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tanman 2:35 Wed Apr 29
Savio Nsereko
I was looking at something online just now which reminded me of this fella. Not even talking about West Ham only but has any player been signed by anyone for 9m and made so little impact for the rest of his career thereafter. His career path after he left us was underwhelming to say the least!
Pretty sure I was at his home debut but who on earth scouted him:

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gph 12:09 Mon May 4
Re: Savio Nsereko
Late developer - will take the Premier League by storm when he's 28.


When he's 35

Eerie Descent 10:19 Sun May 3
Re: Savio Nsereko
Don't knock it, 80th biggest economy in the world.

VickyPkVillageIdiot 10:16 Sun May 3
Re: Savio Nsereko
I heard he went to Thailand and got married to a ladyboy.

He goes by the username lowermarshhammer.

Eerie Descent 10:13 Sun May 3
Re: Savio Nsereko
Now lives in a caravan and drives a Dacia.

Posts on WHO as Steven P.

bruuuno 10:07 Sun May 3
Re: Savio Nsereko
The whole thing was very juice blende

Iron Duke 6:58 Fri May 1
Re: Savio Nsereko
They probably started looking at it, then realised they were going to unearth a can of worms that would probably incriminate the club.

Sven Roeder 6:26 Fri May 1
Re: Savio Nsereko
That sounds sensible
I’m just off to question some Italians about dodgy practices
Have an appointment with a Mr Soprano near his cement factory and for some reason he has asked what size boots I take

Bit of a shame Lady Shady didn’t pursue it actually

Lee Trundle 5:36 Fri May 1
Re: Savio Nsereko
Brady suggested she was going to investigate his transfer back to Italy.

Nothing ever came from it, did it?

tanman 5:28 Fri May 1
Re: Savio Nsereko
Well dug out stats!

stats 4:08 Fri May 1
Re: Savio Nsereko

wansteadman 1:17 Fri May 1
Re: Savio Nsereko
My son hit the nail on the head, he said nsereko was the perfect purchase. We sold Bellamy for good money we were desperate for and we buy a supposedly top youngster for £9m which appeases everyone at the time but when it turns out he’s shit a few months later we only actually paid £3m for him

only1billybonds 2:44 Thu Apr 30
Re: Savio Nsereko

Those words are linked and are inseperable for the rest of time.

Griff's Ducks Beret based rants were always pleasing.

Far Cough 2:37 Thu Apr 30
Re: Savio Nsereko
Arf, is this the same dodgy Italian Dof who stood up when the fans were singing, "Stand up if you hate Millwall"?

Sven Roeder 2:36 Thu Apr 30
Re: Savio Nsereko
And Gnabry never faking his own kidnapping to extort money

As far as I know

Lee Trundle 2:35 Thu Apr 30
Re: Savio Nsereko
You might have a point there, Matty.

All of the 16 (SIXTEEN) clubs who have employed him, have never given him an opportunity.

Dr Matt 2:07 Thu Apr 30
Re: Savio Nsereko
Only difference between Nsereko and Gnabry is opportunity.

We missed out on real talent there!

Sven Roeder 11:20 Thu Apr 30
Re: Savio Nsereko
Think Diamanti went to Brescia for £1.8m or thereabouts and went on to play in tournaments for Italy. Was it his pen that knocked England out?

Fee seemed very low and have to imagine was so to wipe out our remaining liability to them on Savio.
Savio deal was more complicated than the Carrick deal methinks.
And we got fucked over by a corrupt DoF helping his father in law

tanman 11:15 Thu Apr 30
Re: Savio Nsereko
Diamanti was miles better, he had a good left peg on him.

eusebiovic 10:56 Thu Apr 30
Re: Savio Nsereko
It was a total scam

We were stiffed by Brescia and the Italian director of football who we appointed and he did his old club a favour due to the fact we had money laundering amateurs in charge

Iron Duke 10:35 Thu Apr 30
Re: Savio Nsereko
I remember how most of us were so excited to have a young supposedly well sought after prospect in our ranks.

Then, after watching him a few times, it slowly dawned on us that he was actually a bit shit.

Basically, he used to come on, fall over and give the ball away.

Something very dodgy happened with this deal. We lost Diamanti for a pittance at a time when he was one of our best players.

stewie griffin 10:09 Thu Apr 30
Re: Savio Nsereko
Savio NSEREKO always brings a smile to my face


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