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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Nicey 9:23 Tue Sep 8
Bilic vs Allardyce
WHOs the best manager?

You decide:

International management:

Bilic - qtr finals of Euros. Beat England home & away. Got McClaren the sack.

Allardyce - 100% win record. “Left” after 1 game for basically letting his major cat out of the bag and disgracing himself and bringing shame on the national team.

Promotion from Championship

Bilic - automatically promoted with a young and hungry team playing exciting football

Allardyce - promoted through the playoffs with a squad full of old has beens on mega bucks

Playing youth

Bilic - Loaned one of the most exciting players from west hams academy for years and turned him into a star in the championship. Proceeded to sign said player for a bargain £12m

Allardyce - criticised for not giving youth a chance so cobbled together a team of youngsters playing in an unfamiliar formation to then get hammered buy lower league opposition and destroy their confidence all for to prove a point that was never proven.

Premiership win ratio

Bilic - 34.5%

Allardyce - 33.9% “value the point”

Superstar signings

Bilic - love him of hate him but payet is one of the best players to have ever pulled on the shirt and anyone watching him the flesh will remember the excitement every time he got the ball. Sold him for what we paid for him.

Allardyce - £20m and £100k a week for 6 years for the Mark Curtis represented Andy Carroll. (He’ll score the winner at the weekend)

I haven’t made my mind up yet and want to be fair to both. I guess this season will tell if Bilic has got the metal to be the great manager that I believe he will become.

Imagine if him and Scott Parker keep their tiny clubs in the premierleague and West Ham go down under Moyes or the next mug to take our reigns.

“Be careful what you wish for”

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ChillTheKeel 11:44 Fri Sep 11
Re: Bilic vs Allardyce
It was his 'it doesn't matter' comments before the LC semi final (and subsequent humiliation) v Man City which done it for me, especially hearing it after just arriving in Manchester for the game.
Everything went tits up after that. Defeatist cunt.

Full Claret Jacket 11:40 Fri Sep 11
Re: Bilic vs Allardyce
Allardyce had his style and was famed for turning round struggling teams. There were good things he brought to the club. He created a better team atmosphere, focused a lot on attacking set plays and defending them. Probably the most organised I've seen us. Clearly he isn't going to win a popularity contest. His thick-skinned, agricultural football wasn't going to win in the style stakes either. He wasn't a good fit for our club from that perspective but I actually think he is a better all round manager than Bilic.

Bilic had the fans on his side from day one and I think people were blinded by his relationship with the club. We all wanted him to do well and stay a long time. We wanted that amazing season to be the launchpad to an exciting era. I think he just lost it though. So many games where we only showed up for 45 minutes, players put in 'experimental' positions and the fitness levels waned to really poor levels.
Lots of criticism of training and I'm not sure his man management was good enough.
Glad to see him doing well at West Brom. Maybe less pressure and a team he can build up. I guess this season will be a good test of whether he is cut out to be a PL manager.

Willtell 10:09 Fri Sep 11
Re: Bilic vs Allardyce
Bilic always was and always will be West Ham whichever club he manages.

Allardyce is a cynical, dishonest, under-achieving twat that made millions from his ability to survive in a rat race.

normannomates 2:15 Fri Sep 11
Re: Bilic vs Allardyce
The 'west ham way' was all about yoof..
and that's why the Diangana sale hurt.

WE have psychological scars in this regard, we've witnessed so many academy graduates going on to great things with cunt clubs.. It fucking hurts.
I was looking forward to Diangana and Bowen this season.
And likes of Jim White take the piss?.. They have no idea.. hate cunts like him

normannomates 2:08 Fri Sep 11
Re: Bilic vs Allardyce
Can't stand Allardyce.. Absolute pillock.

Lato 1:42 Fri Sep 11
Re: Bilic vs Allardyce
Bilic was (will always be ) one of us

Peckham 11:02 Thu Sep 10
Re: Bilic vs Allardyce

Vexed 11:31 Thu Sep 10
Re: Bilic vs Allardyce
Peckham 7:38 Wed Sep 9

To be fair that 'West Ham Way' shit is ultra cringe and nobody ever uses that phrase anyway.

AGREED. So why was the fat fuck knocking it???

For me I will cringe away, it is being in the second tier and winning the FA CUP against odds.
On the offensive, playing exciting football and looking to get forward, losing to shit teams and beating better teams.
Having talent yet facing relegation, creating world class players and see them move on.
A revolving door of Owners and Board who have made bad decisions, the West Ham way.
Signing nutters like Di canio , the West Ham way always has had one player of sublime skill.
It was created long before my time, but in my era I would say Harry Bagpuss 99 was the West Ham way.

