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Stevethehammer 12:54 Sun Jun 28
Lewis Hamilton
This prick is really beginning to grate on me now.
Has made noises about how racist the country is, yet doesnt pay a single penny in tax here and has become one of the worlds highest paid 'sportsman' all whilst wearing a massive Mercedes Benz hat and uniform.
One look into his history book will inform him that the company that has made him incredibly rich is also the company that made the tanks for the biggest racist the world has seen in 100 years.
He has criticized Bernie Ecclestone for having an opinion that is different to his own and whilst I understand the sentiment behind Hamilton's comments, I cant help but think the bloke is so hypocritical standing there spouting off all whilst wearing pretty much a nazi uniform.

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ted fenton 1:35 Thu Jul 9
Re: Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton has blamed his poor performance in the Austrian F1 on the massive chip on his shoulder which unbalanced his car.

Crassus 1:14 Thu Jul 9
Re: Lewis Hamilton

Yep, lets move on, park him in the pit lane marked cunt, in no part due to his colour and to prove the point on my part, not least because he got to do a few laps on that gorgeous Nicole bird!

Moncurs Putting Iron 1:02 Thu Jul 9
Re: Lewis Hamilton
"That aside, I don't warm to him, in fact he comes across very poorly as unlike on the track, a follower rather than a leader, whatever the current woke badge of honour, he is on it."

Crassus, I could not agree more old son. I seem to have been appointed the advocate for the accused and I am not really up for taking on the role.

In summary: Great and exciting to watch British Driver who drives I could watch all day with his helmet on but am ambivalent to him when he is in front of the microphone.

Moncurs Putting Iron 12:58 Thu Jul 9
Re: Lewis Hamilton
..And the suggestion that the Spanish blackface and banana waving wasn't really justification for his reaction.

I had read that there were instances from a young age in a few columns and I called it out.

El Scorchio 12:57 Thu Jul 9
Re: Lewis Hamilton
Motorsport (F1) is far too cutthroat to carry any drivers either as a PR stunt or for tokenism. (If so why has there only ever been one black driver and so few women drivers?) There are zero handouts, and the teams are absolutely ruthless. They will drop a driver like a hot shit if they don't perform.

There are a few exceptions where drivers come with enormous financial backing, which will help a smaller team finance their endevours (Maldonado, Stroll) but if you don't have that, you're there on talent alone.

As he didn't come with that financial backing, if Hamilton wasn't good enough on merit, then he wouldn't have lasted more than a season at Mclaren or be where he is. They have axed a tonne of drivers for not cutting the mustard. The reality is that he matched a double world champion for performance and came second in the world championship in his first year, then won it in his second. End of.

Crassus 12:56 Thu Jul 9
Re: Lewis Hamilton

I don't follow F1 specifically either but would be more shocked if he had not received the odd racial slur on the way up, particularly by current definitions or racial misappropriation accusation

After all, it is a sport not exactly rich in regular folk, of any hue, let alone a British mixed race lads from a new towns

That aside, I don't warm to him, in fact he comes across very poorly as unlike on the track, a follower rather than a leader, whatever the current woke badge of honour, he is on it.

So social inequality, environment and now BLM issues, whilst flying in private jets, pursuing a career with an enormous carbon footprint, glorifying capitalist consumption, working for a company that help design and build the gas chambers/tanks and all the while living in an obscenely elite tax haven

Fair play to him, no problem with his success, just the hypercritical lecturing of which he is not alone, so firmly in the cunt envelope

Moncurs Putting Iron 12:55 Thu Jul 9
Re: Lewis Hamilton

Google is your friend here fella. I haven't got much skin in the game on this. The only opinion I felt compelled to really challenge on here was twofeets because it was flat out wrong.

Eerie Descent 12:51 Thu Jul 9
Re: Lewis Hamilton
Moncurs Putting Iron 11:14 Thu Jul 9

People were regularly mouthing off the N word and throwing objects at kids go karting in the mid 90's? Excuse me for thinking that's a little far fetched. When did he first speak out about this? What are the actual quotes from him?

Kaiser Zoso 12:50 Thu Jul 9
Re: Lewis Hamilton
He only thought about mentioning he was unfairly treated on the grounds of race ONCE?

