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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

northbankboy68 8:22 Sat Oct 10
West Ham's Worst Manager
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bruuuno 1:56 Sat Oct 17
Re: West Ham's Worst Manager

Sniper 6:22 Fri Oct 16
Re: West Ham's Worst Manager

Exactly, roeder had a lot of shit to deal with in that second season. We’d played decent stuff in his first season and looked better than the season before, despite losing Rio and Lampard in successive transfer windows. It’s no wonder really that our form improved massively once we signed a few decent players in brevett, les ferdinand, bowyer and Johnson coming in from his loan spell. They filled all the glaring gaps we had in the first half of the season

I’d also say, with Zola, he was appointed and stayed in purely for one reason - he was just chuffed to be managing a premier league club even when the squad was being sold around him. Again we played some decent stuff under him first season, but if you look at the lack of investment gold and Sullivan gave him and the shit they did chuck at him (Mido?!) it’s no wonder he struggled

I don’t think we’d have got relegated if he’d stayed instead of grant coming in though

I remember that interview where Cole said about the away tactics at Liverpool - I’m sure he also added something like ‘that’s not really my strong point’ to basically politely say Grant was utterly clueless and tactically inept

Lily Hammer 4:54 Fri Oct 16
Re: West Ham's Worst Manager
Has anyone answered “David Sullivan” to this, yet?

JOHNNY V 3:50 Fri Oct 16
Re: West Ham's Worst Manager
Nagel some on hereafter the first season thought Roeder was a possible future England manager, somethings have not changed.

Nagel 12:42 Fri Oct 16
Re: West Ham's Worst Manager
"I’m sure we won at home last game of the season and jumped 3 places."

It was one place, leapfrogging Spurs. Right about being bottom half until January though.

"The second season...pretty sure our first home win didn’t come until Dec/Jan."

I'd forgotten about that. It was actually Jan 29th before our 1st home win! We then got 13 points from our remaining 6 home games!

Roeder should have made a career out of managing only in the 2nd half of each season. Maybe in a job share with Fat Sam, who had us in 4th place at Xmas in 14/15 before dropping down to 12th.

JOHNNY V 12:12 Fri Oct 16
Re: West Ham's Worst Manager
Sniper from memory we were bottom half for the majority of his first season, we had a strong finish while others around us fell away. I remember everyone was stunned when we finished 7th, I’m sure we won at home last game of the season and jumped 3 places.
I think that glossed over the massive holes in the squad, the second season I’m sure we had major injuries to the point Ian Pearce was playing as a striker. Pretty sure our first home win didn’t come until Dec/Jan and we had something like 12 points on the board at Christmas. My memory if that time is Roeder standing on the sidelines with his leather jacket on arms crossed looking absolutely baffled and massively out of his depth.

Wonderkid 11:33 Thu Oct 15
Re: West Ham's Worst Manager
Sounds a bit like when roger johnson threw his shirt in the crowd after the 6-0 Man City defeat and was thrown back to him.

WHU(Exeter) 11:16 Thu Oct 15
Re: West Ham's Worst Manager
I remember the expression on his face as well, like he couldn't quite grasp the dynamics of what happens to a scarf when it is thrown into a strong wind.

Peckham 10:56 Thu Oct 15
Re: West Ham's Worst Manager

WHU(Exeter) 10:39 Thu Oct 15

That is one of my main memories of him chucking his scarf in strong wind instead of going and handing to some kid.

WHU(Exeter) 10:39 Thu Oct 15
Re: West Ham's Worst Manager
Without looking at stats probably Grant for me, his post match interviews would have been funny if it'd been happening to another club..."we play ok...we lose 4-0, I tell the players...it's ok".

i remember an important win up at Blackpool when after the game he 'raced' across the pitch to the away support, threw his scarf towards them, only for the wind to blow it back full around his face. Just about summed it all up.

And a Carlton Cole interview post heavy defeat at Anfield where he told us that Grants plan had been 'to hit him (Cole) early with the ball....or something'....the "or something" could've been Cole's inability to remember the rest of the tactical masterplan, but it could just as easily have literally come from the manager.