It can also be claimed the West Ham Way won the world cup.

The West Ham way will always be here , along with The academy of Football.

Jasnik 10:59 Thu Sep 10
Re: Bilic vs Allardyce

stewie griffin 10:57 Thu Sep 10
Re: Bilic vs Allardyce
ironsofcanada 12:08 Thu Sep 10
Re: Bilic vs Allardyce

Allardyce did a job for a while then he didn't and needed to leave. Good to see the back of him.

Mostly agree. We won 4 of our last 25 games under the hideously disgusting fat oaf and were a fucking mess by the time he left. No different to any other manager leaving, he didn't leave us in good shape.
I'm grateful for seeing us win at Wembley but in truth it should never have happened. We were 4 points clear at the end of January with the biggest and most expensive squad in the championship and then went on a 7 game winless run at home. Think its the worst in our history.

The oaf's best work was first season back up, did a really decent job and we were never really in any trouble.

As much as I hate him, I never really blamed him for any if it. He is what he is. It was the cunt owners fault for getting us relegated in the first place that he even became an option.

Willtell 10:40 Thu Sep 10
Re: Bilic vs Allardyce

, 6:57 Thu Sep 10
Re: Bilic vs Allardyce
For me this is all about their respective performances managing us.

Bilic gave us the best season that we have had to date in the EPL. The only record he did not improve was number of league wins in a season.

Allardyce, he did what it said on the tin, got us back into the EPL at first time of asking.

Bilic connected with fans Allardyce did not.

ironsofcanada 12:08 Thu Sep 10
Re: Bilic vs Allardyce
Allardyce did a job for a while then he didn't and needed to leave. Good to see the back of him.

There is a good manager in Bilic I think but he relied on a player too much and let the training/fitness good to pot. Needed a big failure, probably, to humble/focus him. Of course that was with us.

Just opinions at the end of the day.

Vexed 11:31 Thu Sep 10
Re: Bilic vs Allardyce
Peckham 7:38 Wed Sep 9

To be fair that 'West Ham Way' shit is ultra cringe and nobody ever uses that phrase anyway.

No doubt Sam was/is a cunt and plays horrible football but at the time he sorted us out and Bilic owes a large portion of the relative success he achieved to the shape Allardyce had the squad in and a couple of purchases that were made before he arrived. He still managed to fuck up the only chance we'd have ever had at 'Next Level' by tinkering with Antonio at right back which cost us loads of points. Otherwise we'd have been in the champions league.

As soon as the scruffy cunt was fully at the controls we were really unfit, he bought terrible players and we looked like we were never going to win another game. He should have been sacked much earlier. I still think he'll take Brom down this season. We might be joining them though.

Swiss. 10:47 Thu Sep 10
Re: Bilic vs Allardyce
Bilic gave us our first win at Anfield in 52 years. and 0-3 at that.

VickyPkVillageIdiot 10:13 Wed Sep 9
Re: Bilic vs Allardyce
Allardyce gave us some great results including beating Millwall with 10 men, Chelsea for the first time in years and 0-3 at Spurs.

Stowie.40 10:07 Wed Sep 9
Re: Bilic vs Allardyce
I think I’ll alway be grateful to BFS even though he’s a bit unlikeable. He done he’s job here, them 6 months from the start Of the season till Xmas in he’s last season was really good. I remember Swansea at home when we won 3-1 think Carroll got a couple. Song played and put one of the best performances I’ve seen from a west ham player in a long time, went to absolutely shit from there on in.

Keep dreaming 8:08 Wed Sep 9
Re: Bilic vs Allardyce
Cup ear to fans.

VickyPkVillageIdiot 8:05 Wed Sep 9
Re: Bilic vs Allardyce
I see Allardyce is still living rent-free in many of your heads.

Peckham 7:38 Wed Sep 9
Re: Bilic vs Allardyce
Biggest job in his life, should be an honour to manage the national team and he fucks it up after 1 game. Shifty fat fuck with no class is Sam.
Cupping his ear to the crowd, knocking the West Ham way and generally doing his job, no more, no less.

Peckham 6:20 Wed Sep 9
Re: Bilic vs Allardyce
If we stick with Moyes and this board, West Brom and Slav will finish higher than West Ham.

Swiss. 6:20 Wed Sep 9
Re: Bilic vs Allardyce

The players let Bilic down especially Payet who just stopped playing before he was off.

Gave us a the best season since 2006. If we'd have VAR maybe a CL place.

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