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alfs barnet 10:18 Fri Mar 20
Covid-19 Job thread?
Looks like there well be a lot of jobs lost over the coming weeks, and months.

Is it worth pinning a thread at the top to see if we can help each other out? I seem to remember this happening quite well back in 2008.

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Dicko75 11:34 Wed Oct 28
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?

Pickle Rick 2:31 Wed Oct 28
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Dicko75 5:29 Sat Oct 24

Where do you think Doctors, start their learning?

Dicko75 5:29 Sat Oct 24
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
I think uni is a bad trade. £30k plus of debt for most to achieve something that ultimately does fuck all for their future career.

Get a job, graft hard, go over and above and get involved if you want to get on.

only1billybonds 8:16 Fri Oct 23
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Think uni life in general is changing from students having a ball to them ending up on valium.

Spiked did a show on this a while back and Ella Whelan was saying that all uni's now have safe spaces ehere students can go to not be offended.

Fucking hell,at 18 years old kids should be up for challenging anything. If free speech in Uni's dies then its pretty much game over.

stewie griffin 3:48 Wed Oct 21
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
yep, Sold0, uni is going to see more people dropping out than ever this year i think.

Same thing is happening with my goddaughter.She's in a flat in halls with screaming shirtlifting attention seekers who have taken a dislike to the fact that she is going out with MATES. Had to go pick her up yesterday for reading week, and got to witness one of the notes on her fridge. Luckily she gets on with the people in the flat opposite and below, so she's alright.
They should have a wellness bod living in her halls that can help. Think its the rules that you have to have one now. She should search them out first, and see where it goes. If not, go up there yourself. Bring your dinner.

Syd Puddefoot 3:45 Wed Oct 21
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Its the disgusting bullies that need rooting out, gather / document as much evidence as possible and report them to the Uni pastoral team.

Northern Sold 3:44 Wed Oct 21
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Sock... she has seen a pastoral/mediator last Monday... she said if she could not get moved she would jack it in... told them her anxiety/well being was at breaking point if something was not going to be done. They are concerned and she is getting help so at the moment we are on the phone every day and telling her to crack on and not let them or the situation beat her. If comes to a case of having to go up there to take her home I think I could be up for a murder charge ... or 5. I'm hoping that she's just been really unlucky being stuck with this lot... we'll see.

riosleftsock 3:34 Wed Oct 21
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Sold, go and get her mate. Get her away from those cunts.

Northern Sold 2:36 Wed Oct 21
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Stewie/...My 18 year old girl is at her first year at Uni' ... and she is massively struggling... does not help that she is holed up with a bunch of Ketamine taking bell ends that she unfortunately does not get on with... so much so the pack mentality led by the a load mouth poof who wants to be the King of the Castle has led to my girl being picked on and bullied on a daily basis... food & property being stolen or smashed up... pretty nasty messages being left about her all over the Dorm... stuck under her door... people banging on her door all night... and being they are informed to only socialise with people they are living with due to the shitty lurgi she has gone from in the space of a few months a fun loving, hard working, optomistic person... to someone who basically needs big time help... it all started at lockdown (lost job... A level fuck ups ).. and it's got progresively worse... we have put in for a move and her anxiety issues should hopefully get her a move into more suitable less katamine taking dorms!! Me and the missus are worried out of our wits mind at the moment... she has never been given silver spoon treatment, I would never allow it...she has grafted... got her 1st job off her own back at 14 and has had hard working 25 hours a week part time work in the Hospitality industry that's along with school and 6 form... she is not the only one... plenty of others friends, family kids in the same boat... just feel we are going to be sadly seeing and hearing a lot more of these stories that are happening daily...


stewie griffin 12:50 Wed Oct 21
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
should say that comes across a rather barbaric and generalistic comment. In fact, its the opposite - people with genuine mental health issues don't get the focus they should, because people who feel a bit sad now have to have an -ism of some kind. And the young people piece - whilst very sad - is inextricably linked to social media. Fact.

Lee Trundle 12:44 Wed Oct 21
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Good point.

It'll be interesting to see the suicide rate for INFLUENCERS. Hopefully it's massively high.

stewie griffin 12:41 Wed Oct 21
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
since 2000 you say? Since people starting using like buttons? Conflating social media with real life, and confusing facebook friends for real friends? It being more important to get 'likes' than to actually be good at something? Linking your own self worth to how your online persona is received?

