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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

hammer205 12:04 Fri Oct 30
Antonio out 4 weeks
So says Talksport

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terry-h 8:57 Sat Oct 31
Re: Antonio out 4 weeks

nychammer 8:41 Sat Oct 31
Re: Antonio out 4 weeks
get Haller off and let’s see the new boy

nychammer 8:34 Sat Oct 31
Re: Antonio out 4 weeks
Good foot ball west ham need that killer pass

Westham67 11:17 Fri Oct 30
Re: Antonio out 4 weeks
Soucek, Soucek so good they named him twice

Same formation with Haller up front

Sven Roeder 9:11 Fri Oct 30
Re: Antonio out 4 weeks

Dr Matt 9:07 Fri Oct 30
Re: Antonio out 4 weeks
Soucek Diop Ogbonna Cresswell Masuaku
Rice Soucek
Bowen Benrahma Fornals

Vexed 5:41 Fri Oct 30
Re: Antonio out 4 weeks
Yeah he's training to get his hamstring as delicate as possible.

Jasnik 5:30 Fri Oct 30
Re: Antonio out 4 weeks
maybe they told him to be more like Antonio if he wanted to play up front so he went to the gym..

Vexed 5:30 Fri Oct 30
Re: Antonio out 4 weeks
If he wants a move in January it might be prudent of him to try to put in a shift to get himself in the shop window. The timing is good.

CanningTownWA 5:25 Fri Oct 30
Re: Antonio out 4 weeks
IOC I agree he looked like a heavy weight boxer lumbering around when he came on against Man City

ironsofcanada 5:02 Fri Oct 30
Re: Antonio out 4 weeks
eusebiovic 4:48 Fri Oct 30

I just had a look back at his Bundeliga highlights, for fun. He looks bigger now, maybe told to bulk up or let himself go a bit. I agree that he has to work harder, not matter what his role is.

Side of Ham 4:55 Fri Oct 30
Re: Antonio out 4 weeks
*to a STERN test.

Side of Ham 4:54 Fri Oct 30
Re: Antonio out 4 weeks
Someone should tell Haller he's a sheep as he's yet another Frenchman to wave the white flag in England when put to a turn test of their ability by the English.

Cannot see him being up to standard.

eusebiovic 4:48 Fri Oct 30
Re: Antonio out 4 weeks
I'm not buying this myth about Haller not having any pace...

At Frankfurt, him and Luka Jovic (another overpriced misfit at Real Madrid) relied on lightning fast counter attacks in a 3-5-2 system.

He is just not motivated...for one reason or another... Whatever the excuse it's just not good enough

Simple as that

CanningTownWA 4:31 Fri Oct 30
Re: Antonio out 4 weeks
Antonio has only ever scored in the box so in theory if we can get the service to Haller in there as well, he should at least get some chances. Also time to have Benrahma on the bench and get a run out.
I’m looking forward to the game

Sir Alf 3:53 Fri Oct 30
Re: Antonio out 4 weeks
I am not expecting too much to change with Haller. He is simply too slow to be able to press the opposition. He would like many players I guess be very effective in a team that dominates possession. We dont.

So without pace he has to use his size / physique. Again he doesn't. So then we have to get really good service to him. That will be tough against Liverpool even if they have a few injuries. Thats why Antonio is so important to the system. He is the outlet that allows us to bypass the midfield when we play those teams that dominate possession as we have for the last month. Antonio can make most 50:50 balls his even 40:60 ones. That buys the time for support to arrive. Haller invariably cannot get to the ball quick enough if its not a pinpoint pass and if he does get it he is simply not aggressive or physical enough to hold it up. Its never been his game. Pellegrini had some dream that we were City or Arsenal and would be dominant ? Who knows?

The only thing we have to hope and the point has been made. He has not had a run of games for a long while and that can make a difference. That 1-2% that you get when fully up to speed and match fit. Not likely to happen tomorrow so he has to make something happen, cause some problems somehow.

I suspect as many do that Moyes will stick with the same system and start him, he will be ineffective for 45 - 60 mins and be replaced by Yarmalenko who lets hope has got that mare of a game last week out of his system.

As Fraser asked and I dont know but highly suspect, that Sullivan overruled or manipulated matters to ensure we got Benrahma rather than King. I get why it would be a financial thing. King's contract is up this season and Sullivan did not want to pay 18 million for a 28 year old. I get that but the game is not won by players that are the best long term financial value. That silly little twat is the biggest problem at West Ham and has been for a while. King is not a like for like for Antonio but can play upfront on his own across the front line and wide, is strong, fast and aggressive. No wonder Moyes wanted him.

I am sadly ( and predictable since I am the site's biggest pessimist ) expecting the wheels to come off the bus tomorrow. Thanks Sullivan you know best as always :-(

ironsofcanada 3:52 Fri Oct 30
Re: Antonio out 4 weeks

Not sure that is completely what happened.

Haller played with Antonio at the end of the Watford game when he got his double. One was the overhead when Antonio hit the bar with a header from the corner and one was from good work from Anderson. (Anderson has pace if he fancies it)

But then Antonio was out for a fair while and Haller played pretty well - scored against Norwich and Palace, nice assist against Bournemouth. But by then Roberto was in goal. And the rest is history for Pellegrini.

He did look livelier in those early games but I have rarely seen under Moyes. Here hoping the penny drops against Liverpool as I do agree he can have better support if he does his part.

Sniper 3:23 Fri Oct 30
Re: Antonio out 4 weeks
For me a big part of the reason hallers form vanished last season was because Antonio got injured. Without Antonio we were so pedestrian up front - there was no pace at all. He actually looked better as soon as Antonio returned (see Bournemouth at home or Southampton away).

Add to that the general fear throughout the team that any shot would result in a goal with roberto between the sticks and we ended up with the defence being deeper and haller had no support. We had no pace to counter attack, and the back four were generally pretty weak as a unit defensively and going forward. You only have to look at the Newcastle game to see how easy it was to hit us on the break

With Bowen in now, Arthur on the flank and coufal giving solid support to Bowen too plus two central midfielders covering every blade of grass we look a better fit for haller. He was so often the only player in the box without Antonio, but fornals and soucek get in there constantly now too, plus benrahma (however he fits in when he does play). He’s a different type of player to Antonio but I think we’re in a better place now to give him the setup and support that will help his game

chedylan 2 3:11 Fri Oct 30
Re: Antonio out 4 weeks
A lot on here optimistic about haller. Give him a chance.

The very same lot will be tearing into the 'lazy cunt' after 10 minutes of him jogging about and not winning any balls in the air.

Capitol Man 2:44 Fri Oct 30
Re: Antonio out 4 weeks
Could be a good test for halter. He’s got some strong competition, good run of games to start putting away some goals.

DukeofDevo 2:21 Fri Oct 30
Re: Antonio out 4 weeks
If Haller plays he’s coming into a confident side with some good players around who work hard! He could well benefit from that!

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