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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Darlo Debs 11:26 Thu Aug 6
Martin Braithwaite
Apparently in advanced talks.

Sorry if already posted


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geoffpikey 3:58 Fri Aug 7
Re: Martin Braithwaite
Can we please sign this useless bastard as I am bored of not currently hating West Ham United. Thanks.

gph 3:05 Fri Aug 7
Re: Martin Braithwaite
I tried to cut and paste, but my cursor got too heavy and fell off the screen.

Does anyone know how to reinsert it?

Dan M 3:02 Fri Aug 7
Re: Martin Braithwaite
I'll be honest, it's going to take me ages to type that all in Debs.

Eerie Descent 1:06 Fri Aug 7
Re: Martin Braithwaite
We will not be signing this geezer.

Thanks for reading.

Mr Wendel esq

Darlo Debs 12:59 Fri Aug 7
Re: Martin Braithwaite
Did i.pist the wromg link Iron? Good grief apologies.

Agreed sir Alf

Sir Alf 1:05 Fri Aug 7
Re: Martin Braithwaite
Exactly the opposite of what Moyes was saying is the direction we are going? He did say Some experience is needed and mentioned centre backs as a position where the older player is often better but otherwise young and hungry was Moyesinos vision?

Mind you Sullivan loves an ageing striker on high wages that has played for a big team in their time. The equivalent of a top of the range mid 90s Jag or Mercedes

Iron Duke 12:56 Fri Aug 7
Re: Martin Braithwaite
Okay, but you can clearly see in the title that this is just fake news fed from Donald Trump’s administration.

So there.

Darlo Debs 12:53 Fri Aug 7
Re: Martin Braithwaite
Yeah but i didnt get it off there it was off a newsfeed

Iron Duke 12:50 Fri Aug 7
Re: Martin Braithwaite
Darlo Debs 11:32 Thu Aug 6
Re: Martin Braithwaite
Didnt come off fb Trundle

Lol, It literally says Facebook in the link.

VickyPkVillageIdiot 3:40 Thu Aug 6
Re: Martin Braithwaite
“Not to.mention Anderson”

True, Debs. But I feel like Brazilians just make up any old name such as Fred and Wesley.

I was referring more to Argies and Chileans with British names.

Mex Martillo 3:35 Thu Aug 6
Re: Martin Braithwaite
He was a odd signing for Barca. I saw him play for them a few times, coming on as a sub. I was strikingly different from the rest of the team, worked much harder and very full on. He was also quite skilled, but a lower level than most of the team.
I would prefer we didn’t try him.
What happened to the buy young, ambitious, hard working players?

Darlo Debs 3:31 Thu Aug 6
Re: Martin Braithwaite
Not to.mention Anderson

Darlo Debs 3:30 Thu Aug 6
Re: Martin Braithwaite

VickyPkVillageIdiot 3:29 Thu Aug 6
Re: Martin Braithwaite
To be fair, there are a few British-sounding names in South America such as Mac Allister at Brighton.

geoffpikey 3:25 Thu Aug 6
Re: Martin Braithwaite
"URL gonna get your fuckin head kicked in"

geoffpikey 2:55 Thu Aug 6
Re: Martin Braithwaite
I think a man from DENMARK who sounds like he's from WORTHINGTON actually deserves his own thread.

"West Ham United are delighted to announce the signing of Peruvian record cap holder, Colin Ainsworth".

VickyPkVillageIdiot 1:27 Thu Aug 6
Re: Martin Braithwaite
Calm down, Jypo boy.

Mr Kenzo 1:19 Thu Aug 6
Re: Martin Braithwaite
Worry about it, if he signs

PeterJ 1:18 Thu Aug 6
Re: Martin Braithwaite
I’m not doubting

PeterJ 1:18 Thu Aug 6
Re: Martin Braithwaite
I’m doubting he is a shit player just wondered where you got that from as it wasn’t mentioned

dealcanvey 1:13 Thu Aug 6
Re: Martin Braithwaite

Because I cant work out why else we would pay 18 million (when we have no money) for a player like this?

His record is nothing special at all. 36 games in the championship for Middlesbrough over two seasons = 8 goals.


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