highlights on YouTube of some of the games we played during the 88-91 era (relegation and promotion) and the likes of Bishop, Dicks, Morley etc are prominent but the player that really stands out is Stuart Slater.

Everyone remembers the Everton cup game and Howard Kendall's comments afterwards but watching highlights of some of the league games during that era he looked unplayable at times.

What happened?

Injuries/lack of belief/poor attitude//poor management?

At his peak he could have gone on and played for England.

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Gentile 1:47 Sat Mar 21
Re: Stuart Slater era 88-91

I stand corrected it was in fact the great Parkes and not Ludo.


cholo 7:52 Sat Mar 21
Re: Stuart Slater era 88-91

I was practically a few feet away from Keen at the front of the south bank when he turned that in, no doubt the closest I've been to a player when they've scored a goal.

An extraordinary match where each goal was memorable, I doubt Dolan ever topped his performance in the rest of his career.

Leeshere 2:42 Sat Mar 21
Re: Stuart Slater era 88-91
Keen scored a great goal from the touch line in the same game.

Leeshere 2:41 Sat Mar 21
Re: Stuart Slater era 88-91
It was Parkes in goal for the 5-0 against Sunderland.

Gentile 11:11 Fri Mar 20
Re: Stuart Slater era 88-91
I will never forget the 5-0 hammering of Sunderland.

Ludo...massive kick....Slater....bounce....chest...volley from outside the box.


cygnet 4:08 Thu Mar 19
Re: Stuart Slater era 88-91
There was a game aginst Bradford City in Divison 2 (1989 I think) where he passed it in from about 20 yards.
All started to go wrong up at Celtic where they played him out on the wing.
He was always better playing up front just off another striker.
It was great while it lasted though.

Woodford Green 3:59 Thu Mar 19
Re: Stuart Slater era 88-91
probably alongside McAvennie was my favourite player as a kid.

That goal against Brighton was superb.

I was absolutely gutted when we sold him. The only fan letter I ever wrote to anyone was the letter to him when he left (just addressed it to Celtic Park) asking for his autograph. He not only sent me it but wrote a long letter back. Still got it somewhere.

Didn't he once hold the world record for the number of keepy-uppies?

Chigwell 5:48 Thu Mar 19
Re: Stuart Slater era 88-91
As enjoyable as it was to see Keown given the run around by Slater, time showed that Keown had the better temperament of the two. Slater was a confidence player who relied a lot on his youthful speed: when that reduced (due to injury as well as age) his technical ability wasn't quite up to the same standard. He was very one-footed, which defenders rather like to play against.

Gary Strodders shank 1:52 Thu Mar 19
Re: Stuart Slater era 88-91
He did indeed have Keown on toast I also vaguely recall him having a nightmare against us when playing for Villa
It’s amazing that a player of such limited ability and suspect temperament went on to have such a sparkling trophy laden finale to his career whilst a player with such natural ability in Stuart Slater all but fizzled out.
Luck, injuries and good management / coaching I guess
Remember watching slates beat 3 or 4 men and the tea lady but end up on the opposite wing same distance out on more than one occasion possibly lacked the footballing brain.
that would of made him a great.

wansteadman 1:23 Thu Mar 19
Re: Stuart Slater era 88-91
I remember watching the Sheffield game and it was the best individual performance I’d ever seen. He got the ball rolled to him and he went for goal, I got home and said to my dad I thought he’d walk into the England team. Next game I saw him he had worthington marking him at norwich and he never got a kick. Also the great performance against Everton he had martin keown marking him. Not the best right back I’d ever seen

Gary Strodders shank 1:07 Thu Mar 19
Re: Stuart Slater era 88-91
I remember two games in particular the Everton cup qtr final and a league game against Sheffield Utd in which he was unplayable.
The sheff Utd game sticks in the memory for another reason as Billy Whitehurst was playing and getting loads of stick walking back to the half way line he was giving it the wanker sign every time.
Met Stuart in Marbella about 10 years back genuinely nice fella.
Never really realised his potential nor maximised his earning potential.

gph 12:14 Thu Mar 19
Re: Stuart Slater era 88-91
Was the same thing done to Alan Dickens?

Didn't want to leave, was persuaded to, joined another club, and was shit for them (Chelsea, in his case)?

yngwies Cat 12:05 Thu Mar 19
Re: Stuart Slater era 88-91
How much did he end up going for when he left for Celtic?

I was gutted one of my favourite players.

Dan M 12:01 Thu Mar 19
Re: Stuart Slater era 88-91
There used to be a proper buzz in the ground when Slater got on the ball. Don't know why, but I used to enjoy that quirk that he played on the wing but with the number 2 on his back (ho ho). This was back in the days of 1-11 with 2 ALWAYS for the right back.

Long Lost 11:58 Wed Mar 18
Re: Stuart Slater era 88-91
Bloody hell. Loved Slater for us. Just about peak watching time for me with a season ticket for homes and loads of away games but how do you remember that shit? I can barely remember who scored against Brighton the other week. In fact I can’t.

southbankbornnbred 11:24 Wed Mar 18
Re: Stuart Slater era 88-91
His move to Celtic was disastrous and seemed to ruin his confidence.

He didn't want to leave the club. Effectively forced out by the board for £££.

Good player for us. Never regained his form after he left. A real shame.

Peckham 11:19 Wed Mar 18
Re: Stuart Slater era 88-91
Grumpster I was the same, but due to Canning Town Len vids and finding The REEL West Ham classic footage channel, well going back to the days when the commentators loved us. It lifts my spirits , also the U23s now are looking , was looking at promotion.

Despite the lack of trophies West Ham has always been one fucking rollercoaster. Winning the FA CUP in a lower league. Missing Europe due to ban.
Peles photo and quote with Sir Bobby.

Makes me more determined to support Hammers United.

One day we will have a grateful board realise they have a potential gold mine ( in a good way ) of loyal supporters not customers, in as said before closest to one of the biggest financial centres in the world. A club capable to sell out every game if treated right.

Parents happy to buy kits kids etc knowing the proceeds get pumped back into the club ( players ).

A board that will demand naming rights and get a good deal.

The circus will move on. Problem is no one wants to do business with clowns and who pays the early sale fee.

Grumpster 10:59 Wed Mar 18
Re: Stuart Slater era 88-91
Without reading down, the goal against sunderland where Dolan flicks it on to him to volley in would have graced any league in the world.

Problem with watching the old highlights though, is that it fucks me off massively at what both our club and football has become.

Big cunty circus.

Leeshere 10:55 Wed Mar 18
Re: Stuart Slater era 88-91
Think he had a bad knee injury pretty early in his time at Ipswich, which curtailed his career. One of my favourite players at school. In fairness to the 91/92 team, Morley was injured for most of it, Mike Small wasn’t the same quality for Slater to play off.

Peckham 10:46 Wed Mar 18
Re: Stuart Slater era 88-91
Take away our glorious legends and he is one of my favourite who started as an apprentice at West Ham.
88 season Man of the Match 2 games in a row, a rare thing nowadays.
England call ups.
But overall poor in goal scoring. He never bottled a game, and I can not remember him being anywhere near as lazy as half our squad now.

yngwies Cat 10:31 Wed Mar 18
Re: Stuart Slater era 88-91
I wonder if he still got them Hammers on his house

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