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northbanker 6:27 Tue Jun 16
Marcus Rashford
Well done. Very impressive

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Alwaysaniron 12:19 Thu Jun 18
Re: Marcus Rashford
I've mostly forgotten what it was like to be poor, thank fuck. But I do vividly recall my Mum having to go to the local greengrocers and virtually beg for the veg that he couldn't sell. Then coming home and attempting to turn that food into something edible for 3 kids still living at home. She did this whilst still smoking 20 Players a day and holding down more cleaning jobs than I care to remember (trying to pay off my old mans gambling debts). We ate fresh food every day but still never had a pot to piss in. Well done to Rashford, not every single parent is spending their child allowance on fucking lip filler!

Alfs 11:37 Wed Jun 17
Re: Marcus Rashford
It's the poorest that smoke the most and unfortunately some cunts rather spend £12 on a pack of fags and a fiver in Iceland than give their kids a proper cooked dinner.

People need to learn to cook. You can make a lovely Shepherds pie that would amply feed 4 for under a fiver. But for a lot of families it's pizzas, chicken nuggets and oven chips.

Northern Sold 11:31 Wed Jun 17
Re: Marcus Rashford
Brilliant footballer and comes across as a decent human being... i like him

Texas Iron 11:28 Wed Jun 17
Re: Marcus Rashford
Well done Rashford...
Got the Rich Cunts in power to change their stupid Tory policy...

Notice Johnson said he knew nothing about it until just before it was changed...

Liars never stop do they...

ChesterRd 11:19 Wed Jun 17
Re: Marcus Rashford
I like the cut of Rashford's jib. Does not seem to be a total waste of space like the Grealish's and Walker's of this world

Hermit Road 3:25 Wed Jun 17
Re: Marcus Rashford
Feeding hungry kids who can't afford food is a noble and morally good act.

Feeding kids who are mostly overweight in order to free up money for parents to spend on things they consider more important is morally repugnant.

What is happening here is the second scenario.

If anyone tells you that kids are going hungry due to a lack of resources, ask for proof. They won't be able to give it to you.

Darlo Debs 12:20 Wed Jun 17
Re: Marcus Rashford
Well.you are correct it ism't but he did yes, as well.as helpimg out with some essential purchases etc. The biggest help.though was childcare as my shifts are long so this waa really needed as the late shifts was where i was able to make up my momey a bit.

Yes the dads you spoke of were around and i have criticised them.om here, as did Nurse i seem.to recall.

Sven Roeder 12:03 Wed Jun 17
Re: Marcus Rashford
Every case is individual of course
I would agree that in relationship breakdowns women usually end up shouldering the burden.
Am sure there are more men who now can’t afford to contribute but feckless absent non contributing fathers were around pre Covid and will be post Covid.
None of my business but does Mr Debs contribute previously & now to feed his kids?

Of course it’s a stereotype of the mother banging out kids with various men and expecting others to pay so as an example I’d be interested in the Rashford family history.
Was there a Mr Rashford who died or several fathers of 5 children?
And where are they/he now?

But at the end of the day number 1 priority is that kids don’t suffer for the sins of the parents (or otherwise) so I congratulate M Rashford.
Just mind boggling though that it takes a 22yo footballer to achieve this.

Darlo Debs 11:52 Wed Jun 17
Re: Marcus Rashford
* there maybe

Darlo Debs 11:51 Wed Jun 17
Re: Marcus Rashford
Sven 10.17 wouldnt normally defend dads who dont pay for their kids, at the moment their may be quite a few that can't afford to.

I don't think most women go into relationships or have kids thinking they'll end up as single mums, i certainly didn't, and finding yourself on a single income is hard, very bloody hard.

Makes me sick when i see threads like this turning into finger pointing, attacks on women who in the majority of cases are trying to do ths best for their families.

WHU(Exeter) 11:45 Wed Jun 17
Re: Marcus Rashford
allright, on a more serious level, my parents were far from being 'well off' and there were times that were hard. One thing we always had though was decent food.

Neither of my parents for instance would ever imagine walking into the local newsagent and blowing a tenner or more on 'lucky' number lottery tickets twice a week.

Darlo Debs 11:40 Wed Jun 17
Re: Marcus Rashford
*swerves wind up attempt

WHU(Exeter) 11:38 Wed Jun 17
Re: Marcus Rashford
Debs, it's all molly coddling though isn't it?

Time was when a piece of toast, couple of B&H and a packet of salt and vinegar square crisps would see us all through the day. Now they want their '5 a day' with cream on top.

WHU(Exeter) 11:33 Wed Jun 17
Re: Marcus Rashford
Sven Roeder - 10:25!!!!

Ag Ag Ag!!!!!

I noticed that as well...she has spent the last couple years desperately trying to cling to some cause or campaign that will take off and finally (FINALLY) she's netted one!

Darlo Debs 11:26 Wed Jun 17
Re: Marcus Rashford
Did you not know this site is fast turning ftom.a West Ham chat forum.to a Katie Hopkins appreciation society?

ChillTheKeel 11:25 Wed Jun 17
Re: Marcus Rashford
Look who's trying to take the credit

The Labour Party
We did it!

Shameless cunts

MrSnoogans 11:15 Wed Jun 17
Re: Marcus Rashford
I mean, it's not just traditionally poor families we are talking about here that this will help. Plenty of people have lost jobs due to COVID and are now in a position where universal credit (the absolute shit show that it is) barely covers rent and council tax, especially in the south. People have to appreciate that financial positions change.

I really don't get this cynical hating of the poor that people seem to have on this thread. 120m in the grand scheme of things isn't much.

Well done to Rashford for this.

ChillTheKeel 11:11 Wed Jun 17
Re: Marcus Rashford
HAHA someone whining that taxes will now go up.
Fucking hell.

Rossal 11:08 Wed Jun 17
Re: Marcus Rashford
Sven Roeder 10:59 Wed Jun 17

Thats a good idea, if people need help with food ensure they get food and dont abuse the system.

For me id say at least a third of parents seeking help to feed their kids need help due to utter shit parenting rather than lack of resources or funds

Sven Roeder 10:59 Wed Jun 17
Re: Marcus Rashford
It’s a complicated issue but obviously the first issue is making sure children don’t suffer and go hungry.
The culpability of parents having children they can’t afford to feed and expecting someone else to do it plus fathers taking no financial responsibility are important.
What is the Child Maintenance System up to these days?
I also agree that part of benefits should be in the form of vouchers that can only purchase food ... or provide food parcels of vegetables etc ... should be the way to go.
In the style that free school meals in term time are obviously just putting a meal in front of a child not giving cash.
Also needs to be an examination of this scheme that meant you got benefits for only a certain amount of children .... how is that working and is it influencing behaviour?

, 10:57 Wed Jun 17
Re: Marcus Rashford
It’s a societal problem that needs addressing and funding the meals of hungry/badly fed kids is treating the outcome but not the cause.

Rashford, by being good at football, has escaped the possible predicted trend with someone of his background because he has clearly been mentored to good effect. Now, whether or not he self composes his online communications, he is using his high profile to good effect.

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