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PwoperNaughtyButNot 12:59 Thu Mar 26
Talk to me

Is their a global shot down of all power, comms, internet for 10 days on April 1st leading a purge of the worlds baddies or is this just nonsense?

I used to think the whole global nonce network was nonsense and then Epstein appeared and then got suicided.

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Golden Oldie 1:14 Thu Mar 26
Re: QAnan
I'm with Peroni here, no one wants to delve into the alt-right psyop that is QAnon which seems to be a CIA tier gaslighting exercise for Trump supporters [they refer to their 'gang' fondly as MAGApedes without a shred of shame], diverting attention from important real life events, getting them lost in fantasy tactic of misinformation, kinda got Roger Stone's fingerprints all over it.

They'll gladly talk all day about Hillary and the pedo networks, ignoring that Trump was the personal witness for his old friend Jeffrey Epstein and up to his nuts with this pedo crew too.

It's basically a NeoConservative interpretation of Obama's "Hope and Change" slogan, the idea is to maintain an illusion that Trump is fighting against the Deep State, ignoring the fact the New York liberal Trump is best mates with Bibi Netanyahu.

So when Trump promises a wall but only hands over US tax dollars to finance Bibi's own wall instead, they cascade down these blind illogical threads of Hopey Change trying to justify why Trump broke every promise made to his base while carrying out every promise made to Bibi to the letter because of some 4D chess tactic that mere mortals couldn't understand.

Imagine Obama's "Hope & Change" illusion for retarded Conservatives.

Nurse Ratched 11:54 Thu Mar 26
Re: QAnan
Zeb! I have sent you a WHOmail about BIRDS

zebthecat 11:51 Thu Mar 26
Re: QAnan
Angry Alice would be a great band name.

Kaiser Zoso 11:22 Thu Mar 26
Re: QAnan
Fuck off Pickle

Arf Arf! 11:13 Thu Mar 26
Re: QAnan

Nurse Ratched 11:09 Thu Mar 26
Re: QAnan
I will never be that mad.

gph 11:03 Thu Mar 26
Re: QAnan
In a month's time you might be mad enough to take this on board.

So might I.

Nurse Ratched 11:01 Thu Mar 26
Re: QAnan
FMOB not this shit again...

Nicey 10:59 Thu Mar 26
Re: QAnan
Supergroup of angry Anderson and alice Cooper

Far Cough 10:44 Thu Mar 26
Re: QAnan
"The one name that did keep coming up in a lot of the weird stuff is Anderson Cooper."

Makes sense as he did release a record called "Elected"


peroni 10:36 Thu Mar 26
Re: QAnan

Can we please delete this before Golden Oldie gets up?

riosleftsock 10:28 Thu Mar 26
Re: QAnan
QAnon is almost unintelligible deliberately, but they have some interesting stuff down the rabbit holes.

Look up standard hotel, podesta artwork, red shoes etc. Some of it is downright bizarre.

The one name that did keep coming up in a lot of the weird stuff is Anderson Cooper.

Darby_ 10:27 Thu Mar 26
Re: QAnan

Nagel 10:04 Thu Mar 26
Re: QAnan
Funny how according to QAnon the global nonce network consists almost entirely of liberal Hollywood types and Democrats. It's almost as if they're simply trying to discredit those who have different political views to them.

Just as well no-one's stupid enough to think "it does all sound crackpot but..."

Sven Roeder 9:46 Thu Mar 26
Re: QAnan
I read that the right wing nutters reckon the medical guy that is appearing with Trump is a PLANT by Hillary Clinton with the sole aim of tanking the economy to derail the Orange Cunts re-election

Extraordinary minds at work

PwoperNaughtyButNot 9:38 Thu Mar 26
Re: QAnan
It does all sound crackpot but then the global nonce network for the elites was crackpot until Epstein appeared and blew the lid.

I think there is a seed of truth in what this Q stuff says but then they end it with JFK Jnr faking his death and coming back to lead the US&A after all this blows over. That might be a stretch

gank 2:34 Thu Mar 26
Re: QAnan
I stumbled across the QAnon theory, it's absolute crackpot stuff

gph 1:32 Thu Mar 26
Re: QAnan

Lockdown's going to send us all nuts.

Some quicker than others.

medwayhammer1 1:25 Thu Mar 26
Re: QAnan

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