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cup of tea 10:18 Tue Mar 24
WHO Poker
Many moons ago there were a few of us that used to play a sit and go poker tournament.

Would anyone be interested in this considering we are all practically prisoners in our own homes?

Nothing serious, say $5 or $10 buy in on a private table.

I use Pokerstars and can possibly look at setting one up later this evening but happy to download another site if others use them more and join.

Anyone up for it?

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Lee Trundle 11:15 Thu Apr 2
Re: WHO Poker
I've just tried to register but for some unknown reason Pokerstars have removed all my privileges.

I've emailed support (there doesn't seem to be a live chat), and I've had a Google and apparently they're useless at getting back to people over this issue and it could take well over a month. Kinda shits all over their claim that they have 24/7 support.

radox 11:07 Thu Apr 2
Re: WHO Poker
Il give this one last bump. Theres only 3 registered, ideally 6 is a good number to sit down with. For the other 2 that registered, i play in another group. They have a couple of games every other night. If we cant get enough interest here your more than welcome to jump on the other group. See if we get any interest from this bump. If we dont you can whomail me for the other group invite if needed.

radox 10:15 Mon Mar 30
Re: WHO Poker
yes i can confirm there are now 3. i think we probably need a minimum of 5. Anyone need any help just ask.

Alfs 3:51 Mon Mar 30
Re: WHO Poker
Make that 3.

Let me know when we have a game on. I'm looking forward to it!

radox 2:13 Mon Mar 30
Re: WHO Poker

There are now 2 members
Slowly slowly

Vexed 12:28 Mon Mar 30
Re: WHO Poker
I will but no time this week, probably next.

radox 12:25 Mon Mar 30
Re: WHO Poker
good idea but noone has signed up


Vexed 10:25 Sun Mar 29
Re: WHO Poker
Now this is a good idea

radox 10:12 Sun Mar 29
Re: WHO Poker
Yes mate

Alfs 8:59 Sun Mar 29
Re: WHO Poker
Is this on Poker Stars, Radox?

radox 10:48 Sun Mar 29
Re: WHO Poker
i have set one up. the details are in the long thread i posted. join and i can accept you

NewtonsPartyBag 10:46 Sun Mar 29
Re: WHO Poker
Im in please if this gets set up

radox 10:30 Sun Mar 29
Re: WHO Poker
the id in the previous message is for westhamonline members not my other group.
So you will only be playing with westhamonline.net members

radox 10:26 Sun Mar 29
Re: WHO Poker
For those interested i have already set one of these up for my own group. To begin with there was a certain stumbling block which i will explain.

You can only play in your private group from a laptop pc or mac. the app wonr allow you private access from your android or ios phone. So unless you have access to a laptop pc or mac then you can forget it.

However if you do have access to one them download the app and register. Once registered login and in the bottom right hand corner there is a tab called more. click on the more tab will give access to the home game tab. click on home game tab gives you a green join a poker club tab. Click on join a poker club and from there the club id is 3322341 and the password is 19661966

Anyone who joins whomail me or leave a message here so i can accept you. Once everyone is in we can arrange a sit down. Had a few games with some mates. Entrance fee was £5.50 then unlimited buyins of £5 for the first hour (3000 worth of chips per buyin) then on the hour theres a 5min break where you can buy a final buyin of 4000 chips for £5. After that its winner takes all. this can be changed to suit.

Think that explains most of it. Anyone struggling feel free to message me and il help if i can.

good luck

sanfrancis-co-uk 4:00 Sun Mar 29
Re: WHO Poker
I’m in.Gonna hav to figure out a payment method though.More headaches for a computer illiterate person😩

Alfs 2:35 Sun Mar 29
Re: WHO Poker
I'm happy to have a go at setting this up. I've found a poker stars tutorial and it seems easy enough.

How many in for an 8.30 start (gmt), tomorrow (Sunday)?

sanfrancis-co-uk 2:21 Sun Mar 29
Re: WHO Poker
I would of thought one of you clever cunts could’ve sorted this out by now!

I have a tablet also so I can’t do it either,and,I’m a stupid cunt to boot.

If anyone figures out how to unlock the crystal,Whomail please,I’m in.

Manip 10:05 Thu Mar 26
Re: WHO Poker
Only got a tablet. Can't set private games up. Needs to be a proper PC.

Manip 10:02 Thu Mar 26
Re: WHO Poker
I reckon I can set a Home game up on Poker stars as done it before 9pm ?

cup of tea 8:47 Thu Mar 26
Re: WHO Poker
Fuck it, too much hassle - gonna cancel and sort something out for when others are more free - sorry guys

radox 8:43 Thu Mar 26
Re: WHO Poker
that invitation code doesnt work mate

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