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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Nurse Ratched 12:27 Fri Mar 27
For WHO's birders
I thought you might like this video.


It's a compilation of different birds singing. Beautiful photography. If you expand the 'title' under the video it gives a list of species and the times they pop up in the video. Most of the species are familiar to us in the UK, but there are some 'exotics' (the cranes - wow, what a noise!)

It was filmed in Belarus. The guy has a channel you can subscribe to.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and maybe it'll take your mind off you-know-what for a few blessed minutes.

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Mike Oxsaw 12:51 Tue Jan 25
Re: For WHO's birders
Yes, Sock. I understand what is likely to happen to all the global warming fucknuts, but what about the original parakeets?

riosleftsock 11:59 Mon Jan 24
Re: For WHO's birders

Like most invading species, if you feed them they will stay. I guess they will eventually evolve to the terrain and climate and morph into some kind of amazing pigeon/seagull/parakeet mutant that begs, steals and fucking caws its head off at you as it does it, and accuses our birds of parrotphobia if they complain

Mike Oxsaw 11:55 Mon Jan 24
Re: For WHO's birders
riosleftsock 11:49 Mon Jan 24

I'm quite surprised that their presence in Europe hasn't been jumped upon by the global warming faction - when I was growing up in the 60s, parakeets were only associated with tropical jungles and real pirates of the Caribbean. And zoos.

riosleftsock 11:49 Mon Jan 24
Re: For WHO's birders
Been working over in Teddington the last month or two so staying away from home during the week which I hate.

But the site is right on the edge of Bushey Park and the place is absolutely over run with parakeets, I've seen them before in big numbers in some strange parts of London, but never in this quantity, its insane, they completely dominate the avian gangs round here.

Nurse Ratched 11:46 Mon Jan 24
Re: For WHO's birders
True enough.

zebthecat 11:44 Mon Jan 24
Re: For WHO's birders
There are always the evenings though and Bullet isn't going to forget.

zebthecat 11:43 Mon Jan 24
Re: For WHO's birders
That is crap Nurse - It really helps me.
My employer has put the office building up for sale so will be home for the duration.

Nurse Ratched 11:21 Mon Jan 24
Re: For WHO's birders

I'm gutted to be back in the office full time now, because I know I'm going to miss so much.

Nurse Ratched 11:20 Mon Jan 24
Re: For WHO's birders
Props to azel senior.

That is proper hard-core.

zebthecat 11:11 Mon Jan 24
Re: For WHO's birders
Nurse Ratched 7:31 Sun Jan 23

It is rather wonderful.
The Jackdaws have decided it is still a bit cold for this nest malarkey. Give it a couple of weeks.

azel senior 10:05 Mon Jan 24
Re: For WHO's birders
Best site for bird songs and calls is "Xeno Canto", there is also an app.

Did a whistle stop couple of hours at Fordwich and Bockhill yesterday first light, and saw the much reported Dusky Warbler and Hume's Leaf Warbler.

Both picked out by their call.

Nurse Ratched 7:31 Sun Jan 23
Re: For WHO's birders
Tell you what, I am really enjoying this Circle of Life caper. It seems like yesterday his harassed parents left him in my garden. He was a typically gormless looking robin juvenile, all scruffy and speckly (though unfeasibly large) and he set about asserting himself in my garden AND in my sitting room. He's mad as cheese.

zebthecat 7:23 Sun Jan 23
Re: For WHO's birders
Ah, that's lovely.

Nurse Ratched 7:21 Sun Jan 23
Re: For WHO's birders
Bullet has a WIFE 😍

All day they've been together in the garden, playing and skittering about, and sharing a dish of mealworms.

As I type this, I can hear him singing.

MaryMillingtonsGhost 6:21 Sat Jan 22
Re: For WHO's birders
Aalborg, Nurse


Aalborg Hammer 12:51 Sat Jan 22
Re: For WHO's birders
MaryMillingtonsGhist..it's called Warblr (without the e)

Nurse Ratched 10:46 Fri Jan 21
Re: For WHO's birders

I can't advise if your phone's a crApple.

But on Android I use BirdUp and BirdNerd.

These are good for birds you'd commonly encounter in the British Isles.

There are quite a few of these types of apps now, and they're a work in progress. The accuracy isn't brilliant, but it's better than nothing.

Also, make sure you don't accidentally download one for American birds or something.

MaryMillingtonsGhost 9:23 Fri Jan 21
Re: For WHO's birders
Aalborg Hammer 8:49

What's the name of the app fella?

Crassus 9:10 Fri Jan 21
Re: For WHO's birders
No crime in that mate, I have an app too
Nurse advised me
Always appreciated the natural world being an angler and have hung feeders for a long time but beyond the obvious I hadn’t a clue
Still a novice but enjoying the learning
Every day a school day chap

Nurse Ratched 9:08 Fri Jan 21
Re: For WHO's birders
Damn! Now I have no leverage. 😕

Aalborg Hammer 8:49 Fri Jan 21
Re: For WHO's birders
much to my shame...I have a birdsong app on my phone...last summer I could not get the bloody thing to identify a particular bird warbling away.
I went onto the house to find the 'warbler' was my daughters' bread maker chirping away (OK Nursey,the secrets out now)

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