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one iron 4:50 Tue Apr 28
RIP - Dennis Lepine
My geeat mate dennis in queens Romford, very ill, non covid 19.ive known dennis since he was 15, and can say we are close mates, dennis started off the Hornchurch coach ten years ago,if you believe in god ,pray for my friend and his family. I will give up dates when I hear more. thanks


At 2-20am today Thursday 4/6/2020, westham lost its greatest fan Dennis lepine, dennis passed away at 2-20, iwant to send my best to Jackie, penny,billy, We will never forget him,a bit of me died today, he was my friend for over 40 years,we never had a cross word between us in all that time,i loved him like the brother I never had.,i will post when I have information. thanks billg 

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Lily Hammer 2:26 Thu Jul 2
Re: RIP - Dennis Lepine
Yes, Bill. He’s in the match programme for this one, so fitting it goes down forever as a famous victory.

paulon 1:08 Thu Jul 2
Re: RIP - Dennis Lepine
one iron 12:14 Thu Jul 2

one iron 12:14 Thu Jul 2
Re: RIP - Dennis Lepine
that ones for dennis.

Cardiff Irons 8:36 Fri Jun 26
Re: RIP - Dennis Lepine
Only just put two and two together after seeing some of the photos of Dennis. Used to see him regularly at away games in the 70's and 80's (his appearance didn't change much with age), including some of the European adventures. Pretty sure he was also involved with the Irons Travel Club set up back in the day.

So disenchanted with our club these days (haven't posted on here for years) but the people who follow our club through thick and thin are what West ham is all about.

RIP mate. Condolences to Dennis' family and also to Bill.

joe royal 5:18 Tue Jun 23
Re: RIP - Dennis Lepine

the coming of gary 4:28 Tue Jun 23
Re: RIP - Dennis Lepine
Nice tribute from Mark Noble in tonight's Evening Standard

joe royal 2:08 Sat Jun 20
Re: RIP - Dennis Lepine
Link to Romford recorder


GRiM71 1:40 Sat Jun 20
Re: RIP - Dennis Lepine
The Romford Recorder has done a tribute to Dennis in this week's edition.

smartypants 10:09 Sun Jun 14
Re: Get well soon Dennis lipine
RIP fellow hammer. Didn’t know you personally but i do recognise you from games.
Best wishes to family and friends

nychammer 12:46 Sat Jun 13
Re: Get well soon Dennis lipine
Sad to hear. I never met the guy but we were probably unknowingly at the same matches over the years, through good and bad.

RIP and condolences to his family.

Boycie 12:32 Sat Jun 13
Re: Get well soon Dennis lipine
sorry for your loss bruv. Awful times

yogib 2:11 Thu Jun 11
Re: RIP - Dennis Lepine
As Fortunes Hiding is on an enforced break from WHO he's asked me to pass on his respects to Dennis's family and offer his condolences to all his family and friends

13 Brentford Rd 1:35 Thu Jun 11
Re: RIP - Dennis Lepine
RIP Dennis!
Saw him around but didn't know him or anything about him until now.
I've been to too many funerals last few years.

cuzoftheeast 12:46 Wed Jun 10
Re: RIP - Dennis Lepine
Sorry - just spotted the thread below - ignore

cuzoftheeast 12:45 Wed Jun 10
Re: RIP - Dennis Lepine
Apologies but are the funeral details decided yet? How are we attending to pay our respects?

Peckham 11:00 Tue Jun 9
Re: RIP - Dennis Lepine
one iron 7:20 Fri Jun 5
This moved me, to read this honesty and story of friendship.
I cheated on the Hammers United march and joined at the end on my tod a bit lonesome.

For what little it is worth and not knowing Dennis directly, I am going to attend the green for his send off. I have wanted to do the Hornchurch coach for years when in the UK.

Although great sadness and pain for one iron and the Dennis family and friends, I sense a great deal of unity of hammers from here and everywhere for the occasion.

A good turn out will make his family prouder than what they are to see the West Ham family showing their respects.

My Nan died in St Francis Hospice Havering.

I hope not only a wreath but maybe WHOERS or current WHO GavrosFund overseer will consider us chipping in for a good generous donation for St Francis Hospice. If that is who the family wishes us to support. There must be many Hammers who have passed away there. Maybe a gift to the hospice in the memory of Dennis would be a beautiful touch to leave on top of his legacy and claret and blue through and through.

RIP Dennis.
Godbless One Iron for his frankness , honesty and care of many.

Lato 1:35 Tue Jun 9
Re: RIP - Dennis Lepine
I never had the pleasure of meeting Dennis, but after reading all the wonderful things others have said about the man, I feel like I knew him. Condolences to the family and friends.

RIP fellow Hammer

bigfrank 10:05 Mon Jun 8
Re: RIP - Dennis Lepine
RIP Dennis, met him on a number of occasions. He was such a lovely man. West Ham through and through

jim@chickenrun 10:54 Sun Jun 7
Re: RIP - Dennis Lepine
Rip Dennis, you'll be missed.

mashed in maryland 3:14 Sun Jun 7
Re: RIP - Dennis Lepine
RIP, heartfelt condolences to all Dennis's friends and fam.

Smithy has also asked me to pass on his regards

Pop Robson 12:02 Sun Jun 7
Re: RIP - Dennis Lepine
Nice to see some many lovely messages from everyone for Dennis, my heart goes out to Jackie and family and close friends.

First time I met Dennis and Jackie was about 2006, me and my son visited them before our first trip on the Horchchurch coach, they'd not long moved from Harold Hill to Hornchurch and were doing the house up.

Last time I saw Dennis was at Bournemouth away this season me and the missus gave him a wave when we saw him in the crowd.

Lovely fella as said he'd always say hello or give you a nod when he saw you.

Seeing the WHU old mini bus about always brought out a "there's Dennis"

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