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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

BillC79 11:36 Wed Mar 25
Football Documentaries
Some football documentaries to pass the time:

https://youtu.be/T2byZj3oz3U Rocky and Wrighty

https://youtu.be/MaobwxJuAOs The Brian Clough Story

https://youtu.be/ucHRCmvb5XA Roy Keane My career story

https://youtu.be/zCicVGmdOZs Glen Hoddle Touch of genius

https://youtu.be/kZA2Co91mAQ Paul McGrath Story

https://youtu.be/lwy3zl0CzgE Bobby Charlton

https://youtu.be/ZC3DJOsWH10 John Barnes (MMK)

https://youtu.be/EOudh5c2ZA4 Thierry Henry

https://youtu.be/d_PA7YlJAHY Hillsborough 30 for 30

https://youtu.be/DnxrDcpIlnM Keane and Vieria best of enemies

https://youtu.be/sNv-yPCtjJ4 Jurgen Klopp

https://youtu.be/4Ps7ue9tIb0 Italia 90

https://youtu.be/EElmSxJdyLA George Best

https://youtu.be/qKrX8r-5Nu8 Cruyff

https://youtu.be/y4OA2Ihm68w Jack Charlton the Irish years

Also the Maradona film is free to watch on All4 as well

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mallard 11:57 Mon Apr 20
Re: Football Documentaries
The Graham Taylor one is comedy gold.

Looking back, with the exception of a few, Taylor had an average selection of players to deal with.

wd40 8:21 Mon Apr 20
Re: Football Documentaries
Just watched ..'Do I Not Like That - Graham Taylor.

It was like like watching a horror flim as a kid.
Phil Neil
a yes man for sure .

gank 11:49 Sun Apr 19
Re: Football Documentaries
Found some mates I see, Norman

Norman 11:42 Sun Apr 19
Re: Football Documentaries
Ceasefire Massacre an ESPN Documentary about a shooting in a rural Northern Irish Pub during the Ireland Italy game at ISA 1994

FHB 6:53 Sun Apr 19
Re: Football Documentaries

Manuel 7:55 Sat Mar 28
Re: Football Documentaries
Nothing to forgive for me, always blamed the overrated Shilton for being out-jumped by a midget and the blind officials for not seeing it. Maradona just took a punt out of instinct and probably couldn't believe it was allowed.

Untold players have scored or attempted to score with their hand, it's really not that shocking. Is knocking the ball in with your hand worse than intentionally crippling another player that could leave them out the game for months? Not for me.

TeVaz 7:50 Sat Mar 28
Re: Football Documentaries
Lowermarshhammer... forgive him the handball ? You have to be fucking kidding me , right ?

lowermarshhammer 4:32 Sat Mar 28
Re: Football Documentaries
Chinny Wreck - on.

Almost as good as a Joey Deacon.

lowermarshhammer 4:31 Sat Mar 28
Re: Football Documentaries
You forgot to mention that the prologue was narrated by Jimmy Hill.

gank 4:30 Sat Mar 28
Re: Football Documentaries
Chinny reckon

ag ag ag ag

I'm trying to bring that back. No cunt knows what I'm on about

Alfie 4:22 Sat Mar 28
Re: Football Documentaries
One of thebest documentaries of recent years was the one anout peterbeyardslees chin transplant ' Chinny reckon: me chin an me'

It charts the roller coaster emotions of Peeayter Byeeearsdlee as he has his gigantic chin amputated - to be replaced with a much smaller chin end.

Deerected by Jimmy Nail the professional geordie comic - its a reet fooken gan tebble reet root channin rortal tellna. Buzza!!

Gan oot fookin kickern futbarl cloob sorta thing man shite kicken nuccy broon pettarol bomb

lowermarshhammer 3:53 Sat Mar 28
Re: Football Documentaries
Probably been mentioned but the Maradona film on All4 app is an absolute must see. Best footballer in my lifetime. Fuck Messi and Ronaldo, this bloke did it with nothing that special around him. And with so many frailties that the vast majority, given the same background, would succumb to and then fail. You'll be close to forgiving his handball when you watch the whole thing. Despite him being a dirty Charlie ridden whore banger.

To be someone (must be a wonderful thing)

zico 3:18 Sat Mar 28
Re: Football Documentaries
Not a documentary but watched the 1980 FA Cup Final on You Tube tonight. Was quite funny listening to Brian Moore commenting on Graham Rix's rather "severe haircut" when it was still far longer than most have today!! Mind you I suspect after 3 months of lockdown mullets will be back in fashion!

Northern Sold 1:33 Fri Mar 27
Re: Football Documentaries
Football club for a fiver is still on You Tube... John Sitton in all his glory

Iron Duke 1:10 Fri Mar 27
Re: Football Documentaries
I managed to watch Next Goal Wins on Prime last night. It's about the American Samoa national team, who had been beaten 31-0 by Australia and were the lowest ranked team in the world. It follows them in the qualification for the 2014 World Cup. It is a really nice feel good documentary, and a bit more than just a football documentary. Even the wife enjoyed it.

El Scorchio 1:00 Fri Mar 27
Re: Football Documentaries
Don't know if this has been mentioned already but there was a great doc (on BT sport, i think) called Brothers in Football about Corinthians in Brazil and their link with Corinthian Casuals in England.

Probably available on catch up on most platforms.

geoffpikey 12:54 Fri Mar 27
Re: Football Documentaries
"Football's Foreign Legion" is on ITV again tonight at 22:45.

Too much Spurs, no doubt, but for those who remember Arnold Johannes Hyacinthus Mühren, I imagine it's solid.

eusebiovic 8:45 Wed Mar 25
Re: Football Documentaries
I would also recommend...

Kaiser: The Greatest Footballer Never To Play Football - an absolute hoot from a first class charlatan and raconteur


Takashi Miike 7:03 Wed Mar 25
Re: Football Documentaries
my favourite football doc.......'Do I Not Like That - Graham Taylor, The Impossible Job'


Dan M 7:02 Wed Mar 25
Re: Football Documentaries
Yeah you wouldn't want charlie wrapped up in cotton wool. Lottery number sheet is much better for the purpose.

Northern Sold 7:00 Wed Mar 25
Re: Football Documentaries
Loved the bit in the Maradona doc when he first went to Napoli...

"I wanted a big house... they gave me an apartment... I asked for a Ferrari... they gave me a Fiat..."

... seemed like he spent the whole time in Italy off his nut on free Charlie given to him by the local mafia for certain favours... what a boy... imagine him now in todays sanitised wrap them up in cotton wool days... he'd be unplayable

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