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Claret Badger 4:50 Fri Mar 27
Tiger King

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Hammer and Pickle 4:48 Fri Apr 3
Re: Tiger King

Living proof the cool may smoke pot but pot does not necessarily make you cool.

One McAvennieeeeee 4:47 Fri Apr 3
Re: Tiger King
Alex V in Maryland?


mashed in maryland 4:43 Fri Apr 3
Re: Tiger King
Yeah fuck it it is Friday

Claret Badger 4:15 Fri Apr 3
Re: Tiger King
yeh chill the fuck up and spark a chillum

collyrob 2:38 Fri Apr 3
Re: Tiger King
Lighten up mashed.

mashed in maryland 2:22 Fri Apr 3
Re: Tiger King
Not denying the film-making credentials at all chim; its very well made. I just can't find anything positive in almost any of the people in it and find it really hard to be interested in such a bunch of immature and egotistical wankers.

chim chim cha boo 1:22 Fri Apr 3
Re: Tiger King
Mashed, serous question but do you like ANYTHING?

Tiger King to me seems like documentary at its absolute best. Remember, when the makers go into the 5 years it takes to bang this thing out they have no idea what people are going to say or how to tell the story about what they hear and see. It's absolutely down to their storytelling ability.

I used to enjoy reading your posts a long time ago but you seem to just get more and more contrarian as you get older.

I'd love it if you recovered your more lighthearted side as you used to be a proper funny cunt when you wanted to be.

mashed in maryland 11:31 Fri Apr 3
Re: Tiger King
Watched a few episodes the other day, REALLY don't understand the hype over it. Just a load of hedonistic yanks with too much money shagging and bitching about each other and naive airheads being manipulated. They all seem like absolutely terrible people.

Will probably watch the rest though anyway.

Stevethehammer 9:47 Tue Mar 31
Re: Tiger King
That woman makes my blood boil. Her fucking smug grin and her husband with his stupid mouth and 4ft chin.
She definitely had something to do with her ex husbands death, she knows she is guilty but has done a great job in destroying evidence and knows she is untouchable. Cunt of a woman.
Joe is some oddball though

Claret Badger 9:15 Tue Mar 31
Re: Tiger King
Free Joe Exotic

Hammer-ed 6:49 Sun Mar 29
Re: Tiger King
"...its a heap of junk, the fuel system leaks everywhere, ITS A HEAP OF JUNK!". "Always with the negative waves, Moriarty, always with the negative waves!".

Peckham 4:16 Sun Mar 29
Re: Tiger King
Thanks Claret.
Good recommendation.
Watched all episodes yesterday.
Definitely not your average Joe. He was proper stitched up.

Sydney_Iron 7:21 Sun Mar 29
Re: Tiger King
What a load of oddballs, America really is home to the fucked up, not sure who was worse the Zoo/entertainment people or those trying to save the big cats.

It was like watching a freak show.

HairyHammer 7:13 Sun Mar 29
Re: Tiger King
Egotistical Narcissists the lot of them.

HairyHammer 7:10 Sun Mar 29
Re: Tiger King
Every single one of those big Cat lovers were stereotypical Americans, the lights are on but no ones home, batshit crazy.
Carol Baskin for me was the most disgusting out of the lot obviously loving all the attention making money and being pretentious about saving big cats.
All of them ran their zoo's like cults with dumb people obviously without friends or solid families and potless too used like slaves, especially Joe Exotic he is a rite despicable cunt.
After one of his slaves loses her arm after he assists her a bit he then say's a few minutes after without a care for the women who will be disabled for life, "This will ruin me financially". What an absolute disgusting shit cunt of a man.

Eerie Descent 3:15 Sun Mar 29
Re: Tiger King
I reckon you're a dead ringer for Joe EXOTIC's first husband, son?

Northern Sold 2:52 Sun Mar 29
Re: Tiger King
10000 Tigers in the States....and only 4000 In the wild...

That was some fucked up 7 episodes... entertaining.... but totally fucked up

Hammer I am 2:23 Sun Mar 29
Re: Tiger King
Crazy story! Bit long though, not that that's a problem at the moment I guess.

eswing hammer 9:20 Sat Mar 28
Re: Tiger King
Cesareum birth goes back to roman times when order of Caesar used to cut open fatal births to protect the Roman Empire , also called in German a kaiserschnitt.

gph 9:08 Sat Mar 28
Re: Tiger King
No Kaisers in 1943, either

To be totally accurate, the Germans had Kings after they had a Kaiser, abeit for a few weeks, as they didn't all abdicate at the same time.

In fact, there was NEVER a time when the Germans had a Kaiser without also having Kings, even if you make the Holy Roman Emperor the Kaiser of the Germans, even at times when he was only titular leader of the Germans, and not just the Germans.


"The Germans had Kaisers not Kings derrrr"

is just wrong.

Claret Badger 7:45 Sat Mar 28
Re: Tiger King

it's isolation fest tastic

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