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cup of tea 10:18 Tue Mar 24
WHO Poker
Many moons ago there were a few of us that used to play a sit and go poker tournament.

Would anyone be interested in this considering we are all practically prisoners in our own homes?

Nothing serious, say $5 or $10 buy in on a private table.

I use Pokerstars and can possibly look at setting one up later this evening but happy to download another site if others use them more and join.

Anyone up for it?

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radox 6:27 Sun Apr 5
Re: WHO Poker
Anyone fancy a game tonight. Ican prob get a couple of extra players to make the numbers up if needed?

radox 1:34 Sat Apr 4
Re: WHO Poker

6 in there now

getting there

Lee Trundle 10:19 Fri Apr 3
Re: WHO Poker
Think I've got myself sorted.

SE5 Hammer - try going to the help section and go through all the categories until you get the choice to have a live chat. I think I clicked on deposits (unsurprising) and a live chat window opened and they sorted my account out for me.

cup of tea 9:19 Fri Apr 3
Re: WHO Poker
Anyone about for a game either tonight or tomorrow night?

Heath Hammer 7:40 Fri Apr 3
Re: WHO Poker
ok mate

radox 12:39 Fri Apr 3
Re: WHO Poker
Heath hammer i will add you as an admin as well.

Heath Hammer 12:00 Fri Apr 3
Re: WHO Poker
would go with either $10 straight or $5 with a buy-in.

should be good for a game tonight if we can get people.

radox 2:06 Fri Apr 3
Re: WHO Poker
Yes. It waa your original post so i will add you as administrator and what ever rules you decide. As admn you can arrange how you see fit.

cup of tea 1:03 Fri Apr 3
Re: WHO Poker
I think we can go ahead with 6 but a 9 person table would be better. What are we going to do, straight $5 buy in 2 places paid. Rebuys? Personally not a fan so maybe 1 rebuy but I will go with the flow. Whilst on lockdown we can maybe do a couple of games a week on set days and times?

radox 12:57 Fri Apr 3
Re: WHO Poker
a few others are in the same boat. i will bump this thread every couple of days just to keep people interested. we have 5 at the moment.

SE5 Hammer 10:02 Thu Apr 2
Re: WHO Poker
I used to be in the original game years ago. I'm up for this but just trying get my PokerStars account reactivated.

cup of tea 8:43 Thu Apr 2
Re: WHO Poker
I'm up for a game as I am on now but happy to go with the flow with a time and date

radox 8:38 Thu Apr 2
Re: WHO Poker
yes mate you have been added. Thats 5 so theres enough for a game one day or night. If the others could suggest a day night or time and can go from there. best to give everyone enough notice to get the ball rolling. now we got 5 maybe others will follow

cup of tea 5:42 Thu Apr 2
Re: WHO Poker
radox - check to see if I have asked to join please mate - just done it

radox 2:45 Thu Apr 2
Re: WHO Poker
Id swallow your pride. Will break the boredom over the coming weeks. welcome aboard :)

Lee Trundle 2:43 Thu Apr 2
Re: WHO Poker
I've sent 2 in the last week, and hadn't had a reply from either.

I'd normally fuck them off by now and never use them again, but if there's enough interest here to get some games going then I'll just swallow my pride and open a new account with them.

Heath Hammer 2:41 Thu Apr 2
Re: WHO Poker
i did mine about 18 months ago - over email mate. took 2 or 3 goes back and forth....

radox 2:39 Thu Apr 2
Re: WHO Poker
Accepted. That makes 4 of us now. Maybe now we will get a bit more interest. Also any of you others want to be added to admin . That way anyone can arrange a game?

Lee Trundle 2:38 Thu Apr 2
Re: WHO Poker
Were you able to chat to them via live chat, Heath Hammer?

The only way I've been able to contact them is via email.

Heath Hammer 2:33 Thu Apr 2
Re: WHO Poker
should see my request - Dan Marks

radox 1:48 Thu Apr 2
Re: WHO Poker
Nice one. let me know if you have any problems joining the club. all the details are in the long email from a couple of days ago

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