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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
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Stevethehammer 12:54 Sun Jun 28
Lewis Hamilton
This prick is really beginning to grate on me now.
Has made noises about how racist the country is, yet doesnt pay a single penny in tax here and has become one of the worlds highest paid 'sportsman' all whilst wearing a massive Mercedes Benz hat and uniform.
One look into his history book will inform him that the company that has made him incredibly rich is also the company that made the tanks for the biggest racist the world has seen in 100 years.
He has criticized Bernie Ecclestone for having an opinion that is different to his own and whilst I understand the sentiment behind Hamilton's comments, I cant help but think the bloke is so hypocritical standing there spouting off all whilst wearing pretty much a nazi uniform.

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Crassus 5:55 Tue Jul 7
Re: Lewis Hamilton
The reality of this whole process is to cause division where it was not formerly present, without inherent mistrust and suspicion those who thrive upon identity politics lose their reason for existing
So let's proceed down this path where every person of colour is indoctrinated that the 'Feds' are one step from killing them and that their whole life is blighted by white folk and simultaneously illustrating to whites that there is one law for them and one for the others - mission accomplished

Sven Roeder 5:46 Tue Jul 7
Re: Lewis Hamilton
Any sign of this bodycam footage to confirm the claims about the driving?
Or confirmation of the 15 times the driver says has been pulled over by police in his fancy car?

Surely both of these claims are easily proved and then we can put this to bed.

Golden Oldie 4:09 Tue Jul 7
Re: Lewis Hamilton
So basically the Team GB™ athlete set the police up after driving off at speed, with their precious child in the car, on the wrong die of the road and refused to stop as the police ordered.

The funniest part of this We Were Kangz revival is the idea being propagated that black people feel they should not and cannot be apprehended or expected to behave civilly once confronted by the police because whitey is racist, a message that is being pushed by the establishment's neoliberal lackeys and all their organs of misinformation like the BBC, Sky, ITV all mainstream media really.

It's more of the old deliberately destructive concept of consensual policing directive whereby the active criminals believe they must first give consent to the authorities before they will consider obeying the law, an abuse of the law where 'minorities' do not have to comply with any stop & search requests like all white people have to, which has turned most of the inner cities into no go zones for much of the last 30 years, resulting in many more deaths among the BAME community through knives and guns.

Wait till this diversity reaches the rest of uber neoliberal enclaves and see their Grauniad reading gammony faces once they realise there's nowhere left for them to run.

13 Brentford Rd 3:44 Tue Jul 7
Re: Lewis Hamilton
Doc Brown sumned it up 8 years ago.
Well funny!
*Everybody's racist*


whu 3:43 Tue Jul 7
Re: Lewis Hamilton
the athlete pulled over has made such a big deal - wants part of the cucked narrative and the social media herd that comes with it


like brexit, the real people will have their fucking day

whu 3:40 Tue Jul 7
Re: Lewis Hamilton
cucked cunts

done more to damage race relations these Antifa Marxist led cunts, than BNP/NF ever could

just a shame MSM don't show whiteys head being stamped on around the planet, regularly

here/USA/SA and so on

don't go to MSM for real news

keep dodging your taxes Hamilton

he's only played this card as he's an unlikeable arrogant cunt, always has been, nothing to do with colour, all colours have their cunts

13 Brentford Rd 3:40 Tue Jul 7
Re: Lewis Hamilton
So it's racist to be pulled over for dangerous driving now?
Why did the bloke speed off and then refuse to get out of the car when police caught up with him?
Why did the woman immediately become hysterical.
Some people don't help themselves at all.
It's gone past the stage of ridiculous now.

arsene york-hunt 3:13 Tue Jul 7
Re: Lewis Hamilton

Sven Roeder 3:12 Tue Jul 7
Re: Lewis Hamilton
The bodycams (at least one) would have been activated once this ‘suspicious driving’ occurred wouldn’t they?
That’s what they are for
Let’s see the tapes given it is denied
Easy isn’t it?

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 3:02 Tue Jul 7
Re: Lewis Hamilton
They were wearing body-cams not a fully-specced VAR system, you knob.

Sven Roeder 2:44 Tue Jul 7
Re: Lewis Hamilton
Any update from the police bodycams of the car being driven on the wrong side of the road and speeding away when asked to stop?
Or confirmation of the drivers claim that he has been stopped 15 times in that car ... I understood stop and searches were recorded so should be easy to confirm/refute.

Eerie Descent 2:44 Tue Jul 7
Re: Lewis Hamilton
Why does anyone take anything that the fat, greasy, wife beating gone bezerk says seriously?

Golden Oldie 2:35 Tue Jul 7
Re: Lewis Hamilton
Is Hairy Turk Dönmeh?
It would explain a lot about his deep seated contempt toward the white man

Crassus 2:31 Tue Jul 7
Re: Lewis Hamilton
No doubt you advocate a Harry style reflection of history and that all ‘white’ blokes should self flagellate for ‘crimes’ committed hundreds of years ago
I draw you attention to 1915, the Armenian Genocide that your lot facilitated and you openly denied
You are a fat, wife beating, numb nutted cunt

Percy Dalton 2:08 Tue Jul 7
Re: Lewis Hamilton
Well he is Portuguese.
They drive on whatever side takes their fancy.

Sven Roeder 12:16 Tue Jul 7
Re: Lewis Hamilton
That said the boyfriend must be a terrible driver.
He says he has been stopped 15 times in that car.

ATBOG 12:11 Tue Jul 7
Re: Lewis Hamilton

Whats the term for this threat of legal action with no intent? An Allardyce (Panorama) or a porn dwarf 1 (Sporting Lisbon chairman)


only1billybonds 11:24 Mon Jul 6
Re: Lewis Hamilton
Conclusive proof that Hairy is and acts like a hysterical cubt at every given opportunity.

twoleftfeet 11:18 Mon Jul 6
Re: Lewis Hamilton
Pretty much all you need to know.

Black lady with a huge chip on her shoulder.

Shame the Police officers involved can’t sue her for slander.

DagenhamDave 11:15 Mon Jul 6
Re: Lewis Hamilton
"these officers were obviously racist"

The absolute irony of that. A statement which embodies the very definition of prejudice.

Lets wait and see how this plays out...

DagenhamDave 11:13 Mon Jul 6
Re: Lewis Hamilton

Given the sensitivity of this issue at the moment I think this is about as unequivocal a statement as you will find that the actions were justified and not race related. We'll see if they take it further. Im guessing they won't.

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