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JayeMPee 1:11 Wed May 13
Gordon Taylor
Interesting that on virtually every News programme there is a Union leader from across the spectrum (Transport, Teaching, Industry, Construction etc) expressing their concerns about the safety of their members and the measures which should (or must) be taken before they return to work.

Not so Gordon Taylor, is the PFA a 'muppet' for the owners when they should actually be protecting and improving conditions for their members? If the latter then he/they are failing completely, maybe the fact that much of their revenue comes from TV has a lot to do with it!!!

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Sniper 12:51 Thu May 14
Re: Gordon Taylor
Agreed Geoff. Footballers at the top level have a job where they get long term contracts, get paid even if they don’t do any work (and then get paid even more if they do), can be sold but then get paid by their new employer for joining them on top of their salary and really don’t have to worry about awful conditions. They get unlimited sick pay (and dont need doctors notes etc) and are almost never at risk of getting sacked as clubs are too scared of bad pr regardless of what players have done

It’s not so cushty at lower levels, but what the PFA needs to focus on is mental health, support networks for players for when their careers end and they face the harsh reality of their whole life to that point just vanishing and, above all, fighting against the bloody agents who represent themselves in a shoddy guise of representing the players.

Taylor only ever seems to rub everyone up the wrong way, yet his job is even easier and more redundant than the LMA who just put out a statement to say how terrible it is every time a manager gets sacked (with a hefty pay off)

geoffpikey 12:45 Thu May 14
Re: Gordon Taylor
To be serious JayeMPee,

I think the prevailing sentiments are because footballers need very little 'protection'.

Unions, ideally, protect workers pay and working conditions

In the former, elite footballers are ridiculously overpaid (even if that is the market). For the latter, footballers do sometimes withdraw their "labour" and still get paid anyway. It's very unlike most jobs. Even when they are unable to work due to a global crisis, it appears to need a crowbar for them to accept they should perhaps sacrifice part of their salary for a greater good.

Lower league footballers DO need a union, perhaps. But they have been protected (safety wise) from the current situation, albeit through circumstance (their employers can't afford to operate).

Prem and Championship footballers need a union as much as Richard Branson needs the winter fuel allowance.

I rarely hear Taylor say anything about grassroots football. Plus, he's clearly a cunt. That's why the average fan doesn't like him.

PeterJ 12:44 Thu May 14
Re: Gordon Taylor
I’m surprised you car so much about the welfare of the players. Seems a little strange and over the top but yet again it seems you are trying to have a moan about something that isn’t really there. Moan about the corruption sure but the welfare of the players is being investigated and the best/safest way to get back to playing is being looked at for the very reason you seem to be moaning... because of the money they are missing out on.

Like I say, this is a very very strange post.

JayeMPee 11:41 Thu May 14
Re: Gordon Taylor
Oh dear- Very interesting and touches upon the very reason I opened this thread.

We all know that Sky plus the Owners and CEO's of clubs are in the current farce for the money so is there anyone who has the interests of the players at heart? I regularly see Union Leaders of other groups on TV arguing about the rights and safety of their members but nobody has argued the case for the players and their families.

If the picture you paint is correct then this whole charade should be stopped, few if anyone in the meetings taking place could give a toss about the players, even the doctors are paid by the clubs. They should heed the advice of the Chief Doctor of FIFA who said no football should be played before September, to do so could be a life or death matter.

Oh dear 3:59 Wed May 13
Re: Gordon Taylor
Gordon Taylor, along with the entire Management Committee of the PFA, is being made to stand down after an independent investigation into the PFA. (The Charities Commission I believe)

Once they are stood down Taylor and also the Chairman of the PFA will be banned from seeking re-election to any position within the organisation.

As a result of this investigation Gordon Taylor announced he would ask a QC to conduct a further inquiry into the results. There has been lots of disagreement into what should go into the enquiry. And why wouldn’t there be!! A man is organising his own formal inquiry into the findings of an independent investigation into himself.

The findings of the report were supposed to be released at The PFA’s AGM, which is soon. Although the QC’s report isn’t quite complete and there are sure to be some wrangling and the final report will need some massaging from its original draft or will be outright challenged through the courts.

One could presume that this must because certain individuals want to insure that they are indemnified or insulated against formal charges of corruption. I can’t think who in this instance though………

Evidently there is a complete lack of transparency at the top of the PFA .

The PFA draws in around £26m per annum from the Premier League, which is a lot of money for basically fuck all. Gordon Taylor draws £2m a year, wields a fair bit of power and this power isn’t being used as he promised many years ago.

Taylor caught the FA with their pants down (around 2000) and recruited Gary Neville to instigate a Players Strike unless the PFA was granted a slice of the TV money. Nevlle then enlisted David Beckham as a useful idiot to add weight to the threat, Neville didn’t really have the gravitas to get enough players onside, which Beckham did.

The FA gave in without a real fight and the PFA were granted a huge increase of which Taylor trousered a whopper salary increase. Taylor’s original annual pay when took over the leadership of PFA was around £45k, this had increased to £200K at the outset of the PL and now is £2m plus various add-ons.

geoffpikey 3:42 Wed May 13
Re: Gordon Taylor
I judge Taylor by the clubs he played for.



Lee Trundle 2:50 Wed May 13
Re: Gordon Taylor
Yeah, I can't see Dave Kitson getting much support from the players if he was actually the secret grassing footballer.

, 2:20 Wed May 13
Re: Gordon Taylor
There is not much similarity between Gordon Taylor and Len McClusky.

eusebiovic 2:17 Wed May 13
Re: Gordon Taylor
Gordon Taylor

He's alright Jack or Arry or BFS

Haz 1:36 Wed May 13
Re: Gordon Taylor
Taylor- there's another cunt who can fuck right off.

Sven Roeder 1:26 Wed May 13
Re: Gordon Taylor
Crazy that he has been in that job for 40 years
Even more crazy that he is on a couple of million a year

Think he is meant to be standing down at some point but the only candidate I’ve heard of is ginger Yid Dave Kitson who managed to put every black player offside by telling Sterling he brings racism on himself.

PeterJ 1:25 Wed May 13
Re: Gordon Taylor
Not so Gordon Taylor, is the PFA a 'muppet' for the owners when they should actually be protecting and improving conditions for their members? If the latter then he/they are failing completely, maybe the fact that much of their revenue comes from TV has a lot to do with it!!!

This really doesn’t make any sense at all. I think you are trying to say it’s irrelevant that Gordon Taylor is a muppet for the PFA (why start a thread with his name as the title?) because they should be protecting and improving conditions for their members (they have by calling a halt to all football and introducing Project Restart) but you don’t think they are doing this due to receiving payment from the tv companies.

It’s a bit all over the place to be honest and seems a pretty pointless post by someone who just had to have a rant.

Hermit Road 1:14 Wed May 13
Re: Gordon Taylor
Unions don’t protect their members any more. I was a staunch trade unionist for years up until the last 10 years when it became clear that protecting members came a long way behind pushing pet political views.

Palestine and trans rights are more important than members’ employment rights to most Union people now.

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