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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Bishopsfinger 4:09 Sun Oct 4
After lockdown it’s was his form that kept us up. He’s passion and skill , whilst most of the team we’re struggling.

Without him none of this happens. He’s been vital to how we play and probably single handily kept us up. A relegation that we may not have recovered from.

Antonio should have the freedom of our city, freedom to wear the snowman outfit without judgement.

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BillC79 12:01 Tue Oct 6
Re: Antonio
It’s a shame he didn’t play up front in that final season at UP (instead of occasional right back).

Might have made the difference on getting into the Champions League. Was only 4 points and we lost two of our last three games.

Lily Hammer 8:52 Mon Oct 5
Re: Antonio
I fully agree, Vexed. Haller’s first few games got my hopes right up. He seemed to have everything, and it’s strange how he lost it all.

Vexed 8:10 Mon Oct 5
Re: Antonio
Haller when he first arrived and was motivated was a physical handful, his problems are all in his head, bad attitude and fucking lazy. Like all French people.

Peckham 7:58 Mon Oct 5
Re: Antonio
One word - RAW

Northern Sold 6:31 Mon Oct 5
Re: Antonio
Still laughing at his interview on MotD last night... he's getting in the realms of legendary interviews that I thought I'd never seen again since Marlon Harewood...

Tomshardware 6:26 Mon Oct 5
Re: Antonio
He's turning into one of our best signingsin the past 20 years. Love his passion and his willingness, he's a beast and capable of some really good technical ability at times, he's also capable of the opposite but you can't knock him.

Westham67 6:25 Mon Oct 5
Re: Antonio
Haller is nowhere near playing Fornal's role, not as skilful and cannot pass like him, We have found the right formation for a winning team it's just the likes Anderson and Lanzini do not fit into it. Haller maybe but he has to up his work rate

eusebiovic 6:12 Mon Oct 5
Re: Antonio
Ryan Manning
Karlan Grant

Are two of the better players in the championship if we're on a budget...

Razzle 3:37 Mon Oct 5
Re: Antonio
Simple - dont change a winning team

Darby_ 3:18 Mon Oct 5
Re: Antonio
I'd like to see Haller and Antonio play together some time in the next century. At the moment though, I can't see Haller pushing Fornals out of the starting team.

Kaiser Zoso 2:57 Mon Oct 5
Re: Antonio
Tick Tock 2:51 Mon Oct 5

Spot on, old timer. Pellegrini left a few problems behind, Haller being the most obvious. What sort of team lines up with an immobile lanky dullard up front, apart from Newcastle?

theaxeman 2:52 Mon Oct 5
Re: Antonio
Tbf Pellegrini would have played the way that suited him but we were totally undone by Roberto. Then everything fell apart.

Texas Iron 2:51 Mon Oct 5
Re: Antonio
Not blaming Haller...just giving my opinion of his attributes...

Poorly scouted ...doesn’t fit our squad...

El Scorchio 2:46 Mon Oct 5
Re: Antonio
Can't really see the logic in blaming or having a go at Haller too much for not being a roaring success. More at those who bought a striker who's strengths aren't in the way we play. He's pretty much a victim of it, really.

It's like buying a phillips head screwdriver to use on flathead screws. It's a good screwdriver when used properly but just can't do the job you wrongly bought it for.

Takashi Miike 2:39 Mon Oct 5
Re: Antonio
also trying to loan out Silva to a greek club, so just left with two strikers until january

Texas Iron 2:37 Mon Oct 5
Re: Antonio
Looks like Haller is Championship level based on his time with us...

Lacks speed...mobility and aggression ...

Ok finishing close in... never dominates CBs and defenders...

theaxeman 2:29 Mon Oct 5
Re: Antonio
He cant run Kenzo. The only way he'll be effective is if we dominate possession and play in the oppo half. We dont so cant see it working with him as we play.

Mr Kenzo 2:11 Mon Oct 5
Re: Antonio
The problem with Haller is that he scored regularly in a system that is completely different to where we play now. I hope he is watching Antonio closely because that's where his game needs to get to.

theaxeman 1:22 Mon Oct 5
Re: Antonio
I think we need a forward, quick and strong to cover Antonio. We might be ok at CB if Balbuena has sorted himself out which he appears to have, Diop, Alese and at a push Rice. Then we need cover for Soucek and Rice in midfield. Noble and wilshere are a mile off atm.
Surely there is a young hungry striker who fits the bill.

Sir Alf 1:11 Mon Oct 5
Re: Antonio
Haller we paid 20 - 30 million too much for based on what we have seen since he arrived. :-(
He isn't quick or strong enough for the Premiership by the looks of things but just as important does not have the psyche to compete and put himself about and rough up defenders like say a more limited technical footballer like Deeney does. Pellegrini and Hussilos must have picked players based on experience of the La Liga and Serie A ?

Anyway, although we need a CB , I'm now thinking back up to Rice and Soucek is as important and same for Antonio.

We need 3 and we will get none. The cash from Diangana ( a lot was paid upfront allegedly) has been trousered by GSB probably to pay the outstanding loans and installments on previous transfers. They have been running the whole operation on loans and the "never never" using future TV and ticket money as security?

w4hammer 12:57 Mon Oct 5
Re: Antonio
Vexed 11:05 Mon Oct 5
Re: Antonio
I dread to think what plan b is when Antonio does his hamstring against Tottenham. We can't rely on that lazy mardy cunt Haller, he looks disinterested. Then we're down to Yarmalenko aren't we? Or throw in Silva who is reportedly rubbish?

Striker and CB in today please.

my thoughts entirely! Our current style needs antonio working his voluminous arse off for 90 minutes - in the couple of minutes that lazy cunt haller came on yesterday the ball came back more quickly than it did in the rest of the game -im sure moysey knows this and thats why hes not playing him or anderson & lanzini

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