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Come On You Irons 6:21 Sun Oct 4
I've thought for a long time that this guy is our best defender. He's been absolutely rock solid this season and has won a deserved recall to the Italy squad.

The WHOers who call him by the childish name of DOGbonna should hang their heads in shame.

Immense defender.

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mallard 5:42 Thu Oct 8
Re: Ogbonna
‘I don't know why everyone is over complicating this‘

Because it’s been posted on West Ham Online

blueeyed.handsomeman 5:15 Thu Oct 8
Re: Ogbonna
love is a many splendered thing

Eerie Descent 5:14 Thu Oct 8
Re: Ogbonna
angryprumphs 5:01 Thu Oct 8

Nah, that's doing him a disservice. The way he had Vardy in his pocket had absolutely nothing to do with who was in front of him.

I don't know why everyone is over complicating this. He wasn't good for quite a substantial period, but now he is playing out of his skin, and has been for a year. It's good to see, and about time.

Darby_ 5:09 Thu Oct 8
Re: Ogbonna
Say what, Hugh?

blueeyed.handsomeman 5:07 Thu Oct 8
Re: Ogbonna
defendind us a corporate discipline

angryprumphs 5:01 Thu Oct 8
Re: Ogbonna
Actually it might be the fact he has two excellent defensive midfielders infront of him, who have a lot of pace / energy. Must make his job easier.

angryprumphs 4:59 Thu Oct 8
Re: Ogbonna
He has always had pace, just that now he is using it to get into good positions, rather than recovering from shit ones. Might be form / confidence, might be the system, had Vardy in his pocket for most of the game.

mallard 4:16 Thu Oct 8
Re: Ogbonna
Scored the winner in my last ever game at The Boleyn.

Sven Roeder 4:13 Thu Oct 8
Re: Ogbonna
Unused sub in Italy’s 6-0 friendly win over Moldova last night
6 subs used

camel-with-3-humps 12:36 Thu Oct 8
Re: Ogbonna
Moyes clearly getting the best from him.

Moncurs Putting Iron 12:16 Thu Oct 8
Re: Ogbonna
In and out of squad, when in he never hid, effort was there but performances were sketchy.

Clearly a player that needs regular starts to find and keep his edge.

Pleased for him and very pleased for us, if that makes me contrary, whatever.

Eerie Descent 12:12 Thu Oct 8
Re: Ogbonna
"He's gone from "Dogbonna" to "Godboner"?"

For the hard of thinking, yes. That is exactly what's happened.

He's been at the club for 5 years. For 2 of those years, he couldn't even get in the team. And when he did play, he was more often than not shit. Hence he was criticised.

Now he is playing well, he's being praised.

It's really not that hard to get your head around, so as much as you seem to love yo complicate things, this one is easy to work out.

ChillTheKeel 12:10 Thu Oct 8
Re: Ogbonna
What do you mean by a 'long time'? He was utter dogshit for us until last season, not to mention painfully thick, which makes his transformation last season all the more remarkable.
Long may it continue.

Lily Hammer 11:57 Thu Oct 8
Re: Ogbonna
If you watch the “Behind the Scenes” video of the Leicester match, you’ll see how much the clean sheet means to Oggy when the VAR verdict comes in. He’s not just going through the motions, picking up his wages. He loves West Ham and still has fire in his belly. Long may he stay fit.

I will never forget when he scored the goal for our last ever cup win at Upton Park v Liverpool. An absolute bedlam in the BML.

southbankbornnbred 11:23 Thu Oct 8
Re: Ogbonna
So, just so that I can keep up with the ever-fickle WHOerati...

He's gone from "Dogbonna" to "Godboner"?

For what it's worth, I've always thought he was a fine player since I saw him as a kid at Torino and Juventus paid a tonne of cash to take him across the city - always a controversial move.

He gives our defence nous, some composure and balance. He might not be the best defender in England, and he'll have the odd bad game (which is when some jump on his back, over-react and call him "shit"). But he's a very fine player and we've sort of wasted him by not realising his importance for a season or two.

Full Claret Jacket 9:36 Tue Oct 6
Re: Ogbonna
He was heavy and slow under Bilic and I put this down to him being one of those who puts on weight easily and our literally awful training regime at the time which all our players suffered issues from.
He's looking much quicker, sharper and also influential in that back line. He definitely needs good fitness routines and hopefully as he sees the benefits now to his game from them he can keep up to this level for a while yet.

ironsofcanada 8:29 Tue Oct 6
Re: Ogbonna
Norflundon 7:51 Tue Oct 6

I am one of his bigger fan as some on here may tell you based on discussions past.

He is generally a great defender. I thought he could be even better and has had some awful moments.

I watched him a bit - having watched Juventus at that time - before he came and he was in tough situation there behind three Italy centre backs and their (since flat-lined) heir apparent in Rugani.

I thought out of that shadow, with a decent central defender manager he could approach world class with the tools he had.

It did not happen and I have seen that under certain managers he looked both out of shape and less focused. And when that was the case he got especially grabby.

I remember a few months into Moyes first stint, someone from lower table team was on a break - I want to say Ollie Burke, maybe. He caught him and made the tackle clean and my thought was he does not do that 4 months ago (under Bilic). A decent part of letting that difference happen is down to him.

I love having him on our team and I have defended him many times on here. Should be a legend if he plays a few more years at his current level. Just trying to be honest about his flaws at least as I see them.

Sir Alf 8:01 Tue Oct 6
Re: Ogbonna
With no strengthening likely we'd better dress him up in a Michelin Man suit to keep him from getting injured. :-(

Norflundon 7:51 Tue Oct 6
Re: Ogbonna
ronsofcanada 11:32 Sun Oct 4
Re: Ogbonna
I don’t agree with that. He played a long period carrying a bad injury when he had a bad spell in Bilic’s 2nd season and I think you’ll find other poor spells were when he had Arthur playing left back in a flat back four. Fuck me you could put Bobby Moore next to that cunt in a flat back four and he’d look pony.
The fella is an outstanding defender and although not our best player I’d say he’s quite clearly been our most consistent player for a very long time

TopGun 6:44 Tue Oct 6
Re: Ogbonna

TonkaToy 5:06 Mon Oct 5
Re: Ogbonna
Malteasser Head Pele?

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