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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

HAMMERNH 7:36 Sun May 17
Jack Sullivan
Third richest under 30 in the UK according to latest Sunday Times Rich List. Richer than Ed Sherran, richer than Adele.


After the midget has gone, we’ll get son of midget.

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RBshorty 10:49 Mon May 18
Re: Jack Sullivan
World economy about to go into the shitter for the foreseeable future. And the SPIVS wealth has taken a hit. If this hasten’s their departure. It’s ain’t all bad news.

Mart O 10:20 Mon May 18
Re: Jack Sullivan
Think old Sulli might be in trouble, tbh. His money's all in property and the majority of it in retail. Not a place you want to be right now.

Nagel 10:19 Mon May 18
Re: Jack Sullivan
What I'm wondering about is why Jack and not his elder brother.

HAMMERNH 10:14 Mon May 18
Re: Jack Sullivan
The family wealth has obviously been transferred to Jack as he (and family) are listed as being worth £1.1 billion under his name and not his dad’s.
He didn’t make that from running the women’s team.

Sven Roeder 9:26 Mon May 18
Re: Jack Sullivan
Most of these people on the list will have their wealth worked out ..... ie Adele was worth x amount last year and has done a certain amount of touring and released a record maybe
Many other young people may well be very wealthy due to private family arrangements which aren’t revealed

And others may write to the Sunday Times with bank statements and property deeds and BEG to be on the list.

I leave to your judgement to decide which category J Sullivan (whose Dad owned Birmingham City for the early part of his life) fits into

Nagel 8:51 Mon May 18
Re: Jack Sullivan
Normally the idea of a young son taking over would be far fetched and akin to some tinpot dictatorship. Worrying thing is that in 2-3 years time Jack will be the same age as Karren Brady was when Sulli made her Managing Director at Birmingham and Jack probably has a lot more credentials for the job than she had.

One thing I don't get about this rich list - presumably this is his Dad's money that he's been given some of or something. What about his older brother? Shouldn't he have the same amount? Or is Jack given shitloads more just to manage the Ladies team?

ChesterRd 7:26 Sun May 17
Re: Jack Sullivan
Little Jack would be supporting whatever club daddy owned. He's about West Ham as some Zeleb spotted wearing a West Ham shirt

He's as thick as pig shit and being spoon fed by people around him in the ladies set up.

terry-h 6:05 Sun May 17
Re: Jack Sullivan
british is best

I would say Brentford is well above the Sullivan family level now. It's a wonderfully run club about to move into a brand new 'football' stadium, obviously a lot smaller than our athletic cesspit, but ideal for their loyal fan base.

Whoever does their scouting nowadays is a bloody genius.

british is best 5:54 Sun May 17
Re: Jack Sullivan
I've fuck all against Sullivan's boys . But there's no way that they would ever own whufc . Charlton Brentford or Dare i say millwall.is more there level . I'm pretty sure the ends near at the hammers thank god.

gank 5:41 Sun May 17
Re: Jack Sullivan
ag ag ag ag

Vexed 5:40 Sun May 17
Re: Jack Sullivan
I've still got my fingers crossed for a helicopter crash.

Sven Roeder 2:53 Sun May 17
Re: Jack Sullivan
Hopefully they will ALL sell up
To competent people not called Gold, Sullivan or Brady.
Someone who understands how to build and run a competitive football team.
I think after 25 years even GSB’s most ardent fans would admit that that is completely and utterly beyond them.

cartis 2:50 Sun May 17
Re: Jack Sullivan
The thought of Jack Sullivan and Golds fucking daughters is horrific.

They would turn us into an even bigger laughing stock than we are now.

This whole fucking reigeme have got to be driven out

terry-h 2:34 Sun May 17
Re: Jack Sullivan
Anyone listening to and looking at that cunt Sheeran ought to be baffled at his success and wealth. Simply unbelievable Jeff !
At least little Jack is West Ham and I applaud him for that. It's not his fault his old man made a fortune in porn. His brother will probably sell Jack any inherited shares as he doesn't seem at all interested in the club or football for that matter.
Gold's daughters will sell up too no doubt.

Nagel 1:48 Sun May 17
Re: Jack Sullivan
Surely your moral qualms about selling pornography containing your own girlfriend would be the same when she was actually alive, if not more so? I know mine would be.

Like I said, this schoolboy moral stuff is the reason Sullivan loves people like you. It's water off a duck's back to him. He's had that stuff levelled at him for 40 years.

bruuuno 1:47 Sun May 17
Re: Jack Sullivan
I don’t think it’s a good idea to speculate given the company Sullivan keeps

Johnson 1:36 Sun May 17
Re: Jack Sullivan
Yes Nagel, it is entirely normal behaviour to sell pornography containing your own girlfriend shortly after she died.

You trying to justify this makes you as weird as him.

Nagel 1:25 Sun May 17
Re: Jack Sullivan
Johnson, it might surprise you to learn that whenever someone famous in the entertainment industry dies (music, films, whatever) then there's usually a rush to release content or biographies or whatever. Not sure why you think it even worth mentioning.

Personally I just wish people would focus on why the Daves are unfit to run the club based on their utter incompetence, not some schoolboy morals about porn and dildos.

happygilmore 1:11 Sun May 17
Re: Jack Sullivan
hardly mini Jack's fault he was born into money.

Opinion? so what.

Same yardstick applies to the Royals etc.

Pint of bother anyone?

Sven Roeder 1:07 Sun May 17
Re: Jack Sullivan
I’m not a fan of the ginger George Formby and am mystified how a busker has sold so many records ..... BUT .... lots of people seem to like him and spend money on his concerts etc

All down to his efforts so good luck to him

El Scorchio 1:05 Sun May 17
Re: Jack Sullivan
Seems a nice kid, albeit not the sharpest tool in the shed. Good luck to him for being born into a shit ton of wealth.

Doubt he ends up running the club, but I’m not going to prejudge him on his dad’s actions and morals. He wouldn’t necessarily do things the same way.

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