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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

the exile 1:17 Tue Jun 30
Team for Chelsea
Somewhat depressingly, the team more or less picks itself. Ogbonna should be back but I can't see him making a major difference. Haller isn't expected back yet. Doubts persist over Noble but it's almost impossible to imagine Moyes dropping or resting him. Neither can you imagine Moyes picking a true but untried striker, either in the form of Ajeti or Silva. Anderson and Lanzini probably haven't done enough to earn their places back in the starting line-up.

So if we're going to get anything from this game, either Chelsea have to have a shocker or we need to seriously up our game, and that means a much more positive input from most of the players. The biggest disappointment for me has been Soucek - he hasn't done much wrong but he hasn't done much right either - I expected him to have much more of an impact. We also need to cut out the endless and largely pointless long balls hoofed up to Antonio and play it through the midfield. Anyway, here goes:





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chedylan 2 6:53 Wed Jul 1
Re: Team for Chelsea
why did we go thought a transfer window and not address the fact that we have ONE first team striker at the club?

Mex Martillo 6:49 Wed Jul 1
Re: Team for Chelsea
Vexed, what?, just reach for a beer, relax and laugh at the absurdity of it all

Mex Martillo 6:46 Wed Jul 1
Re: Team for Chelsea
Texas surely your not surprised their injured!
You’ve been posting here long enough to know surely they are injured!

Vexed 6:43 Wed Jul 1
Re: Team for Chelsea
If I see Antonio up front on his own tonight I might just turn it straight off.

Texas Iron 6:36 Wed Jul 1
Re: Team for Chelsea
Where the fuck are...

Surely not still injured...???

stepney hammer 5:56 Wed Jul 1
Re: Team for Chelsea
"try and nick a goal or two over the 90 minutes!"

No, it will be more of a case of 'try to nick a 0-0, but if we lose by two goals or less then we've had result.'

That's what he does, he wins. Even when he loses.

Justin P 5:46 Wed Jul 1
Re: Team for Chelsea
Its so obvious what will happen and how Moyes will set his stall out.

That is keep the shape and hold the lines for as long as possible, try and nick a goal or two over the 90 minutes!

This system goes to shit at about 60 - 75 minutes against better teams, happened v Wolves, Spurs and countless other games under Moyes.

cup of tea 4:31 Wed Jul 1
Re: Team for Chelsea
Whoever we play we'll lose HANDSOMELY

Mex Martillo 3:58 Wed Jul 1
Re: Team for Chelsea
Boleyn, it’s a good team, I like the midfield. I think Haller will not be back. Not sure about Bowen as a loan forward, but definitely need to try something else as Antonio as loan forward is not working and him running from midfield always causes problems.

Many moons ago, I put up a 12 player team on the team for thread without realising. Got a few compliments until someone realised and the cunting started...

daveyg 11:02 Wed Jul 1
Re: Team for Chelsea
I'd go with that but have Johnson play instead of Fredricks.

fraser 5:41 Tue Jun 30
Re: Team for Chelsea
Stubbo - clearly I mean when we hoof it up and on the odd occasion we retain possession for 3 passes instead of none before giving it away carelessly..

boleyn8420 5:19 Tue Jun 30
Re: Team for Chelsea
Mex, doh Either Bowen or Haller forgot the /
Fuck it 11 or 12 Moyes still couldn't get a tune out of the dour faced useless cunt

Sajmo1 4:13 Tue Jun 30
Re: Team for Chelsea
Moyes - "In the situation we are in, we need Mark Noble." That's Noble playing false 9 against the rentboys

Mex Martillo 3:49 Tue Jun 30
Re: Team for Chelsea
Boleyn thats a great team.
I think 12 players may be the only way we can beat them.

zico 3:46 Tue Jun 30
Re: Team for Chelsea


Mex Martillo 3:46 Tue Jun 30
Re: Team for Chelsea
I see Fornals getting a bit of stick. I would start him, works hard and has had some of our best chances. Yes he missed them, but he is getting into good positions and will score / assist soon.

Full Claret Jacket 3:37 Tue Jun 30
Re: Team for Chelsea
easthammer 11:46 Tue Jun 30

Same as this. I'd like to see if Wilshere and Yarmalenko are able to contribute anything before the last few critical games.
Both have bags of talent and can create and score. I think if we sit with two defensive midfielders again then we need a creative outlet so either Lanzini or Wilshere instead of Noble who looked out his depth and I think Wilshere is more combative.

Soucek would be more effective in a less defensive role I think where his ability to get in the box and get up and down the pitch is used. The tactic of sitting back and hoping to stifle and scrape a point will see us give up all possession and struggle to get forward so it won't matter who plays up front.

zico 3:22 Tue Jun 30
Re: Team for Chelsea
Difficult to even think what we should put out. Fab, Rice, Antonio and Bowen are the only ones who either are in reasonable form or the legs haven't gone or who aren't suffering with injury.

Antonio has to be wide and just try and bulldoze his way through. Bowen either up front or wide left of a three and well Rice in midfield is the only option if you drop Noble. Always liked Noble but the only place you can arguably play him now is as a holding midfielder in a two so 4231 might be a way to go but you would need workers right and left of the three behind the striker.

cup of tea 3:07 Tue Jun 30
Re: Team for Chelsea
Fuck off blueeyednonce

Stubbo 1:50 Tue Jun 30
Re: Team for Chelsea
Fraser what do you mean when they break? That would imply that we have the ball and numbers up field (which given our current approach is clearly not going to be the case)!

blueeyed.handsomeman 1:22 Tue Jun 30
Re: Team for Chelsea
a lovely message just arrived from English Rose,

she says that BAKER BOAITEY IS LIKELY TO be on the bench

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