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Woodford Green 12:03 Thu Jul 2
Late Winners
We've been on the receiving end of these untold times over the years but is there a better feeling when we get one?

What are your memories of great West Ham last gasp winners (last night aside)?

Maiga at Spurs was as good as it gets for me.

Vaguely remeber us getting 2 in injury time to win at Birmingham in the early 90's

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british is best 7:47 Fri Jul 3
Re: Late Winners
George parris against Watford in march 87 at home. Saw it on you tube a couple of weeks ago . cracking goal.

Manuel 7:24 Fri Jul 3
Re: Late Winners
Haz/Sold - I was at that Pompey game, it was the coldest I have ever been at a game and possibly ever, it was that cold! And was definitely midweek.

Mad Dog 7:20 Fri Jul 3
Re: Late Winners
I still remember that day like it was yesterday.
Remember thinking draw still isnt going to help us that much seconds before bish skipped through and then going absolutely nuts.

I was only 16, a month off my 17th (but looked about 13)and had gone up on the coach on my own.

I was near the back and Remember seeing some guy hanging upside down from the rafters by his legs when we got the 2and, I've still no idea how he all got there and some police woman nicking a brummie who threatened me through the fence just before the final whistle. I couldn't stop laughing.

I still think that it was going from we've lost and the season is over, to its back on in the space if about a minute is why it was just so good.

SDKFZ 222 4:44 Fri Jul 3
Re: Late Winners
Mad Dog 3:58 Fri Jul 3

I did a quick scan, before posting, to see if it had been mentioned but my old eyes obviously missed it 👍🏻

Northern Sold 4:40 Fri Jul 3
Re: Late Winners
Haz… yeah we was at that Pompey game (midweek game IIRC)… think Leroy was playing on one knee… could hardly move… I do remember a shit load of balls … must have been a dozen or so being lobbed out of the stadium into the gardens behind… shit game great ending

Mad Dog 3:58 Fri Jul 3
Re: Late Winners
Sdkfzz 222

I talked about that one further down the thread. (It was april 1993)
One of my favourite away games.

Followed 4 days later by one of the shittest (losing at southend)

SDKFZ 222 3:28 Fri Jul 3
Re: Late Winners
Away at Birmingham, at about 1993.

We were 1-0 down for a very long period and then we scored twice right at the end to win 2-1. The locals didn’t like it and pandemonium broke out in the stands, which is about normal at their place when playing us.

Haz 2:51 Fri Jul 3
Re: Late Winners
Soldo -

I agree that it's amazing some of the fucking games that live looong in the memory!

My own favourite was Portsmouth v West Ham back in '89. Standing in the away end that was wide open to the elements blowing in off the English channel and soaked to the skin. We were absolute shit, and if it wasn't for Parkes (?) having a blinder, we'd have been 3 or 4 down.

Me and my mates are standing there fucking freezing, wondering what the fuck we were doing there, when up pops Rosenior and knocks in the winner right at the end! Queue wild celebrations and returning with a big smile on my face.

That, in a fucking nutshell, is what supporting West Ham is all about. We were in the second division then. Did we care? Obviously we wanted to be in the top tier but that never stopped me following us home and away and I enjoyed those days as much as any other.

Oh, and if we had a bit of a ruck, then so much the better.

Kaiser Zoso 1:46 Fri Jul 3
Re: Late Winners
Mark NOBLE scored from the penalty spot at Upton Park against Liverpool, after Freddie LJUNGBERG was brought down by Carragher.

1-0 home win.

The next day I watched the studio reaction when the penalty was awarded, they were giving Phil Thompson some stick, and Merson said 'He don't miss these' just as he was going to take it.


Woodford Green 11:43 Fri Jul 3
Re: Late Winners
Warchild 10:52 Thu Jul 2
Re: Late Winners

The Cardiff fans were singing "Sacked in the morning" to Pardew just before we scored.

Joe C 12:52 Fri Jul 3
Re: Late Winners
On The Ball 1:44 Thu Jul 2

You’re welcome

Stevethehammer 12:42 Fri Jul 3
Re: Late Winners
I will never forget the 87th minute winner from Vaz Te
We were right under the cosh for large parts of the second half, I was calling for Maynard to replace him as I thought Vaz didn't have a particular great game.
But then.. it might just fall to Carlton Cole.. VAZ TEEEEEEEEE
That roar must have been heard back in the east end
Absolute carnage in the stands, up there as one of my best days supporting west ham.

White Pony 11:01 Thu Jul 2
Re: Late Winners
Vaz Te in the playoff final is a particular favourite of mine.

cygnet 11:00 Thu Jul 2
Re: Late Winners
Re NS: George Parris v Watford on a freezing cold day, most people in the North Bank were on their way to the exit.
Yes we were just on the edge of getting dragged into the relegation battle. Cottee teed it up for Parris and it sounded like a cannonball going off from where I was over in the chicken run.

Warchild 10:52 Thu Jul 2
Re: Late Winners
Think we beat Cardiff with a last minute winner during the Pardew Championship days come to think of it.

1-0, Carl Fletcher if I remember rightly. Was one of the worst quality games I can ever remember.

VickyPkVillageIdiot 7:48 Thu Jul 2
Re: Late Winners
Scott Parker away at Boro.

Danny Collins leveller at Leeds.

Warchild 7:43 Thu Jul 2
Re: Late Winners
Defoe v Blackburn the year we went down under Roeder.

First home win of the season. At the end of January.

Northern Sold 6:45 Thu Jul 2
Re: Late Winners
cholo 12:08 Thu Jul 2
Re: Late Winners
George Parris v Watford on a freezing cold day, most people in the North Bank were on their way to the exit.

One of the wettest I have ever been at any time in my life... we was on a real shit run IIRC.... brought back Bonds aged 126 years old... he ran the show... GP smashed one in from about 25 yards in the last min... absolute bedlam... and I swear I saw blokes actually cry... quite a mental day that probably only the people there that day will understand (15k??)... I mean... Watford... come on?? Amazing how that game lives in the memory banks ... gawd bless Bonzo

DaveT 6:29 Thu Jul 2
Re: Late Winners
Not a winner but think it was a late Billy Bonds equalizer at Leicester mid 70's after being 3 0 down at half time. Stuck in the poxy corner they put the away fans. Celebrations though were as if we'd won the league

Percy Dalton 6:10 Thu Jul 2
Re: Late Winners
Ted Fenton.
Lovely that Ted won the cup on Saturday and I started my apprenticeship on the Monday.

ted fenton 5:10 Thu Jul 2
Re: Late Winners
Percy Dalton 1:51 Thu Jul 2
Re: Late Winners
Surely Ticker Boyce 90th minute winner in the cup final v Preston has to be one of the best.


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