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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Iron Duke 12:44 Sat Jun 13
Ten Years Ago Today
England 1 USA 1, 2010 World Cup in South Africa. England were 1-0 up when our own Rob Green spilled Jack Dempsey’s weak shot into the net, and became a national scapegoat.

What a shit World Cup that was.

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4ever-blowin-bubbles 2:49 Tue Jun 16
Re: Ten Years Ago Today
i remember next day i think it was headlines in the new york times
And do not forget they have the world series but england can not enter a team

Vexed 1:24 Tue Jun 16
Re: Ten Years Ago Today
I wish we'd dropped Roberto after one howler....

Sven Roeder 1:20 Tue Jun 16
Re: Ten Years Ago Today
The lesson is : Never let the press watch training
In fact have nothing to do with them apart from obligatory interviews ordered by FIFA or the Premier league etc

Sniper 12:58 Tue Jun 16
Re: Ten Years Ago Today
Green should never have been dropped, but he apparently made a howler in training the next day with the press watching and that made cappellos mind up, but it was really harsh.

I still remember a pundit, I think it was Ian Holloway, saying after the Germany game that james had got away with murder in that game by making a few bog standard saves look good, masking the fact that he made really costly errors. he let one shot beat him at his near post and then also watched as a goal kick went from one penalty area to his, and made it to the penalty spot without anyone touching it whilst the slowest chase in history between klose and Upson took place, and he just watched instead of sweeping the ball up like any goalie should have done

Sven Roeder 9:46 Tue Jun 16
Re: Ten Years Ago Today
Dropping your first choice keeper after one error definitely says more about the manager than the player.
Both Capello and Sven G-E were expensive wastes of time ... England football manager should always be an Englishman. Not Steve McClaren though

Green was a very good keeper. Just needed to a bit taller and more commanding in the air to be top class.

Manuel 9:29 Tue Jun 16
Re: Ten Years Ago Today
He really kopped it big time, Green, considering the howler was in a group game and it didn't even cost us progressing from the group. The biggest villain in this ill fated campaign was that CUNT Capello.

Was a very good keeper, Green.

jimbo2. 9:30 Sun Jun 14
Re: Ten Years Ago Today
Rob Green was an excellent goalkeeper for us & was brilliant for us in the “Great escape season”, especially in our 1-0 win at Highbury!

VickyPkVillageIdiot 4:17 Sun Jun 14
Re: Ten Years Ago Today
Green was a great keeper for us but let himself down when he decided to leave us for Malaga only for them to pull the plug leaving him with only QPR interested.

goose 2:45 Sun Jun 14
Re: Ten Years Ago Today
Well done Ronald.
One bad game in how many years for us??

62Hammer 2:42 Sun Jun 14
Re: Ten Years Ago Today
Green was a very good goalkeeper. That was a bad mistake but all keepers make them, and it's not like it put England out of the competition. Their later performances did that.

Ronald_antly 2:57 Sun Jun 14
Re: Ten Years Ago Today
goose 9:57 Sat Jun 13

"Playing for us I cant remember him making a mistake."

You don't recall a 1-3 reverse against Bolton, then.

TWO fuck ups.

gank 1:51 Sun Jun 14
Re: Ten Years Ago Today
Wise words from gph, spot on.

gph 1:39 Sun Jun 14
Re: Ten Years Ago Today
David James' errors were almost always spectacular, as he tried to dominate his box. When that goes wrong, it looks very wrong.

Hiding behind your defenders is safer for your reputation.

I'm not sure he actually made more errors, but the ones he did make looked like shockers.

VickyPkVillageIdiot 1:12 Sun Jun 14
Re: Ten Years Ago Today
Black’s Lepatatas Matter

On The Ball 1:00 Sun Jun 14
Re: Ten Years Ago Today
jVuvuzelas are brilliant. It was an African World Cup with an African atmosphere. I loved them. Something being different to what we're used to isn't necessarily bad.

The Algeria game was at that moment my low point following England (now surpassed by the defeat to Iceland - we were disgustingly arrogant). We didn't beat them because we were at our most arrogant (again) and we were crap. My SA mates and people we met always said that we had the best players, but I always said that we just had the most famous.

We were fucking terrible all the way through, except for the first four minutes against the USA, and for the few minutes before Upson scored to when Lampard didn't. If that had been given I genuinely think we'd have beaten them - they were infinitely better, but they were young, inexperienced and rattled. I was in the front row of the upper tier, right on the half way line and we all saw it sail in - I'm not a conspiracy theorist but I find it hard to believe that the linesman didn't see it go in.

zico - yes he did. He tipped one onto the post that was an incredible save that I don't think James etc would have got to. But that gets forgotten of course. James wasn't bad, but he wasn't good either - he certainly did us no favours against Germany.

gank 12:08 Sun Jun 14
Re: Ten Years Ago Today
I got dog's abuse during and after that game from pals about Green's error.

I remember my counter argument very clearly.

Green had a good game including a couple of excellent saves to prevent a loss. He made one error which went in. The only goal they managed to score all game. So if you're going to berate him for conceding one goal from an error against the lowly USA, you had fucking better be ready to berate the midfield if they don't create enough shooting opportunities for the striker's, as well as the striker's themselves who had better convert those opportunities into at least shots on target if not actual goals.

Obviously living in Kent a lot of my mates sport Manchester United and Liverpool so if you look at who played midfield and striker, then look at the stats, I should have been right on their case about that fucking shit match as anyone can concede one goal against any old team but if you're supposed to be better then all you need to do is play well. Which Gerrard and Rooney didn't.

goose 9:57 Sat Jun 13
Re: Ten Years Ago Today
Robert Green was hardly average.
Playing for us I can’t remember him making a mistake.

And he saved a Defoe penalty.

Sven Roeder 9:45 Sat Jun 13
Re: Ten Years Ago Today
Every goalkeeper makes errors
Green was quite rightly in the England team at the time albeit in a mediocre era for English keepers.
Not sure things have improved at all with the hot headed flapper Pickford in possession.
That said Pope looks a decent keeper and Henderson of Sheffield Utd / Man U is likely next in line.

wd40 9:37 Sat Jun 13
Re: Ten Years Ago Today
What would he had done if he picked it up? (like any ten year old blind goalkeeper could have done )
Just booted the ball down the middle just a yard over the halfway line like he did everytime he got a ball in his hands time after time after time for us .
Average goalkeeper.

goose 8:54 Sat Jun 13
Re: Ten Years Ago Today
They interviewed Terry straight after the game and he gave Green no support whatsoever.
The prick.

Sven Roeder 7:52 Sat Jun 13
Re: Ten Years Ago Today
A real sucker punch from Clint ‘Jack’ Dempsey

Green made a horrendous error but saved England later.
That is where you support your keeper. If you start dropping them after one mistake you are on a slippery slope.
Especially if you bring in the likes of David James and later Joe Hart who both made endless mistakes.

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