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alfs barnet 10:18 Fri Mar 20
Covid-19 Job thread?
Looks like there well be a lot of jobs lost over the coming weeks, and months.

Is it worth pinning a thread at the top to see if we can help each other out? I seem to remember this happening quite well back in 2008.

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mashed in maryland 3:09 Sat Mar 6
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?

Trainee train drivers.

£31k starting wage, over £63k once qualified.

Could do a lot worse....

normannomates 7:20 Sat Feb 27
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?


normannomates 7:19 Sat Feb 27
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Alfs 4.02
Gis a job
you dour fucker you

Mike Oxsaw 6:37 Sat Feb 27
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Alfs 4:02 Sat Feb 27

Things are pretty much the same with the new Sultan. To make some sort of impact statement he's accelerated the "Omanisation" program to try and get more local people in jobs and reduce the number of expats.

The British do, however, seem to be exempt from this; my team was "raided" twice - a "raid" being the Immigration department checking that we are actually doing the jobs we were given a visa for.

I was questioned/interrogated quite deeply but they eventually decided my position was valid. German & French colleagues didn't fare so well - told to pack and leave within 24 hours - even though their jobs more closely matched their visa job description.

That being said, even the officials were friendly and courteous throughout.

If it wasn't for the religeon and the fact that it is so expensive there, it wouldn't be a bad place to select a retirement home..

Alfs 4:02 Sat Feb 27
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Mike Oxsaw 7:24 Wed Jan 27

I did some work in Oman three years back and they were very expat friendly. Have things changed since the death of Qaboos bin Said Al Said?

joe royal 1:58 Mon Feb 15
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
I jacked it,was made various promises but they never came through. On the Tuesday I was cold and fed up with having to struggle so I rang the planner and headed back to base.

A lot of truck driving is self employed(for now) and since Brexit a lot of flip flops have gone home so plenty of jobs and even wage rises.

overbyyer 7:56 Sat Feb 13
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
joe royal wrote...

Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
I jacked a job on Tuesday , rang one up on Thursday , interview today , start Monday.

Get an HGV licence and you will never be out of work.

Do you not have to complete any notice period, or are these roles generally contract/fixed term?

Or did you just walk out of your last one?

joe royal 12:37 Sat Feb 6
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
I jacked a job on Tuesday , rang one up on Thursday , interview today , start Monday.

Get an HGV licence and you will never be out of work.

bobbymoore 5:16 Wed Feb 3
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Sent you a pm Mike

Mike Oxsaw 7:24 Wed Jan 27
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
If anyone fancies an IT job in the Middle East, PM me contact details and I'll pass them on.

This is fuck all to do with me, it's a favour for a friend. 3 roles (Systems Administrator, Field Service Engineer and one more (I've actually lost the details, but its more managerial than the other two). Mobile phone networks,

I don't have the country, but I strongly suspect it's not Oman given that the government there seem hell-bent on kicking all expats out. Tunisia or Saudi would be my guess, but I honestly don't know.

Vexed 2:03 Wed Jan 27
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Lockdown has not been kind to you has it son? Things like this always strike the mentally weak.

Ridikzappa 11:58 Sun Jan 24
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?


wanstead_hammer 1:40 Fri Jan 22
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
How did it all go, Fifth?
Hope you struck a bit of gold, to get you back on an even keel and ease all the unneeded worries.

Darlo Debs 6:43 Sun Jan 17
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Good luch fifth.

Fifth Column 3:14 Sun Jan 17
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
I'm now looking for a new job after trying a career change for 15 months... didn't work out so going back to what I know best.

I was worried about getting a job again due to Covid so I applied for 9 roles and have been offered interviews for 8 of them all this coming week and the one I didn't get was already filled by the time I applied. Easily the most successful I've been in applications for jobs. Sometimes life smiles on you. I'll probably now be unsuccessful in all the interviews this week now I've said that.

Stubbo 9:41 Wed Dec 23
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Hey Joe C...what skill set do they need?

I've a good mate who is heavily on the look out for a gig...ridiculous as it sounds he's 40ish and looking for a career direction restart - did the PHD and full bit in a science discipline that simply hasn't panned out how he hoped in that research space (some of his stories about post-doc treatment in the US are worth the entry fee alone)

Smart guy though and quick learner, and a good guy plus a real team player.

Anyway if still looking and any interest let me know.

Joe C 2:42 Fri Dec 18
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
As my last hire came room this thread, and has been a great success, I’ll try again.

Am expanding my team and need an additional Helpdesk person. Ideally first or second jobber looking for a career in IT.

Good company to work for, invest in people etc, good atmosphere (especially in my team) and a good time to come in as we start our massive IT transformation project.

Will be starting the hiring process in Jan, so if interested, or know someone who is, then drop me a whomail

TJD 4:23 Thu Dec 17
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Theres an agency hiring warehouse workers in Hoddesdon for 6-8 months at up to £10.85/h, choice of three shifts. Meridian is the agency and the job title is data entry clerk.

MrBen 8:34 Mon Dec 14
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Senior OpRisk Manager - up to 75k (Junior VP-level).

Under the jobs board in ‘Leumi Uk’ (LinkedIn)

Ideally want someone in-place by start of Feb.

The_Phantom 12:19 Mon Nov 16
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
OK its looking like I'm out of a job very soon, possibly tomorrow.

Have worked in IT for 37 years and not sure I want to do it again.

Fancy something new, but don't know what.

Anyone left IT to do something completely different ?
Please let me know your experiences.
WHOmail me if you'd rather do it privately.


Mike Oxsaw 10:51 Sun Nov 15
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
What colour is the van?
How many lights do I have to haul?

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