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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

grasshopper 11:26 Tue Sep 15
Wasted “talent”
If we had a world-class manager who could get the best out of


Would we be a top 8 side?

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White Pony 10:32 Thu Sep 17
Re: Wasted “talent”
What an insightful, thought-provoking thread.

Mex Martillo 9:44 Thu Sep 17
Re: Wasted “talent”
Yes, it does do that Gaffer.
Never easy.

Gaffer58 9:41 Thu Sep 17
Re: Wasted “talent”
Maybe Moyes is scared of playing 2 upfront as he thinks that would weaken either the midfield or defence, he’s never heard of the saying, “ defence starts at the front”

Mex Martillo 9:27 Thu Sep 17
Re: Wasted “talent”
I remember Pellegrini played a few games with Haller and Antonio up front and if I remember well it was looking great, but then Antonio got injured and went out for quite a few months and that was the end of that. It was shortly before Fabianski got injured and Roberto took us down. I sometimes think, it was the combined loss for Antonio and Fabianski that really screwed us up.

Peckham, thanks for the support! I find I can say what the fuck I want as everyone thinks I an idiot and ignores me. Its taken years to perfection and works great for me. I would recommend trying it, but best to keep it quiet.

Nutsin, why the fuck do English teachers come on ere, I’ll never understand that. Does anyone really expect WHO to be grammatically correct? Completely mental.

gph 9:24 Thu Sep 17
Re: Wasted “talent”
It took me one look to see that the Dementure Kid doesn't know when to use capitals.

Grammatical mistakes in a post picking up grammatical errors. It's almost as if he's trying to look dim.

It's a bit like him claiming I follow him around, while following me around.

There are probably hundreds of mistakes I've made. Don't stop, DK, until you've got them all. You don't have anything better to do.

Peckham 9:23 Thu Sep 17
Re: Wasted “talent”
23 years since we have had a strong goal scoring front 2.
We get a 40 million pound forward who thrives playing in a front 2 , yet 1. Moyes does not think he is good enough or 2. Moyes refuses to adapt and build around him and play 2 up front.

Does my nut in. Newcastle kept it simple with a 442 and outplayed us.

ted fenton 7:08 Thu Sep 17
Re: Wasted “talent”
Anderson is a bottle job never get's stuck in and shy's from tackles that will one day get him a badly broken leg !!!
As for Haller he needs at least one other player up front with him a modern duo of Mcavennie and Cottee would be nice !

Nutsin 6:30 Thu Sep 17
Re: Wasted “talent”
It took me 2 posts to find a Grammatical error that a 6 year old would make.

All I am asking is do you know the difference between, There, Their and They're or is it just There are you have a mental block on?

Simple question, even for you.

gph 6:13 Thu Sep 17
Re: Wasted “talent”

Please tell me you've been spending time trawling through my old posts looking for minor grammatical mistakes.

It would tell me that even you know your time is as worthless as you are.

grasshopper 12:19 Thu Sep 17
Re: Wasted “talent”
I suppose the thrust of the statement was, if we had someone like Klopp in charge, would we be top 8 better?

I think we actually good be, except from the parasites at the top

Capitol Man 5:41 Thu Sep 17
Re: Wasted “talent”
The rot starts at the top. We are never going to be any good on more than a flash-in-the-pan basis with gsb in charge.

The manager isn[t really going to matter.

Moyes certainly got the best out of Arnie.

chevy chase 5:33 Thu Sep 17
Re: Wasted “talent”
We never invested after Speedie left.

Razzman 4:54 Thu Sep 17
Re: Wasted “talent”
U blokes are fukked seriously

Nutsin 3:24 Thu Sep 17
Re: Wasted “talent”
Benny, do you know the difference between There, They're and Their?

gph 2:10 Thu Sep 17
Re: Wasted “talent”
a) your opinion is worthless;
b) I have the opinion of people whose opinion isn't worthless.

So, you're wasting your time if you think you can outweigh them.

c) you shouldn't be posting here, as the title involves speech marks.

Nutsin 1:33 Thu Sep 17
Re: Wasted “talent”
wtf do you know about talent Benny, you don't have any?

gph 1:02 Thu Sep 17
Re: Wasted “talent”
Sometimes, I think there must have been a Premier League April* Fool's joke, instructions to clubs saying that joined-up thinking henceforth is to be considered cheating.

GSB took it seriously.

Hence, we buy a player entirely unsuited to playing up front on his own, and play him up front on his own.

Major defensive failings addressed by switching around strikers.

Et fucking cetera

*Obviously not THIS April

chedylan 2 12:54 Thu Sep 17
Re: Wasted “talent”
A world class manager like Pellegrini?

Peckham 10:25 Wed Sep 16
Re: Wasted “talent”
It is fucking mental that after 3 years of watching and coaching West Ham that those players are on the bench. Newcastle played with 2 up top.
Yet Haller gets played up front isolated. Desperately need a front 2. How I miss the Kitson and Hartson, Cottee and Frank days.
Andersons pace and technique will only come to fruition when we have competent full backs giving him free role to attack and run at the opposition.

Tomshardware 10:10 Wed Sep 16
Re: Wasted “talent”
Richard Hall.

El Scorchio 10:05 Wed Sep 16
Re: Wasted “talent”
He needs to play to their strengths.

Haller not by himself up top. Anderson with no defensive responsibility. He also needs to surround them with the players most likely to help them shine.

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