The simple solution is to put all of that shit down.

Come On You Irons 12:33 Wed Oct 21
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
The suicide rate in the UK has increased every year since 2000 and is at record levels, even before the impact of the pandemic on jobs and livelihoods takes effect.

I can think of nothing better than the greater heed of, and greater awareness of the importance of, mental health and wellbeing in society.

stewie griffin 9:42 Wed Oct 21
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
"gonna be a dark few months for that lot and I for one feel for them"

Tesco are creating 11,000 jobs. Others will follow suit. Why does this generation - the most spoonfed in history - deserve any more sympathy than all the other generations throughout history that have suffered unemployment through recessions?

and I'm sorry, but the worst thing that's ever happened is 'mental health awareness'. Everyone has to have a problem of some kind. Previous generations of kids spent their nights in underground shelters as bombs went off all around them. This lot are being asked to stay indoors for 6 months watching Netflix on a 65 inch tv. ooooh but they're lonely. Do fuck off. There is no issue. Teenagers locking themselves in their bedrooms and not talking to anyone used to be called being a teenager. Now its a problem. Utter cockrot.

Northern Sold 11:24 Tue Oct 20
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Yup easy as that Mike.....

.... you not in the UK are you??

Not so much the middle age and oldies they seem to have come out of this pretty unscathed... but there has not been too many youngsters that their jobs are intact... does not help that we had a lot of industry over the local airport... it's been decimated ... gonna be a dark few months for that lot and I for one feel for them.


Mike Oxsaw 11:09 Thu Oct 15
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
People should be retraining in anticipation of a big change in the jobs market. "They" won't train you, it's not "their" responsibility.

It's not difficult (but you can choose to make it so). Match up your skills with what you want to do. If you lack skills, bone up on them and practice while you're not able to work; people are quite happy to use the internet for leisure activities, but seem reticent to use it to add value to their skill set.

Many people have had since March on furlough/home working. That's plenty of time to have got basic certification for many trade jobs, certainly in IT.

Not knowing when the lockdown/furlough will end is no excuse to not start reskilling yourself now.

Russ of the BML 1:31 Wed Oct 14
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Yesterday was a bit mental.

Starmer done his speech calling for a lockdown. But obviously forgot to tell everyone else in his party as they spent all of last night squirming and looking stupid whilst trying to tell everyone why a lockdown was a good idea when in reality they don't actually think that and know it could kill off an already struggling economy.

So Starmer has backed the scientists. Obviously just a political gamble and he will obviously hope in a couple of months time that he stand up and say "I told you to lockdown".

This worries me as we now clearly have a Labour leader hedging his bets on the situation getting worse and people dying. Which is worrying.

Boris is now obviously sitting with public opinion and not locking down fully. Despite being advised to do so. Which also worries me because is he putting the economy before public safety? Well, seeing as in the last two months all I have heard is lefty's and labour voters shouting "Free us from this tyranny" and "We can't live under this authoritarian shadow" and so, unbelievably, Boris is actually now siding with those people and trying to maintain some sense of freedom and normal life for the majority.

What is funny is now where all the lefty and Labour voters go. There leader has quite directly put his eggs in one basket and in doing so has gone against a lot of what his voters and supporters want.

Liverpool public are now threatening mass protests against lockdown's and on the same day the bloke they will mainly vote for calls for a full lockdown.

You couldn't make it up!

Takashi Miike 3:29 Fri Oct 2
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
I hope you're ginger, the cunt part was confirmed a long time ago

Lertie Button 8:29 Fri Oct 2
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
It's got the ginger cunt please God he dies

The_Phantom 9:34 Tue Sep 29
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Thanks Mike, will consider that

Mike Oxsaw 5:02 Mon Sep 28
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Phants, is your job something that can be done remotely? I suspect not otherwise that option would probably have already been offered.

As has been suggested, see what package is on offer - it may be the perfect opportunity for you to change from actually doing the job to advising others how to do it, and if it's a role that occurs across many companies/sectors then that opens up other avenues of opportunity.

I'm basically suggesting moving into a consultancy role which, with a decent severance package, gives you a lot more control over your time/life.

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