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LAF 12:32 Tue Jun 9
Although I’d like to get fully behind Sterling’s clarion call for the football community to address racism on the back of BLM, I do think that he hadn’t clearly thought through many of his arguments on the Newsnight interview. One misguided point he made was to compare Lampard and Gerrard in the white corner vs Cole and Campbell in the black corner and comparing their managerial careers. Is he not aware that Campbell is just not very good
and Cole is not long retired from playing and is just completing his badges? Is he also not aware that, actually, both Lampard and Gerrard are making a good fist of their fledgling careers, thus vindicating their appointments? And, finally, is he not aware that both clubs who made those two appointments have in the past appointed black managers: Celtic, John Barnes and Chelsea, Ruud Gullit ? I don’t dispute that there is a salient point in there somewhere about the paltry number of black managers in our game and - as a black player who has been at the sharp end of terrible racist chants, rightly positioned to discuss this - but he’s framed his examples poorly.

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Vexed 12:35 Fri Jun 12
Re: Sterling
gank 12:33 Fri Jun 12


gank 12:33 Fri Jun 12
Re: Sterling
"How many of the top 20 high court judges are black?"

Philip Banks

harold 2:31 Thu Jun 11
Re: Sterling
Why: wouldn't they let you in?

Lee Trundle 2:21 Thu Jun 11
Re: Sterling
Not sure I'd be giving them a job as a petrol pump attendant given the amount of petrol they sniff!

Golden Oldie 2:19 Thu Jun 11
Re: Sterling
Same for Indians in football

Why no sustained 'equality' campaigns to make more Japanese managers and not just in football but all industries.

Not forgetting the most important minority group the trannies, not one football referee or linesman is some confused bloke in a dress, it's appalling, they're letting down the children!

Northern Sold 2:17 Thu Jun 11
Re: Sterling
BLM need to get their arse over to Oz to find out what proper despair is... not one of the abo's in that country has a job higher of a petrol pump attendant ... scum country

Gaffer58 1:47 Thu Jun 11
Re: Sterling
I want to give a shout to all our oppressed Eskimo friends, cannot think of one player or manager from their racial class, just shows it’s not only the BAME’s who are prejudiced against.

Mr Kenzo 9:57 Thu Jun 11
Re: Sterling
A fair few African countries employ white mangers to lead their National Teams, why would they do this if Black Managers aren't getting a chance ?

Sven Roeder 9:48 Thu Jun 11
Re: Sterling
I’ve always said football is in general one of the least racist elements of society.
Players are judged by ability and not the colour of their skin and the vast majority of fans happily worship players whatever their colour or if they are from Africa, Egypt or anywhere.
Obviously there are less managers and coaches than players and the jobs are highly sought after.
There is no reason for clubs to reject managers based on race though I accept some clubs still do and some racism exists as it does everywhere.
The Wolves manager is probably the only Premier league manager you could class as ‘black’ (born on an African island controlled by Portugal I believe) so that’s 1 in 20.
How many black MP’s are in the cabinet?
How many of the top 20 high court judges are black?
How many CEO’s of the top 20 companies in England are black?

Of course the Royal Family had one black(ish) member but is also now down to zero.

gank 4:05 Thu Jun 11
Re: Sterling
I make Heskey right

I've never EVER been given a job as an English teacher. Yeah ok, I haven't got the qualifications but I've been speaking English my whole life!

Also, like Heskey, I haven't applied for any jobs as an English teacher because I already know I'll be unsuccessful.

So I completely empathise with him as I'm the same situation myself.

Discrimination comes in many forms

LAF 1:42 Thu Jun 11
Re: Sterling
Back to Sterling’s interview: one stat I recall him putting out there was that 33% of prem players are black. Therefore, to suit his argument, there is an under representation of those players breaking through the managerial ranks. That could be a fair point. However, if that stat is true (and tbh I’m unsure if he was referring to black Brits or total players) with the total black population being under 10% in the UK - and reduce that for young male blacks in England alone - surely - logic states that black players are, in fact, over represented in the prem. Interesting how you can use stats to suit your framing of an argument. There’s probably a job in Downing St waiting for Sterling when he hangs up his boots.

the straw 7:50 Wed Jun 10
Re: Sterling
Didn't Yorke knock up Jordan and then fuck off?

Did Arteta do something similar?

goose 7:43 Wed Jun 10
Re: Sterling
RE Ince you’ve completely ignored his jobs after Blackburn at
MK 41% win ratio
Notts county 35%
Blackpool 29%

Sven Roeder 7:32 Wed Jun 10
Re: Sterling
Dwight Yorke was a player
On what basis would Villa consider him as a manager?

Arteta had been captain of Arsenal so was obviously known as a leader there and has been working under one of the greatest managers in the league.
Plus he is quite swarthy so should be regarded as a black manager.

goose 7:28 Wed Jun 10
Re: Sterling
Yr point about Arteta is ridiculous as well.
He’s been the right hand man of the best coach of a generation......... what’s Yorkie done to even deserve an interview?

goose 7:26 Wed Jun 10
Re: Sterling
Blackburn were bottom of the league, winless and the players wanted him gone.
Would you sack him?

360 what’s dumb is wanting to be a manager but not bothering with your coaching badges. Despite other black managers proving it can be done.

threesixty 7:20 Wed Jun 10
Re: Sterling

"For Heskey to stay at home a refuse to do his badges is ridiculous as others have proved that black coaches & managers get jobs."

I bet Heskey knows the chances of getting something in your profession better than you do as well!

People can be so dumb...

VickyPkVillageIdiot 7:19 Wed Jun 10
Re: Sterling
He didn’t get a fair chance at Blackburn, goose.

That’s my point, they couldn’t wait to get him out of the job.

threesixty 7:17 Wed Jun 10
Re: Sterling

"Yes , it’s astonishing that Villa struggling in the Championship didn’t hand the job to the untried unqualified Dwight Yorke."

How many former star players for their club with as many trophies as Yorke has, and with an endorsement from the best manager the PL has ever seen, cant even get a meeting about the job? Just a meeting!
This is a man that won 3 PL titles and a Champions League leading the line for the worlds biggest club!

Contrast that with Arteta who has taken over his former club Arsenal without a second of first team management!

goose 7:17 Wed Jun 10
Re: Sterling
And Blackburn??

VickyPkVillageIdiot 7:10 Wed Jun 10
Re: Sterling
Paul Ince did a stupendous job at Macclesfield and MK Dons and has simply not been given a fair chance in the big leagues due to the colour of his skin.

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