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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

iphammer 1:29 Fri Jun 26
Staying up vs going down £
How much would we get for staying up compared with going down?

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Peckham 11:16 Sat Jun 27
Re: Staying up vs going down £

Without wishing to argue with you, as I like you as a poster and you are a regular contributor and more ITK than me. Without repeating the other thread I started,I disagree mate.

Look how Hammers United has grown, look at the loyalty West Ham supporters give *the march,stroll , Dennis's Funeral etc etc The years we would still sell out in second tier.

The can of worms was exploding for GSB by the press , Covid was a big fuck off thank you and respite for those cunts and Moyes.

Cako investors will be looking long term and a year in the Championship will challenge new owners for a trophy and promotion.

Hammers United and the media was all over the bad running of the club.

Relegation is a whole new ball game with a 66000 capacity arena, it will open untold cans of worms, untold bad press on the stewardship of West Ham. After their many public promises to London and the football world they will be the laughing stock of everyone. I have a gut feeling peer pressure and media digging and Hammers United momentum , along with hate of them, will speed up a sale. I think many of us agree it is not only a cash cow but also a big vanity project especially from Brady.

Who wants owners looking short term, so fucking what if we are in the Championship. Our away will love the days out. So what if the stadium is half full. But with new owners and a vital challenge - Promotion , maybe Hammers United and those who dislike the board and our day to day running will return.

We are minutes from the financial centre of the World. A stadium that can be fixed for football as soon as Athletics can be fucked off to a new Crystal Palace athletics base. WHUFC has for me an unsurpassed history.

GSB clear to all how detrimental they are and have been to our club.

Moyes - I hate this cunt due to his ego and the winning quote. My best Army mate had him in the back of his black cab years ago, Cahill left Everton and there was a rumour he would return to Everton, my mate casually asked is Cahill returning to Everton, word for word Moyes reply was no mate when a player leaves he leaves there is a reason they left so what would make them better 2nd time round.....

AND Moyes returns declaring he is a winner. Fuck off.


National humiliation of GSB.

Some Boycotting. Moyes gone for West Hams Dimitri youth manager.

Exciting scrappy Championship footy.

New owners supporting standing terraces.

A good relationship with Council,Stadium Operators and winning back West Hams most loyal supporters, in a stadium where tourists will be of the bare minimum and we will be West Hams claret and blue army again and not fucking lost clients or just a serial number.

Relegation will destroy their ego and every financial aspect of their stewardship and mismanagement will be analysed.

El Scorchio 12:59 Fri Jun 26
Re: Staying up vs going down £
100%. Its the perfect excuse to pocket transfer fees and clear the wage bill.

Takashi Miike 12:34 Fri Jun 26
Re: Staying up vs going down £
they'll (GSB) already have planned it out whatever happens. I think going down will only delay them selling up, so it's essential we stay up but as I said on peckham's thread, it may suit them (in regards to a clear out and cutting the wage bill) if we did drop

Razzle 12:28 Fri Jun 26
Re: Staying up vs going down £
Does it matter? The club is fucked anyway and has been for some time.

El Scorchio 12:16 Fri Jun 26
Re: Staying up vs going down £
Going down would obviously lose us a lot of money but the owners a are rich enough to make sure they do what's necessary (and no more) to get us back up and protect their investment.

It'll mean pleading poverty and probably selling off most of the silver on the cheap, getting our pants pulled down over a fee for Rice etc.

Then they'll start over again with their short sighted transfer policy of buying for 'now', getting us up with older players on big wages, where we'll do OK once back up for a season or two then find ourselves right back where we are now until they sell.

Full Claret Jacket 12:10 Fri Jun 26
Re: Staying up vs going down £
Football shouldn't be about money but it dominates now. To be honest I don't care what the owners lose, they are accountable. If their business fails entirely then West Ham United will still survive even if it has to start from the bottom again like Rangers in Scotland had to.
As I'm so disenchanted and disconnected from West Ham London I really don't care about the economics or even the players we'd lose. We've always lost players we didn't want to, that is just as likely regardless.

I'd probably be much more likely to go to games again if we were League 1 or 2 playing out of a park with supporters around me who have the club proper in their soul and not tourists and fans of other teams who see it as a cheap Premier league ticket.

gank 4:53 Fri Jun 26
Re: Staying up vs going down £
Why does it matter what division we play in? If we lose half the fans, GOOD. You'd get the occasional cunt at Upton Park but at the London Stadium it's full of them. We've never spent big money (and our biggest acquisitions have been largely shit) but we would win more than we lose outside the Premier Division which would be a welcome change.

Jaan Kenbrovin 3:56 Fri Jun 26
Re: Staying up vs going down £
Our rent doesn't cover the costs of running the stadium. Especially under restriction from no supporters due to Covid.

If we owned it right now, we'd be worse off.

Mad Dog 3:44 Fri Jun 26
Re: Staying up vs going down £
Appointing a succession of shit managers and no plan..... sounds familiar.

My point is that when you're in the lower leagues every penny counts. And not owning the ground will potentially lead to massive loss of revenue as we have to give up most of the tickets and catering etc.

It wont make us world beaters if we stay up, but it could fuck us if we stay down.

Jaan Kenbrovin 3:39 Fri Jun 26
Re: Staying up vs going down £
Mad Dog 3:20 Fri Jun 26

Appointing a succession of shit managers with no decent plan for the club ruined Coventry City.

That could still happen to us, but owning the OS wouldn't affect the outcome, nor would we have suddenly been successful under G&S had we stayed at UP.

arsene york-hunt 3:22 Fri Jun 26
Re: Staying up vs going down £
Down, I think we're fucked

Mad Dog 3:20 Fri Jun 26
Re: Staying up vs going down £
No at the moment, but coventry NOT owning their ground fucked them financially. If we go down and stay down for a while. This will have an effect

Jaan Kenbrovin 3:07 Fri Jun 26
Re: Staying up vs going down £
You think if we owned our ground, the players and manager would prosper?

Mad Dog 3:04 Fri Jun 26
Re: Staying up vs going down £
Headtheball. In the past I'd agree.

This time I'd worry most of our players would stay..


I'd me more worried about doing a Coventry. They dont own their own ground and its fucked them

Headtheball 1:46 Fri Jun 26
Re: Staying up vs going down £
No one wants to go down. All our best players leave.

zebthecat 1:44 Fri Jun 26
Re: Staying up vs going down £
The risk of going down is too great.
Just ask Leeds, Sunderland, etc etc.

claypole 1:36 Fri Jun 26
Re: Staying up vs going down £
The prestige of playing in the bestest league in all the world must be priceless

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