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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

Gary Strodders shank 4:11 Tue Apr 21
West Ham Shit X 1
Alan McKnight
Gary Breen
Paul Hilton
Roger Johnson
Christian Daly
Titi Camara
Freddie Ljungberg
Luis Boa Morte
Benji McCarthy
David Kelly

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wd40 5:05 Sun Apr 26
Re: West Ham Shit X 1
Lee Chapman was born in a street called scorer street

Useless fact but a true fact.

bruuuno 6:47 Sat Apr 25
Re: West Ham Shit X 1
Whomail !

Dan M 6:07 Sat Apr 25
Re: West Ham Shit X 1
Yes, twelve of them.

bruuuno 5:58 Sat Apr 25
Re: West Ham Shit X 1
Whu players dan?

Dan M 5:32 Sat Apr 25
Re: West Ham Shit X 1
I put together a "name that shit player" picture quiz for a Zoom quiz this week. If anyone would like the powerpoint send me a WhoMail. It also features a music round which I'll include FOR FREE.

Roby 3:22 Sat Apr 25
Re: West Ham Shit X 1
Breen was a half decent Premier league defender who we signed off the back of a very, very impressive World Cup for Ireland.

He then turned in some absolutely shambolic performances for us and his career never really recovered.

Dailly was good for us on his day and especially under Pardew in the Championship but those two as a central defensive partnership was really shit.

Fifth Column 1:02 Sat Apr 25
Re: West Ham Shit X 1
Breen not been. Stupid auto correct

Fifth Column 1:01 Sat Apr 25
Re: West Ham Shit X 1
Been surely is worst regular player we've ever had.

Zaza was absolute dog#### and yet he's clearly not that bad based on his record before and after coming to us.

Roeder and Grant battling it out for worst manager.

the coming of gary 12:59 Sat Apr 25
Re: West Ham Shit X 1
the 'shit eleven' named in the original post have a total of FOUR HUNDRED AND THIRTY EIGHT international caps

Roby 12:22 Sat Apr 25
Re: West Ham Shit X 1
Lee Chapman should never be in our worst 11 of all time or anywhere near it.

We bought him from Pompey who were in the division below for just £250k in September and he was almost 34.

He linked up well with Morley that season and was still great in the air, he had a poor second season but to be fair he was 35 at that point!

We’ve had loads of strikers worse than him:

Mike Newell

To be fair 2/3 of the strikers G&S have signed for us did worse for us than poor old Chapman.

ATHammer 11:31 Sat Apr 25
Re: West Ham Shit X 1
Manager - Avram Grant
R Song

B.ferguson1980 10:57 Sat Apr 25
Re: West Ham Shit X 1
Avram Grant has manager

Woody777 5:05 Fri Apr 24
Re: West Ham Shit X 1
Some of your teams are dogshit.. They'd whop my team though..
Roberto: Mr wank hands
Walford : How this bloke ever made it in football I always used to wonder and chipping your own keeper under no pressure takes some doing..
Breen : Came with good reputation but was awful for us for some reason and played like he was made of paper..
Soma : awful right back.. Can't remember how many games he played but crap

Ljundberg : Played like he couldn't give a toss after previous successes
Kovac: Shit
Sanchez: One of the first names on my team sheet.. Wba in Cup summed it all up.. Wherever the ball went he was nowhere near it except for when they scored of course.. Attitude stinks but on his money why would he care.

Newell : fuck me he was useless.. Don't think he notched for us
Mccarthy :fat bastard
Chapman : another fat bastard.. He scored a few but was a goal hanger.. Arse too big to run into the channels
Camara : another fat git

Manager Pellegrini

So many other flops but tried to avoid players that never came with much of a history or reputation

Jasnik 11:35 Thu Apr 23
Re: West Ham Shit X 1
Dailly was ok in my books.

Cheezey Bell-End 11:31 Thu Apr 23
Re: West Ham Shit X 1
No one has mentioned Quashie..

SDKFZ 222 11:22 Thu Apr 23
Re: West Ham Shit X 1
wansteadman 11:17 Thu Apr 23

Didn’t we also sell our wingers shortly after signing him, his main supply source, which rather negated his strengths?

wansteadman 11:17 Thu Apr 23
Re: West Ham Shit X 1
When we bought lee chapman we were hitting him with crosses from high up the pitch and he looked ok. But as we turned to our normal shit form we resorted to lumping it up to him from the back and he did look shit

Sniper 10:59 Thu Apr 23
Re: West Ham Shit X 1
We’ve had an awful lot of shit haven’t we??

Maybe hundreds of players under Redknapp
Any striker bought by Sullivan

Then, in the premier league era alone, we’ve had a squad of really good players turn to shut and get relegated. Twice.

In our current lot, Sanchez has got to be close. And, frankly, Roberto - if in doubt about that, watch the highlights of our cup defeat to Oxford - he doesn’t even dive for any of the goals

willswishwellingtons 3:29 Wed Apr 22
Re: West Ham Shit X 1
One of Boa Morte's only goals for us contributed to us staying up in the Tevez season. Therefore he is exempt.

eswing hammer 10:57 Wed Apr 22
Re: West Ham Shit X 1
Not thee worst ever but Harvard Nordveit’s gotta be in there somewhere !

SDKFZ 222 3:49 Wed Apr 22
Re: West Ham Shit X 1
Bertie Lutton?

We signed him from Brighton, he only played 9 matches, scoring one goal, but was utter pants. The fact that we offloaded him to non league Horsham spoke volumes.

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