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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
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c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

Ronald_antly 9:25 Mon May 18
Wanted: Dead or Alive
Preferably DEAD.


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Ronald_antly 11:02 Sat Jun 6
Re: Wanted: Dead or Alive
I'm impressed with your work, sir.

I'll need to first consult with my learned friend, Golden Oldie, but you could well be a candidate for the coveted OTF.

Sydney_Iron 5:55 Sat Jun 6
Re: Wanted: Dead or Alive
Here you go Ron, nothing to do wih Billy or Anti Vaxxers, 2 of your heros though............

To be fair they make some good points.


Sydney_Iron 10:13 Fri Jun 5
Re: Wanted: Dead or Alive
Well again I have to agree Ronnie! The Australian Jewish community need to remove there heads from the sand and stop believing the lies they are being told.

Just like a lot of the anti Vaxxers mob and those who seem to think Bill Gates wants to microchip us all or cull the population.

We agree then, glad that’s settled…………..Well maybe NOT.


Ronald_antly 10:01 Fri Jun 5
Re: Wanted: Dead or Alive
Well, I suggest that "the Australian Jewish community" form an opinion of him based on what they've actually heard HIM say, instead of what other people tell them he has said.

Sydney_Iron 9:15 Fri Jun 5
Re: Wanted: Dead or Alive
He isn't a 'Holocaust denier'.

Well the ALP and the Australian Jewish community seem to think he is!

Either way, it was all a bit pathetic he got banned , as whacky and crazy as he is, he is entertaining.

His vaccine views are no surprise, the crazy old silly billy he is.....

Ronald_antly 8:51 Fri Jun 5
Re: Wanted: Dead or Alive
Sydney_Iron 6:34 Fri Jun 5

He isn't a 'Holocaust denier'. His focus is on the holocaust that Israel has inflicted on the Palestinians.

And that ain't allowed.

Besides the reason he was given was his views on vaccines.

peroni 8:49 Fri Jun 5
Re: Wanted: Dead or Alive
It's outrageous that David Icke is not allowed to share his views freely.

There's not enough comedy and laughter in the world as it is.


Nagel 8:47 Fri Jun 5
Re: Wanted: Dead or Alive
Ronald, the quote about a 20 fold return in that video goes like this.

"It’s been a hundred billion overall that the world’s put in—our foundation is a bit more than 10 billion—but we feel there’s been over a 20-to-one return. So if you just look at the economic benefits, that’s a pretty strong number compared to anything else."

So, as I said, you've misunderstood this completely. He didn't say he made $200bn back himself. It's exactly what I explained to you earlier.

Now you may not like being called a dimwit but perhaps you should recognise that you're at least partly to blame for the reaction that your dumbass comments will provoke. You also probably shouldn't be taking the moral high ground on a thread where you post lies about someone and wish them dead.

Sydney_Iron 6:34 Fri Jun 5
Re: Wanted: Dead or Alive
A quick google shows a strong labour and Jewish lobby to ban David Ike on the grounds of he is a Holocaust denier, agree that’s dumb but it’s not like he was trying to incite hatred or violence.

Poor decision

Sydney_Iron 6:16 Fri Jun 5
Re: Wanted: Dead or Alive
Not sure why they banned from Australia, will Agree with you on that one though, disgraceful.

I support freedom of speech and find Australia a bit intolerant at times, especially with the international speakers, many of whom I disagree with but will support there right to express there views, unless they are trying to incite violence or hatred, quite how David Ike would fit that view is baffling.

Was it Christina Keneally behind it? She seems to object to any international speaker who has views she doesn’t agree with being given visas and i note the ALP were in full support of his ban

Ronald_antly 5:37 Fri Jun 5
Re: Wanted: Dead or Alive
Why rely on ME?


Were you aware he was banned from entering Australia?

The pricks waited until a couple of hours before his flight was leaving LAX to revoke his visa.

Not just cunts, snide cunts to boot.

Sydney_Iron 3:36 Fri Jun 5
Re: Wanted: Dead or Alive
You haven’t as yet posted anything from YOUR hero on the subject Ron?

As much as he is as mad as a March Hare, I do like David Icke, nice bloke once you get past the nutty views and crazy theories.

And entertaining! Can’t fault the blokes conviction and beliefs in his Mumbo jumbo.

Ronald_antly 3:25 Fri Jun 5
Re: Wanted: Dead or Alive

Let me know when you've watched it all the way through.

Sydney_Iron 3:01 Fri Jun 5
Re: Wanted: Dead or Alive
Tried it Ronny son!

Well started watching, nicely “edited” and put together

James Corbett eh, no bias then


Ronald_antly 2:40 Fri Jun 5
Re: Wanted: Dead or Alive
Try this one;


You could also try learning how to express a viewpoint without resorting to abuse in an attempt to 'bolster' your argument.

Nagel 10:52 Thu Jun 4
Re: Wanted: Dead or Alive
Ronald, shame you don't have the character to just admit you were wrong. Go on then, give us a link or explain more about this conversation, assuming of course it didn't just happen in your own head.

Kaiser Zoso 10:27 Thu Jun 4
Re: Wanted: Dead or Alive

That’s gotta burn?

Darby_ 10:13 Thu Jun 4
Re: Wanted: Dead or Alive
As I said before, there really is a conspiracy, Ronald0, but the irony is that it’s gullible conspiracy theorists, new age hippies and anti-vaxxers who are the victims of the dupe.

Autocratic, anti-Western dictatorships like China and Russia want the West to be overwhelmed with the coronavirus, so they have bots pushing anti-vaxxer and virus denialist conspiracy theories in the West, hoping that the gullible will take less precautions and spread the disease.

They know that someone who believes that lizards control the world is pretty much likely to believe anything. So they target the weak underbelly of the West, which is people like you Ronald0.

Ronald_antly 10:09 Thu Jun 4
Re: Wanted: Dead or Alive
"What Gates was saying was ...."

What Gates was saying when? I didn't provide a link, so how can you 'clarify' what he meant if you don't know what the conversation was?

PwoperNaughtyButNot 9:44 Thu Jun 4
Re: Wanted: Dead or Alive
More here


Makes you wonder why we the people have to pay too. Just up the subs for the commercial partners whose news you tell.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 9:42 Thu Jun 4
Re: Wanted: Dead or Alive
BBC fact checking

BBC are funded by, amongst others , Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Twitter, Facebook.

They get “unique benefits”

That is where you have to question their impartiality.

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