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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

The_Phantom 4:40 Sun Jul 19
Pearson sacked
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Crassus 12:13 Tue Jul 21
Re: Pearson sacked
'The crowd knew more about football than two of our managers.'

Don't doubt that mate but maybe they knew more about the contracts than we did

Strong rumours at the time that and subsequently mentioned by certain informed journos, that Masch' in particular had a limited number of games within the 'loan' fee then huge sums due thereafter on a pay as we played

We were effectively a conduit to moving the players to Europe and a huge pay day for all parties, except the previous/certain 'owners', and us of course us

gph 12:11 Tue Jul 21
Re: Pearson sacked
What are the odds of Mullins getting sacked before the end of the season...

Kaiser Zoso 11:59 Tue Jul 21
Re: Pearson sacked
Pardew could have used the Chesterfield cup game to give Tevez and Mascherano some game time, but he preferred Kyle Reid and Zamora.

Seems as incredible to me today as it did back then.

The crowd at Upton Park later that season sang 'We want Tevez on the pitch' when Curbishley also carried on leaving him out after Pardew was sacked. The crowd knew more about football than two of our managers.

Crassus 11:38 Tue Jul 21
Re: Pearson sacked
On the wireless yesterday - stunning fact

Watford have had more managerial appointments this season than Mezut Ozil has goals AND assists

Sven Roeder 7:15 Tue Jul 21
Re: Pearson sacked
Probably thinking if he was Argentinian they would have won.

Mullins made close to 700 appearances in his career.
Which is a surprisingly high number.
Think he will successfully keep them up due to the other two failing to do enough

tnb 2:07 Tue Jul 21
Re: Pearson sacked
I often think about Mullins watching the 2014 World Cup Final and reminiscing about when he kept Mascherano out of our team.

A decent servant for the club though and I wish him well. Almost 200 games, given I had barely any recollection of him before he signed he did more than okay.

Jasnik 1:57 Tue Jul 21
Re: Pearson sacked
Hayden Mullins was a very good player for us.

Mr Kenzo 9:20 Mon Jul 20
Re: Pearson sacked
Deeney only hits students which he done 8 months for, he would have melted away from Pearson

Vexed 8:42 Mon Jul 20
Re: Pearson sacked
Nobody wants to claim him, all races have turned their back on the footballing equivalent of cardboard that is Hayden Mullins.

Him and that itchy fucking dangleberry sad sack lookalike beachball headed mega cunt Deeney have started their own race because no other one will have them.

gank 8:06 Mon Jul 20
Re: Pearson sacked
Is Mullins black? Or is he just non-white?

Stevethehammer 7:36 Mon Jul 20
Re: Pearson sacked
I hope the player he has alleged to have given a whack is Deeney. Can't stand him.

Kaiser Zoso 6:29 Mon Jul 20
Re: Pearson sacked
I quite liked Mullins and thought he was good value

He wasn’t in the same post code as Mascherano, but that wasn’t his fault

Tomsdad 6:27 Mon Jul 20
Re: Pearson sacked

rumford 4:52 Mon Jul 20

Eerie Descent 6:19 Mon Jul 20
Re: Pearson sacked
Chigwell 2:46 Mon Jul 20

I reckon a black person would think your patronising waffle is about as racist as it gets.

The White Horse 6:18 Mon Jul 20
Re: Pearson sacked
Nagel the avid Roeder fan and
club statistician on here to regale us with
second guessing and why we should have stayed with the Rodent all those years ago.

My point was the two cases were similar.

jimbo2. 6:11 Mon Jul 20
Re: Pearson sacked
It's laughable how many Managers they have sacked this season alone, as many as we employed in our first 50 years as a club!
How can you expect stability and progress like that?

rumford 4:52 Mon Jul 20
Re: Pearson sacked
Not sure about Pearson he has done well but he's a border line bully, which no one really wants as a boss.

Dudley Moore 4:37 Mon Jul 20
Re: Pearson sacked
I quite like Pearson. Probably out of his depth as a Premier League manager, but as a character, he comes across well.

I imagine he takes little in the way of shit from his staff, which probably is a little outdated for many in today's namby pamby game.

Watford were virtually down at Xmas time and he's done so well to come in and give them a chance of staying up.

Very odd decision, but not surprising.

I hope he gets a good role soon.

Sven Roeder 4:13 Mon Jul 20
Re: Pearson sacked
Owner in the dressing room telling the manager how to pick the team?
Should have laid him out , stripped him naked and chucked him in the showers. Before throwing his clothes in the canal.

Lee Trundle 3:30 Mon Jul 20
Re: Pearson sacked
"A "frank exchange of views" between Nigel Pearson and Watford owner Gino Pozzo after Friday's defeat to West Ham was the catalyst that led to the head coach's sacking.

Concerns over team selection, substitutions and the team's performances since the Premier League returned to action had already eaten away at relations between Pearson and Pozzo, along with his technical director Filippo Giraldi.

It is understood Pearson still maintained support among a group of players in the Watford dressing room.

However, despite breathing life into Watford's troubled season - they were bottom of the league, with just one win from 15 games when he arrived - some players were less supportive."

That's got Troy DEENEY written all over it.

Sir Alf 2:53 Mon Jul 20
Re: Pearson sacked
*** keep them up ***

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