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Gaffer58 1:20 Tue Jun 9
Golf courses open
Any WHO contributers a member of a golf club or have been to a course in the last few days, as I was wondering if your club is still insisting on a starter being available to have the course open, as my course up here in rural Lincolnshire are still making it a prerequisite to playing.

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Gaffer58 7:00 Tue Jun 16
Re: Golf courses open
I’m a member of a course in North Lincolnshire where I pay £66 per month, including a locker for the sticks in the clubhouse, and it’s quite highly rated as last year we had the English seniors championship. The amount I play each round works out at roughly £4 per round. Seems prices down south are a bit steeper then up here.

zico 2:00 Tue Jun 16
Re: Golf courses open
Sarge 8:52 Mon Jun 15

I've heard of that place so will give it a go at some point. Loved ESN and we used to get a great deal for 36 holes West/East Course with lunch and all day buggy for £85. Great all dayer. Now you would be lucky to get change from £130 so we do Goodwood where a my old company has membership and a mate still works there so get a free round with buggy on main course the walk the hotel on a twilight for £20!

Sarge 8:52 Mon Jun 15
Re: Golf courses open
I like the ESN Zico but 75 quid a pop is too much for me.

Half a mile from home - the 9 hole at Thames Ditton and Esher - doning a monthly membership deal £40 for me £10 for Sarge Jr.

Par 33 - Tight 9 on common land so lots of rough - and the odd dog walker - good test.

zico 8:16 Mon Jun 15
Re: Golf courses open
One Flew 3:46 Mon Jun 15

Love Seaford Head. Probably the best council course I've played although as you say one or two numpties about. Had one girl run on to the green to have a selfie with the flag just as one of us teed off. She soon moved!! Better course than Seaford members course I think.

One Flew 3:46 Mon Jun 15
Re: Golf courses open
Zico 1.02 had the same at Seaford Head family picnic in full flow between the 13th and 14th totally oblivious. There seems to be a lot of disoriented people out there.
Reading through this thread FC and GO two pretty sad posts on an innocent subject.

zico 1:44 Mon Jun 15
Re: Golf courses open
Takashi Miike 1:16 Mon Jun 15

Funny you say that as, again at Hollingbury, we saw a guy on a motorbike doing wheel spins on one of the greens once! Funniest was two dog walkers who obviously knew each other, who came from different sides of the fairway, met in the middle and started chatting as we stood on the tee. With my driving though they were probably safest middle of fairway!

Takashi Miike 1:16 Mon Jun 15
Re: Golf courses open
zico, sounds almost as bad as when my brother & I played belhus a few years back and a pair of pikeys on a mini motorbike started pestering us on the way round. after telling the cunts numerous times to fuck off, we ended up putting balls down and launching them at them. sadly none connected, but they did stay away after that :.)

zico 1:02 Mon Jun 15
Re: Golf courses open
Not too many open around here bar for members so we played Hollingbury in Brighton yesterday and that was an experience! Littered with sun bathers. On greens, hidden behind bunkers, middle of fairways, under trees, dog walkers just meandering across your shot line, all quite bizarre. You actually had to ask half of them if they could move as they seemed oblivious that it is actually a golf course albeit a council one!

Browno22 12:34 Mon Jun 15
Re: Golf courses open
Was a member at Thorpe Hall for many years. Beautiful private course, although can be a little short if you have the muscle

Pagey 11:56 Mon Jun 15
Re: Golf courses open
I played Bentley a couple of years ago and wasn’t a fan. It just felt ultra long and with no real variation of holes. Each one just merged into the next. I prefer Toot Hill and Cranham by far, both far more enjoyable.

Eastside surge 11:14 Mon Jun 15
Re: Golf courses open
Rossal , yep it's definitely worth a visit its owners also own cranham as well.
For my money Bentley is pretty much top of my list of local courses to play but teetimes are harder to come by.
A bit further afield you should try Westerham over near Sevenoaks way really lovely course but a bit on the pricey side

Rossal 10:53 Mon Jun 15
Re: Golf courses open
Toot hill is on my list, meant to be lovely over there

Yes thought Brentwood everyone was going to be very decent standard.......everyone was hitting every fairway apart from their own!

Eastside surge 10:30 Mon Jun 15
Re: Golf courses open
Played toot hill on Saturday and was busy but as usual was in great condition, greens were really good much better than the courses mentioned on this thread so far most of which I've played recently.
Only problem with golf at the moment is everyone and anyone who has a set of golf clubs is out hacking up the courses!

Rossal 10:18 Mon Jun 15
Re: Golf courses open
Played Stapleford abbots friday which is nice course

Played Brentwood last night which is very nice, the greens are outstanding

Would recommend both, both think were £20 twlight and both got seating by 18th for beers after

Golden Oldie 3:09 Sat Jun 13
Re: Golf courses open
Just go to you nearest forest/nature reserve and walk the dog for free, infinitely more rewarding than playing some queer game with clubs as an excuse to get away from the missus for a bit.

If any authorities intervene and try and arrest you for not complying with the "new normal"™ of not being allowed to do anything normal again just call them racist and start burning down shit, should get you off with an apologetic caution and a lifetime peerage in the House of Lords if your ancestry sits just right.

zico 2:17 Sat Jun 13
Re: Golf courses open
So many down here have put prices up. Usually £25 a round up to £50 and the wonderful East Sussex National is at £75!

Pagey 2:02 Sat Jun 13
Re: Golf courses open
Cranham is a lovely course and great value. If anything they should put their prices up!

eswing hammer 5:11 Wed Jun 10
Re: Golf courses open
Thanks Rossal , l just saw the booking confirmation he sent me and it said green fee £30 , l did think it was a bit steep for midweek , lol!

Rossal 5:02 Wed Jun 10
Re: Golf courses open

£30 is for two.....theyve not put prices up. Twilight weekday is something silly like £11.50.......cracking value its a lovely course and very well kept

eswing hammer 4:58 Wed Jun 10
Re: Golf courses open
Mate of mine phoned me this morning ,lost his job so he fancied a game in the near future , he had a ring around couldn’t get anywhere , members only ,the best he could get was Cranham , 22nd June and they’ve put thier prices up , weekday round £30 large !

Stubbo 3:03 Wed Jun 10
Re: Golf courses open
Yup. 10 mins between groups. Was groups of 2 (when was still 10 min spacings) now groups of 4 supported. No rakes, raised cups, no ball cleaners or benches etc.

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