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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

El Scorchio 2:25 Sat Oct 10
Danny Welbeck
Currently a without a club.

Worth it on a one season deal as back up, just seen as we don’t really have anyone else? Has he got anything left in the tank and can he stay fit? We don’t really lose anything if he can’t stay fit.

I suppose unless he agreed to play for free the owners would plead poverty and wouldn’t ok it.

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El Scorchio 11:45 Sat Oct 17
Re: Danny Welbeck
Well. Looks like they actually put their hand in their pocket and forked out for someone who’s legs work properly instead!

normannomates 7:24 Sat Oct 17
Re: Danny Welbeck
I reckon Joey Beauchamp has more staying power than Welbeck.

Can't stand the fuckin fraud..

normannomates 7:20 Sat Oct 17
Re: Danny Welbeck
I'd rather take the now old fella Ian Dowie than this weasel.

normannomates 7:14 Sat Oct 17
Re: Danny Welbeck
Been stealing a very good living for a very long time has this fraud.
We have all seen it over the yrs..
MANCs .. AFC.. and then someway/somehow achieved full international status..
Made for life right there...
Absolute dogshit and pisstaking cunt

camel-with-3-humps 6:25 Wed Oct 14
Re: Danny Welbeck

Brighton want Welbeck. Bit of an interesting update.

However, can you imagine the complete fury of fans if this is what we end up with instead of Benrahma or King?

camel-with-3-humps 12:27 Sun Oct 11
Re: Danny Welbeck
El Scorchio makes a good point on giving a deal to Welbeck.

Think we should bring back Wilshire as well, plus a few vets, and we could have a decent team.

Welbeck (captain)

Darren Anderton Carroll Dyer

Wilshire Jack Collinson Jack Rodwell

Win Reid Inge Haaland Woodgate Led King

Mervyn Day

Sydney_Iron 11:57 Sun Oct 11
Re: Danny Welbeck
The sad thing is i can see us doing this! Welbeck and some slick video unveiling of our New England International striker.

He is right up Sullivan’s ally, free agent, played for the big clubs, not on big wages....worth a punt.

Along with Dawson, also relegated with Watford, this will be our lot until January.

Fuck, I hope iam well of the mark with this????

camel-with-3-humps 10:45 Sun Oct 11
Re: Danny Welbeck
We should bring back Hayden Mullins and Welbeck.

One year deal for both.

pdbis 10:15 Sun Oct 11
Re: Danny Welbeck
We could list a great wheelchair eleven.

camel-with-3-humps 9:27 Sat Oct 10
Re: Danny Welbeck
Bring back Nigel Reo-Coker.

He’s 36 and a free agent.

Reckon he’s worth a one year deal.

Lily Hammer 7:17 Sat Oct 10
Re: Danny Welbeck
In his 5 seasons at the goon, and 1 year at watford, he averaged 18 games a season.

Fuck that.

Get rid of Carrol, buy Wilshere.

Get rid of Wilshere, buy Wellbeck.

No, thank you.

On The Ball 7:15 Sat Oct 10
Re: Danny Welbeck
He's not shit at all, he's just permanently injured.

swindon hammer 7:11 Sat Oct 10
Re: Danny Welbeck
Welbeck actually did ok for England. One of those players that often played better at International level than club level.

Scored 16 goals in 42 games for England.

BBondsBootlaces 7:08 Sat Oct 10
Re: Danny Welbeck
I'd prefer David James up front. He's not available tho is he?

ornchurch ammer 7:00 Sat Oct 10
Re: Danny Welbeck
He's shit and finally reached his level after nicking a living at Man United and Arsenal. Embarrassing that he got England caps.

El Scorchio 6:25 Sat Oct 10
Re: Danny Welbeck
Vexed 4:50

Not keen then, I take it!

Queens Fish Bar 6:10 Sat Oct 10
Re: Danny Welbeck
swindon hammer 3:41 Sat Oct 10

Squad is too thin though. Only a couple of injuries or rona isolations and we're stuffed.

Lily Hammer 5:44 Sat Oct 10
Re: Danny Welbeck
This deserves a Don Logan NO NO NO NO answer.

Do any players actually accept pay as you pay deals? If Welbeck were willing to accpet one, I'd still not be convinced it was the right idea.

I don't believe he would have the hunger and commitment we want from signings.

ted fenton 4:56 Sat Oct 10
Re: Danny Welbeck
I was in the Bomb disposal squad with his dad Stan !!

Vexed 4:50 Sat Oct 10
Re: Danny Welbeck
El Fuckoffio

BigLump 4:42 Sat Oct 10
Re: Danny Welbeck
Let me explain how this actually works, as this isn't Football Manager.

As he is commanding (or rather was) a high wage until recently - his agent will tout him around. He has prem league experience etc, and is english.

clubs will happily consider him, now he is free as his wages is more than offset by lack of fees.

we dont decide to offer him pay and play as he will have plenty of offers of a regular wage, either here or abroad, pay and play is a myth. its not happening and wont

hell probably go to turkey or china and pick up a crazy wedge for doing fuck all

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