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zico 5:45 Wed Mar 25
Bobby Moore
A football thread...…….

Been reading Harry Redknapp's autobiography again. Now half of me likes Harry, an amusing fella, cheeky chappie whose sides played some good stuff when he was here. The other half isn't so keen with his almost certain part in the Billy Bonds saga and some of his comments re Sir Trev and John Lyall didn't endear me to him particularly.

However, I do agree with him re West Ham and England's treatment of Bobby Moore. Beckenbaur an Ambassador for Germany, Pele for Brazil and yet Bobby Moore working for Capital Radio on a cold week night at wherever!!

West Ham according to Harry allegedly kicked him out of Upton Park for not having a ticket and then went on to name a stand after him and used his name on merchandise but only after he had died! England knighted the dinosaurs at the FA and yet Moore only got an OBE.

So what was it that stopped England and West Ham from utilising their greatest Ambassador? Was it his reputation for liking a drink? Were both worried that Bobby would be too big and a threat within both West Ham and England? Did John Lyall really think he didn't want Bobby looking over his shoulder when he was starting out as a Manager?

Harry says he asked the Directors at West Ham but there were no jobs available. However Harry had many and argument with the Directors so I am sure he would have got his way if he had insisted on giving Bobby a job.

So why did he end up working for a pittance on radio when he could have been so much more?

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easthammer 6:32 Fri Mar 27
Re: Bobby Moore

Moore was in Partnership with Sean Connery in the ownership of Woolston Manor Chigwell which went bust ( I think there was a fire at some time) It has also been linked to a Crimeboss and David Sullivan in more recent times.

Only at West Ham


Far Cough 6:12 Fri Mar 27
Re: Bobby Moore
sock, it was Woolston Hall or Epping Forest Country Club there's still a Mooro's restaurant there now

Far Cough 6:05 Fri Mar 27
Re: Bobby Moore
"My captain, my leader, my right-hand man. He was the spirit and the heartbeat of the team. A cool, calculating footballer I could trust with my life. He was the supreme professional, the best I ever worked with. Without him England would never have won the World Cup." Alf Ramsey*[45]

"He was my friend as well as the greatest defender I ever played against. The world has lost one of its greatest football players and an honourable gentleman." Pelé[45]
"Bobby Moore was a real gentleman and a true friend." Franz Beckenbauer[45]
"Moore was the best defender I have ever seen." Sir Alex Ferguson[46]

"Bobby Moore was the best defender in the history of the game" Franz Beckenbauer[47]

"There should be a law against him. He knows what's happening 20 minutes before everyone else." Jock Stein[48]

"Ask me to talk about Bobby Moore the footballer and I will talk for days. Ask me about the man and I will dry up in a minute." Ron Greenwood[49]

"Immaculate footballer. Imperial defender. Immortal hero of 1966. First Englishman to raise the World Cup aloft. Favourite son of London's East End. Finest legend of West Ham United. National Treasure. Master of Wembley. Lord of the game. Captain extraordinary. Gentleman of all time." Inscription on the pedestal of the statue at Wembley Stadium.[37]

Wiki quotes

riosleftsock 5:30 Fri Mar 27
Re: Bobby Moore
SDKF I think it was a hotel he part owned (was it in Silver End?) between Harlow and Ongar.

I worked near there about twenty years ago and you could still see the shape of it on the ground.

SDKFZ 222 5:27 Fri Mar 27
Re: Bobby Moore
Sven Roeder 6:38 Wed Mar 25

I recall a story from the 70’s that a country or night club, jointly owned by Moore and Greaves, rather mysteriously went up in smoke after they had fallen out with some gangster types, but I can’t find a link at all.

martinbritt_63 5:07 Fri Mar 27
Re: Bobby Moore
For all that Steinberg's piece in the Guardian on Di Canio is quite laudable, check out this link to a Guardian article that was published on the 20th anniversary of Bobby Moore's death. It's a long read, but well worth it - and hey, in isolation it's something else to pass the time. The memorials by McIlvanney and Frank Keating are particularly good and great examples of the best in sports journalism.


Manuel 4:22 Thu Mar 26
Re: Bobby Moore
Royal - You mean conveniently forgot.

joe royal 9:09 Wed Mar 25
Re: Bobby Moore
Lot of people forget the dildo’s gave him a job on the Sunday Sport.

Only reason why I bought it.

zico 9:05 Wed Mar 25
Re: Bobby Moore
You can't judge a manager on an appointment where half the players were part time and hadn't an ounce of talent compared to pro's. I understand at the time "Ambassadors" weren't the thing but United did it with Bobby Charlton.

Just found it sad that he ended up in radio and writing for the bleeding Sunday Sport.

At the very least some coaching the youngsters at West Ham might have persuaded a few of the top talents to join. Coached by Bobby Moore,,, yes thanks!

wansteadman 9:03 Wed Mar 25
Re: Bobby Moore
When you see how people like Gerrard Bryan Robson Lampard etc walked into great jobs with no experience then see how every manager in the old days had to work their way up you can see why fewer ex players were that keen. You heard stories how bobby used to be all over the managers asking questions and trying to understand the game and you do wonder how he never got a chance

icwhs 8:59 Wed Mar 25
Re: Bobby Moore
All clubs done it.. Peter Osgood at CFC.. in fact when he was welcomed back at a game, he went on an emotional HF wave and walk.. died a couple of weeks after.

It wasn’t the thing back in the day, and probably well paid for his services during his career.

Might not have madea decent manager.

Tomsdad 8:46 Wed Mar 25
Re: Bobby Moore
Full of bullshit is old 'Arry!

gph 7:34 Wed Mar 25
Re: Bobby Moore
Pretty sure I read somewhere that Ron Greenwood rated Bobby's tactical nous while on the pitch, so it's a real surprise that management didn't work out for him.

Maybe he couldn't deal with the nasty side of management, and was too close to the players. Guesswork there, nothing to back it up.

joyo 7:02 Wed Mar 25
Re: Bobby Moore
Because the board of 70s till early 90s were big cunts than the present board

zico 6:55 Wed Mar 25
Re: Bobby Moore
True. Will never know with the Manager stuff but he only had a crack at awful Clubs to have a go at. Southend and Oxford City. Bad choices without a doubt but it would have been interesting to see how he would have done with players with a percentage of his ability.

Sven Roeder 6:39 Wed Mar 25
Re: Bobby Moore
I meant those sort of roles ARE a recent thing

Sven Roeder 6:38 Wed Mar 25
Re: Bobby Moore
There was always talk that Bobby associated with people with not a very FRAGRANT reputation.
Also I don’t think the idea of great players being looked after within clubs as Ambassadors and Match Day hosts is a fairly recent thing in England.
Am sure there are plenty of other clubs who have ignored their stars of the past back then.

Also .... Bobby might not have been a very good manager

cup of tea 6:29 Wed Mar 25
Re: Bobby Moore
What has this got to do with Coronvirus?

gank 5:56 Wed Mar 25
Re: Bobby Moore
Too many people called him Booby Moore. Embarrassing for the club.

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