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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

alfs barnet 10:18 Fri Mar 20
Covid-19 Job thread?
Looks like there well be a lot of jobs lost over the coming weeks, and months.

Is it worth pinning a thread at the top to see if we can help each other out? I seem to remember this happening quite well back in 2008.

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Auntie Thermite 9:39 Fri Feb 18
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Job Reference: 914-BSA3198
Employer:NHS Business Services AuthorityLocation:Newcastle/Wakefield/Middlebrook/remote working
Salary:£22,549 - £24,882 per annum
An opportunity has arisen for multiple Caseworker postswithin the Vaccine Damage Payment Team, part of our Primary Care Services Directorate.

The Vaccine Damage Scheme Team works on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care to process claims for a one-off payment to people who have suffered a severe disablement due to direct affects from a qualifying vaccination.

These roles, on occasions, will also support work within the Provider Assurance Team who undertake contract and performance management activities to support NHS Primary Care Providers and Commissioners.

Due to the nature of the work streams, there is an expectation of handling sensitive and emotional beneficiary enquiries received through a variety of media methods.


Pentonville 2:45 Thu Feb 10
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
cheers miike

Mike Oxsaw 8:54 Wed Feb 9
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
I think that there's a big Tesco distro centre in/near Purfleet and an Amazon one the other side of the river near Dartford.

Quite a few warehouses tied to the new(ish) deep water port on, Canvey, I think it is, springing up around the old Dagenham Docks/Ford plant.

Pentonville 12:27 Wed Feb 9
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
anyone know of any jobs - warehouse or delivery or anything unskilled. i cant be using my brain at moment but can use my physical side.....
if anyone in essex has a job, i can have spareroom.com at weekend or next week and start next week or week after. im thinking brentwood or hornchurch or grays.

gph 7:45 Mon Aug 16
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
This is a jobs thread.

Or is that a heavily disguised job offer for unvaccinated gravediggers?

Ridikzappa 11:30 Sun Aug 15
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Why do you care?

All those that took the experimental C19 shot will be dead within 6 months.

Trials do not end until 2023. You were coerced. You are the experiment.

God bless the sheep, for they not not know what they have done.

Kiwi Hammer 5:35 Thu Aug 12
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Mike Oxsaw - you have Who Mail

Mike Oxsaw 8:22 Mon Aug 9
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
One of the projects I was working on in Oman has just/is about to transit from R&D into O&M so a few SME are required in the area of customer management.

There is a technical input, but in the main it's performance reporting, problem resolution and keeping the customer informed of progress.

There are (far) worse places to work than Oman, but the budget is probably set at attracting Southern Asians rather than Europeans so don't expect a fortune. 12 month renewable contracts.

PM me with an e-mail address if you are interested and I'll pass on contact details.

Dandy Lyon 5:07 Fri Aug 6
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
If anyone is over here and needs a job I might be able to help out

SarfendWHU 1:57 Fri May 28
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Afternoon All, Client has a Perm role for a Stores Operative in Brentwood, need to have a full clean Drivers Licence and experience of either Telehandling or Fork Lift Driving Certificates. If you know anyone who may be interested then please drop me a WHO mail Cheers

Alfs 6:02 Sun May 9
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
I have a vacancy coming up next month for a copywriter/social media guru.

Minimum 2 years experience in a similar role.
Self-motivated, as it's a remote role.
£28 k per annum (will consider job share).

Existing Insta following is an advantage.

WHO mail me for further details.

Dudley Moore 4:18 Wed May 5
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Time has come for a change of direction for me.
Worked in Insurance for 21 years, 19 of those in IT in all types of varying roles.
Currently in an Operations role, but wouldn't mind returning to IT, perhaps in a different industry all together.

If anyone hears of anything, please drop me a whomail.


Kiwi Hammer 5:13 Sun Apr 25
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Mike Oxsaw - you have whomail

Mike Oxsaw 8:21 Wed Apr 14
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Bring a food hamper for 67.

Lovejoy 8:16 Tue Apr 13
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
After 10 months out of work got an offer through today which I’ll be taking up. Will have to relocate Dubai to Doha but could be worse.

Mike Oxsaw 8:39 Sat Apr 10
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Any TETRA people out there?

Middle East probably UAE but definitely not KSA. Test & Acceptance Manager - ticking boxes, basically. Again Whomail me a contact address and I'll pass it on.

You'll need to sort out travel yourself as my plane's still on order.

Mike Oxsaw 6:16 Wed Apr 7
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Dan 11:45 Tue Apr 6

You need to decide what you want to do first, then look at the opportunities. If there are few, decide whether or not it's worth fighting for those few roles. If not, choose something else. You'll have to keep doing this until you settle on what suits you.

Nobody can tell you what you want, but it may help if you indicate what you're moving from and any ideas of where you'd like to be.

Dan 11:45 Tue Apr 6
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Does anyone on here deal with careers advice? I'm 40 and looking for a career change and I can't settle on what to go learn.

The most obvious issues are a lack of experience and age. No point retraining if there's no serious prospect of employment.

Has anyone else changed careers later on in life?


twoleftfeet 12:19 Sun Mar 21
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
Can’t this be the covid “ jab “ thread?

MrBen 10:44 Thu Mar 18
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?
LJC - you have WhoMail

mashed in maryland 3:09 Sat Mar 6
Re: Covid-19 Job thread?

Trainee train drivers.

£31k starting wage, over £63k once qualified.

Could do a lot worse....

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