Peckham 10:13 Thu Oct 15
Re: West Ham's Worst Manager
Seems like its between Roeder and Grant, fuck, forgot, and Zola due to his incredibly low win%.

Up until 1989 West Ham had only had five different managers. I was always proud of that with John Lyall, even not winning fuck all for years.

Would not surprise me if Pellegrini was fobbed off he would have 80-100mill per window. Still think over time with longevity he would not be on this list.

Alan Curbishley - painful times , thank god we had Tevez.

20 bloody years of really shit appointments.

The one to give the most hope ended up being accused of being a fraud, suffer GSB, a shit athletics bowl and a disabled goal keeper.

Sniper 9:28 Thu Oct 15
Re: West Ham's Worst Manager
People do like to forget that roeder took over a team that had done really poorly the previous season and took them to 7th. Our first season under him was really good. We just failed to build on it the next year because, typically, there was no investment and we got injuries and then the players we needed to perform just disappeared. Sinclair was poor, di canio was a pain when fit, carrick was woeful for a lot of the season, Schemmel had off the field issues. And roeder himself had his own medical issues too.

We should never have gone down that year wi tv the players we had, but we also got to 42 points that year (roeder 35, brooking 7) which on average I think would be enough to finish about 15th. Even if we’d won the last game we’d have gone down on goal difference, on 44 points - which would normally get you 14th or 13th.

Roeder had got us to 35 points with 3 games to go, the 40 points for safety thing is bollocks. The average you need to stay up is just under 36 points. For the next three seasons after we went down, 35 points would have been enough.

So roeder was by no means brilliant, but he was also unbelievably unlucky

brick_lane_batty_boy 2:28 Thu Oct 15
Re: West Ham's Worst Manager
Don't even know why Allardyce is on the list. Did the job he was hired to do.

brick_lane_batty_boy 2:26 Thu Oct 15
Re: West Ham's Worst Manager
Grant for me

Pellegrini was just not used to managing such inept players. His use of funds has left us in a right pickle

Grant was just not a football man. The fact he's not had another job of note since proves this. Absolutely shocking choice from the board. Still to this day it baffles me

muskie 2:17 Thu Oct 15
Re: West Ham's Worst Manager
I agree that you cannot include Macari, he never had a chance, he actually wanted to get the players fit. Fat lazy cunts like Ward and Gale just downed tools.

People seem to forget that he conducted one of the best transfer deals in the clubs history getting Bishop and Morley for Ward.

eusebiovic 1:44 Thu Oct 15
Re: West Ham's Worst Manager
I don't really know how anybody can mention Macari...

He had to rebuild the squad after relegation and Lyall's shameful dismissal.

Only left because of the Swindon betting scandal and Bonzo just missed out on the playoffs in 7th with said rebuilt squad which settled down and improved greatly 2nd half of season.

Darlo Debs 12:11 Thu Oct 15
Re: West Ham's Worst Manager
I picked Roeder even before i saw this list.

He was hopelessly out of his depth.

Moncurs Putting Iron 12:04 Thu Oct 15
Re: West Ham's Worst Manager
Roeder - Took a side that had some excellent players in got LESS than the sum of their parts in terms of performance out of them and got us relegated.

Grant - Took a bad side, never got them firing, never gave us any hope and then bought piss poor players.

Allardyce - Had a strategy we didn't like, made us effective but never attractive, no spark, noting to look forward to or dread on a Saturday. Emotionally numb.

Pellegrini - Took bequeathed inheritance from our beloved stadium and spent it on good individuals but nearly never fashioned them into an effective unit.

The worst? Depends on what you love about West Ham the most but for me: Roeder.

Seeing that team, particularly the Academy players get dismantled and go onto have great careers make me sick for years.

Pickle Rick 11:36 Thu Oct 15
Re: West Ham's Worst Manager



muskie 10:39 Thu Oct 15
Re: West Ham's Worst Manager
Grant no question, closely followed by Roedent.

normannomates 6:37 Thu Oct 15
Re: West Ham's Worst Manager
I see the bad moon a rising
I see trouble on the way
I see earthquakes and lightin'
I see bad times today

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