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Hammer I am 3:50 Sun Jul 19
Alex V and his differing opinions
Doesn't seems to post anymore but I notice a thread by what must be him on Twitter. I really don't get his viewpoints but every one is entitled to be different.


"I want to do a 2019/20 player performance thread as I did late last season ( https://twitter.com/AlexvFootball/status/1120692049186050048 ). I think my views are quite different to others on some players, which makes it interesting. Different opinions are what makes this fun!


After HOTY heroics last season, this season I'd say he's been a below average keeper in the prem. Could be injury-related, but more likely is simply the result of decline at age 35.

Does he have another PL season in him? Jury is out I'd say.


Pretty obviously made some calamitous mistakes, but it's a shame because other than that he looked like a decent keeper. Unlucky? In some gk stats he surprisingly comes out as our most effective keeper. In reality he's unplayable and we have to move him on of course.


I doubt he was bought to ever play - what was going on there? But he came in and let nobody down. I bet he's be a massive distance the lowest paid senior player. Well done.


Filled in, did okayish, never looked particularly likely to unseat Fabianski. I suppose that's the player doing what they were bought to do.


Really very poor.

All the misgivings that were overlooked because of his 'talent' (ie he's huge and fast) sadly came to the fore this season. Looks like a player hiding on the pitch, desperate to avoid a mistake, indecisive, unreliable.

What to do with him? I don't know.



Still decent at the basics (clearances, headers, challenges) but that was never the problem, I still think he collapses and often goes missing if an attacker ever asks him a question of how to reposition or adapt, or a team-mate needs assistance or cover.



A shadow of the player that joined us imo, seems to have just lost that confidence to step up and be positive in the challenge. Distribution dreadful! I sense a player going through the motions - neither Moyes nor Pellegrini want to pick him - says it all.


Many don't, but I think he's done okay. Probably his lack of pace exposed by Pellegrini's all-in style and poor cover from the creative players we've stuck on the left wing. Lost a bit of pace over the past couple of seasons, but good creative output for a full back.


Hard to justify at all as a full-back. I think he's been unlucky at the club and thrown in the deep end way too often, but he just cannot mark a player. A liability. And just doesn't have any creative output to pick him as a winger. So frustrating given his talent.


Scrapes a pass. He does get forward well and has pace. Injury issues just seem to keep turning up, and I'm not sure he's too great at the basics either. Doesn't seem like his managers have too much faith either. We seem to play better without him - why is that?


Pretty clearly right at the end as a pro - not convinced he even wanted to be picked. His extreme lack of pace was a constant source of stress for players around him and contributed massively to our uncertainty in defence.


Realistically I think he was an okay young player who got a great opportunity because we were desperate, and did okay in the side. He wasn't too ambitious, just stuck to the position, and that helped us. Still only 19 so has plenty of time to develop further - good luck.


Terrible injury-hit season - imo he was all set to become our first-choice right-back under Pellegrini after a fantastic pre-season but injury ruined it. Huge setback but nice to see him back in the team vs Watford looking comfortable at PL level.


Just continues to improve game by game as DM, CM, CB. Let down pretty much by everything around him, there were dark periods this season where he was our only good performer on the pitch. As I asked last Summer, can he now become a matchwinner too? That's the next test.


I expect he was an okay veteran player. Can't judge him too harshly on 113 minutes of PL football this season after a terrible knee injury - the criticism is really why he was signed rather than anything he did or didn't do on the pitch.


Very loyal. Legend. But poor this season.

Age really catching up, running in treacle, and that tendency to just sit on the ball in our half slowing down possession. Captained a bad squad performance overall. But to his credit he can still pick a pass when given space.


Turned the season with incredible energy and positivity, and that fantastic aerial prowess that Moyes used to the full. No better than half-decent imo in open play so I question long-term what he'll be worth to us, but gratitude for showing up at a crucial time.


I want to mention him at Charlton - another gold-star season on loan while our own midfield was shocking at times. At face value it's absurd - why was he not with us and actually playing in the team? What more can he do to get a chance at West Ham? I just don't get it.


200 minutes of league football is so little to go on to make a judgement - another horrendous injury-hit season. In both pre-seasons he's looked great, but it's impossible to ignore that in the hustle of a PL match he seems to get picked off and tackled way too easily.



He's tidy and high effort, can thread a good pass, but one-paced and just too lightweight. Hard to find a position for him. He has improved over the season, but 5 assists flatters him massively. At 24yo I don't really see enough there - I'm shrugging.