And he was talked out of it?

ha ha ha

Takashi Miike 12:48 Thu Jul 9
Re: Lewis Hamilton
that other half white victim of white oppression who was adopted by parents who were............white

Sven Roeder 12:44 Thu Jul 9
Re: Lewis Hamilton
Thought he said the other day he had planned to speak out when the Colin Kapernick thing was going on but was talked out of it by his team.
Said that he regretted agreeing to that.

Moncurs Putting Iron 12:32 Thu Jul 9
Re: Lewis Hamilton
North Bank,

An excellent and relevant question. I cannot recall him using his platform to speak out publicly so am going to say not to my knowledge.

Would those who are unhappy and dislike him if he had been a consistent and vocal advocate throughout his career? Who knows. Would it have inhibited his career? Again who knows.

What I do know is that you get into F1 if you have money and sponsorship and a modicum of talent OR if you are in a young driver program and very talented.

Toorightwings assertion that he was in the program as positive discrimination due to the colour of his skin is moronic and incorrect. Not that he'll ever be convinced of that.

New Jersey 12:24 Thu Jul 9
Re: Lewis Hamilton
MPI - I read quite a detailed article by Hamilton and all he said about his karting days, was that he got funny looks from other parents etc. The only specific thing he mentioned was those idiots in Spain, painting themselves black. I suspect in the UK, Hamilton got no more grief than someone with ginger hair or having a big nose! If Hamilton as a kid was racially abused, that's obviously bang out of order, but I just don't think Hamilton's views represent modern day life in the UK.

ted fenton 12:22 Thu Jul 9
Re: Lewis Hamilton
Why would he want to drive in a black chauffeurs uniform ?

Oh well his choice.

North Bank 11:57 Thu Jul 9
Re: Lewis Hamilton
MPI did Lewis campaign for racial equality over recent years I'm not interested in F1 so wouldn't know and have never seen it reported

Moncurs Putting Iron 11:14 Thu Jul 9
Re: Lewis Hamilton

I am talking about since he was first in a kart at 8 years old.

Having other Dads use the N word and being pelted with objects whilst racing.

That is going to leave a mark and a chip, no matter how successful and rich you become.

Most are going to deal with that in one of two ways:

1) Think fuck you lot, I win. I am rich you aint, I will live my life.
2) I am going to use my public forum as a racer to highlight and try to change things.

I aint gonna knock him for the latter even if I don't think we have a big problem in the UK, and if living in a tax haven doesn't entitle you to a view lets scrap all media for F1.

Moncurs Putting Iron 10:59 Thu Jul 9
Re: Lewis Hamilton

Where our little weasely friend is right is that he is an however an up himself prick.

Then again so was Mansell and I liked him on the track too.

Not sure whether the behaviour is driven by the person and good for the job or if the job drives the behaviour.

Don't really care as I don't watch them for their interview skills I watch for what goes on the track.

Moncurs Putting Iron 10:53 Thu Jul 9
Re: Lewis Hamilton
twoleftfeet 7:21 Wed Jul 8
Re: Lewis Hamilton

You don't know anything about motorsport and you have created that narrative because you ae a skinny white racist weasel.

Again. Happy to help correct you.

Eerie Descent 8:48 Wed Jul 8
Re: Lewis Hamilton
So, he was racially abused by some Spaniards.

In England, he was given every chance anyone could wish for, supported to the full, and has gone on to become a multiple world champion, and a multi millionaire.

How does he repay that country? He fucks off to a tax free haven. What a guy.

Remind me again what he's moaning about? Is it Spain? Or Fawlty Towers?

Haz 8:29 Wed Jul 8
Re: Lewis Hamilton

Jesus mate! Shut up about thing you know nothing about! I know a couple of guys who karted with him back in the day, one of which won the European seniors a couple of years ago, and they said he was the best they'd seen.

Still, if you knew just a little more than fuck all about F1, you'd know that.

El Scorchio 7:51 Wed Jul 8
Re: Lewis Hamilton
Johnson 7:20

Yup. That happened. Mostly when he was competing with Alonso. I believe there may have been some banana waving as well

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