Still statistically our best passer and most frequent shot-creator, in what many consider a poor season. Not sure what to think tbh - I guess he was affected by criticism and went into his shell a bit? And if he isn't playing then there has to be a reason? Beats me.


He's still our most talented player. I don't buy the rumours about his lack of effort. I just think he's a show-pony player and it hasn't been fair weather so he's struggled. If you funnel everything through him he will do things, but that's just not a viable strategy.


Even in pre-season it was obvious he brought dynamic pace and running to our attack that the squad didn't have anywhere else. Then inexplicably he was sent on loan and was one of the best players in the championship. Then we bought Bowen from the championship. Cuckoo!


I think pretty vital still. Is he THE best set-piece taker in the league or only one of the best? Great utility as he can play across the midfield. Very high effort, apparently a great influence off the field. Not a refined player but a great scrapper in all weathers.


He's done well. I'm not blown away - he runs and he does the defensive work. Some good corners, a useful attacking outlet. I think he'll add more goals. He doesn't have the pace or presence to be a world-beater. He suits our level, I'm not convinced yet that he raises it.


When not injured he's been a real threat. A bit like Anderson he's just not a rounded player - he's a guy you hope for a cameo from, some cross or shot whipped with his left-foot. Iffy defensively. An 'impact sub'. Not a great player to have, but a useful one.


When you bring players from lower leagues, they have to have the physique to cope. Maybe in a less stressful season he does well for us. He probably does have a knack around the goal based on his record, but are you going to pick a side just to give him that freedom? No.


I think he's coped well - thumbs up. First season in the league, he's proven he can hold up the ball and is formidable aerially. Ideal target man attributes. And he's proven it in a bad side. What hasn't quite materialised yet fully is the link-up play - the next step.


Rollercoaster season. Our best player in pre-season, then injury again, then some flat form, then an explosion of goals since the restart. He's always been streaky, but never stops making those runs and always eyes on the goal. Can we stop debating if he's a striker yet?

So that's some takes on player performance. Love or hate them they will inform my views on the transfer window and the club's possible strategy. Player 'valuations' will be especially hard given I have no clue the state of the market... I doubt anyone does yet.

Alex V
Jul 18

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grasshopper 10:43 Sun Jul 19
Re: Alex V and his differing opinions
A true attention seeker.

Lee Trundle 6:30 Sun Jul 19
Re: Alex V and his differing opinions
One hugely disappointing thing is the lack of xG in his ramblings.

Has he given up on that?

charleyfarley 6:20 Sun Jul 19
Re: Alex V and his differing opinions
There is something very likeable about Alex and i do fret before 'sticking one on him' on one of his posts, still can't work out if he is deliberately being controversial, i know he likes to debate but often his views are so outlandish it has you spitting blood before you can drum up an answer and you end up ridiculing him

I liken him to a psychiatrist who takes on so many complex scenarios he ends up madder than his patient. Alex's analysis is often so complex that he ends up disappearing up his own arse. The one thing you'll never see in any of Alex's posts is emotion, never seen a post where he was ecstatic over a performance or a result, always analysing. Will always be grateful that he set this site up and even though it needs a major overhaul it still looks better than the crappy cloned sites out there
Keep it simple Alex and enjoy the beautiful game

Sven Roeder 6:03 Sun Jul 19
Re: Alex V and his differing opinions
A hip injury for a 35yo keeper which affects your kicking and pushing off to dive for shots is probably not ideal so can understand he has been a bit rusty.
Still think he has another season in him but in an ideal world we would be looking at a genuine competitor for him who would eventually take over. When that happened still reckon Fab could do a couple of seasons as a no.2 keeper.
Obviously we have other priorities for next season
And shit owners

Darby_ 5:53 Sun Jul 19
Re: Alex V and his differing opinions
He has a lot of odd opinions. They usually spring from an over-romanticisation of the academy or an over-reliance on stats. I’ve no doubt that his opinions on Roberto and Fabianski are coloured on some obscure and probably irrelevant stat he read.

On the other hand, he’ll never forgive a player like Diop for taking what he thinks should have been academy boy Reece Oxford’s place in the first team.

gph 5:50 Sun Jul 19
Re: Alex V and his differing opinions
Surprised he hasn't come back especially to tell us that we should have lost on Friday because the EXPECTED GOAL score was West Ham 0.83 Watford 1.03

White Pony 5:45 Sun Jul 19
Re: Alex V and his differing opinions
Another poster who tries desperately hard to be contrary about everything. He’s like the Branded of football threads. Shame really, as sometimes he can post something interesting.

terry-h 5:38 Sun Jul 19
Re: Alex V and his dithering opinions
I was just about to point out that,Sven.
Cullen has never looked first team material at West Ham. Championship or League 1 is his level.
I do understand his remarks about Fabianski though,who has not been too convincing these last few months. Either his injury has had an effect on him or age is creeping up.
I'm not a Randolph fan,and I doubt very much Trott has a PL future( he has no idea how to command his six yard box,believe me). So I would go all out to sign Neil Etheridge who for some reason is being kept out at Cardiff by Alex Smithies.
We need a big commanding goalkeeper and Etheridge fits the bill.

Mr Anon 5:34 Sun Jul 19
Re: Alex V and his dithering opinions

Praised Roberto but said Fab is a below average prem goalkeeper.

Think he only left because he's a master troll but people knew it here. Twitter must be like Shangri-la for him

Sven Roeder 5:19 Sun Jul 19
Re: Alex V and his dithering opinions
I think we know why he hasn’t posted it on here
Some outlandish views and when that’s pointed out he wants a SAFE SPACE
Views like :
Roberto .... decent keeper
Ogbonna .... poor this season
Sanchez .... ok &
Cullen ... should be in the team

Which aren’t interesting they are DERANGED

Full Claret Jacket 5:15 Sun Jul 19
Re: Alex V and his differing opinions
Think I have a different view on many of the players. If we all went by stats then we would be in trouble. Stats do not provide the evidence of whether a player is decent.
Bowen is a much better player than Diangana in my opinion. I'm happy to be proved wrong next season.

Iron Duke 5:09 Sun Jul 19
Re: Alex V and his differing opinions
I suppose I agree with about 75% of what he is saying.

But, let’s get a few things straight.

Firstly, Roberto is not a decent keeper. I’m not even sure that he is a goalkeeper. A total fraud.

Secondly, Sanchez is terrible. I’m not even sure he can call himself a footballer.

Thirdly, Ogbonna has been one of our most consistent players this season. Without his efforts we might well have been relegated. Saying that, he does have limitations.

I suppose we are on 37 points for a reason, and that reason is most of our team has been shit for the most part.

Stubbo 5:01 Sun Jul 19
Re: Alex V and his differing opinions
I pretty much agree with most of his views there (except positive statements abput Roberto who was horrendous across the board).

eusebiovic 4:49 Sun Jul 19
Re: Alex V and his differing opinions
Hermit Road 4:46 Sun Jul 19

You're right there...he did encourage some debate...this site is very quiet these days

Hermit Road 4:46 Sun Jul 19
Re: Alex V and his differing opinions
I like Alex and this place is worse off for not having him around.

A lot of the time his views seem to be contrarian for the sake of it but there are times when he swims against the tide and is right to do so.

If you really want to throw him off his game then agree with him about something. He gets a bit confused then.

eusebiovic 4:44 Sun Jul 19
Re: Alex V and his differing opinions
As usual he completely contradicts the logic that he uses.

Bemoans the fact Cullen hasn't been given a chance despite the fact he now has some solid match experience in the lower leagues then criticizes the club for giving Diangana the chance to learn with some consistent first team football. Then suggests that Bowen isn't all that considering we sent Diangana on loan to the same level despite the fact Bowen has been head and shoulders above everyone else at that level for the past two seasons!

The bloke should be a spin doctor

Lee Trundle 4:25 Sun Jul 19
Re: Alex V and his differing opinions

Cheers for posting this up. It's hilarious.

Nagel 4:15 Sun Jul 19
Re: Alex V and his differing opinions
I refer you to my response to Miike. Let's hear your opinions, if you have any of your own.

Hammer I am 4:13 Sun Jul 19
Re: Alex V and his differing opinions
Nagel 4:06 Sun Jul 19
Re: Alex V and his differing opinions

Sorry Nag! It's a player review of the season, do you say that after every opinion piece is posted?

Besides I note Alex posts his Twitter handle in his WHO profile so it's hardly as he's going to mind.

Nagel 4:10 Sun Jul 19
Re: Alex V and his differing opinions
Don't be a cunt Miike. I didn't say delete it. Just that the OP should put his own head above the parapet rather than posting up some one else's opinions for abuse.

Takashi Miike 4:08 Sun Jul 19
Re: Alex V and his differing opinions
mods, Nagel has spoken. please delete it

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