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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

WHUDeano 4:56 Sat Oct 31
Chisora v Usyk
Cracking night of sport ahead, had to have a look at the West Ham/Chisora double...50/1! Bit too short for me....

Surprised at the size of Usyk in the weigh in, he definitely doesn't look like a smaller man, though all pundits/experts talk of Chisora's only hope being his superior strength and build.

I was edging towards Usyk on points, but after seeing the similarity in size, I think he'll get the KO or TKO between the 7-9th.

Anyone out there backing Chisora?

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Lovejoy 3:18 Tue Nov 3
Re: Chisora v Usyk
Both fighters having burgers together after the fight:


Good job Chisora.

wanstead_hammer 8:39 Mon Nov 2
Re: Chisora v Usyk
Yeh, he boxes out of Leyton.

mallard 2:45 Mon Nov 2
Re: Chisora v Usyk
Had I known this before the fight I would have been cheering every punch he landed

, 2:38 Mon Nov 2
Re: Chisora v Usyk
Yarmo gave it to him being a fellow Ukrainian.

Golden Oldie 2:36 Mon Nov 2
Re: Chisora v Usyk
That makes it pretty much a binding contract.

Council Scum 2:27 Mon Nov 2
Re: Chisora v Usyk
Usyk held up a West Ham shirt as well, so by law, we all have to back him.

Golden Oldie 2:09 Mon Nov 2
Re: Chisora v Usyk
Council Scum
Can only speak for myself, it was after watching the WBSS how Usyk dominated the cruiser division taking on world champions in their own backyards, no one could get near him and his output was the same in the 12th as in the 1st rounds.
Incredible boxer

David Haye was a brilliant cruiser who stepped up and beat the circus act giant but Haye artificially added on so much muscle his body would break down all the time and wasn't as capable at heavyweight.

We have Michael Hunter another stepping up from cruiser to heavy and he shown he can mix it with the monsters when he beat Martin Ilunga whose been touted as the one to watch from AJs sparring with him.

Not sure if Usyk can play in the same division with the big boys, but it would be great for boxing if he could as it would prove a point about skill above size.
Since Eddie Hearn signed up Usyk for a few fights the hype machine is in overdrive so you'll hear only noise about him now and that kind of hype tends to annoy anyone neutral.

While a sort of fan of Fury [to a degree until he starts going on about mental health which he played on to hide him failing a drug test] and watched most of his fights up till he stepped in the ring with Klitschko, I never thought he had a chance.
Even the 1st Wilder matchup I thought he was gonna get beat, then the Wilder II fight shown me he's the real deal.

Whether Usyk can match whatever Evander Holyfield did time will tell, I hope so but 3 stones difference in boxing matters.

wanstead_hammer 1:24 Mon Nov 2
Re: Chisora v Usyk
That’s how I saw it as well.
Haven’t really seen much of Usyk, but atm weight wise, he’ll get ‘steamrollered’ by the natural heavyweights. (Like Ruiz did to Joshua in their first fight). I know Joshua’s not exactly greased lightings
Chisora kept the middle of the ring and limited Usyk’s boxing skills to a minimum. He deserved all the credit he got.

Council Scum 12:58 Mon Nov 2
Re: Chisora v Usyk
Usyk loses to anyone from Dillian Whyte and above and Chizzy could have posed him a lot more problems really.

I've never got the media love in with Usyk, making out he's some larger version of Loma and will become a Heavyweight great.

Lee Trundle 12:36 Mon Nov 2
Re: Chisora v Usyk
Exactly what I though, Passerby66.

Shame, as he seems quite entertaining.

Passerby66 11:12 Mon Nov 2
Re: Chisora v Usyk
Chisora is a gatekeeper nowadays. He is put out to fight heavyweights who are claimed to have world title ambitions and if they can't beat him then they are consigned to the scrapheap. If they do beat him then they move on to more serious contenders (and are taken more seriously in return).

From watching th efight I think that although Usyk showed great boxing skills he also showed that he is too small to have genuine HW ambitions. He may pick up a title if Joshua is forced to discard it and then hold on for a number of fights by cherry-picking opponents but as a unified belt-holder he has no chance,.

Fury and AJ are too big for him and even Dubois in a couple of years would be too much for him. He would run rings round Wilder all night and then get knocked out with one punch.

Usyk has come up to heavyweight to make big money but he is just too small to replicate his cruiserweight form here. He needed to knock out Chisora to make a statement and he was nowhere close.

Takashi Miike 1:08 Mon Nov 2
Re: Chisora v Usyk
chisora keeps getting big fights because he's good value and has dedicated himself. I think going twelve rounds, and at times troubling usyk is a good achievement and he deserves whatever hearn paid him

Full Claret Jacket 12:28 Mon Nov 2
Re: Chisora v Usyk
I like Chisora as he an old school brawler who only knows how to give it everything moving forward throwing punches. There are no tactics, with his size and age he slows drastically as the rounds go on but he shows heart and desire to push himself. Took some good shots too.
Perhaps a bigger man would have put Chisora on the floor. He certainly rocked a bit.

Usyk showed good footwork and picked off his man at times but was less than convincing when pressured and didn't have a big enough punch. Deserved winner but can't see him making an impression against the more athletic giants in this division.

LeroysBoots 6:03 Sun Nov 1
Re: Chisora v Usyk
But they are still shit

We had David Haye on Talksport on Friday talking up Chisora as if he were Ali and Tyson rolled in to one.

The hype in boxing is fucking pathetic, and I detest that cunt Eddie Hearn too

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 3:26 Sun Nov 1
Re: Chisora v Usyk
Incidentally, I don't have a problem with them getting paid a fortune for it. They are risking their lives.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 3:23 Sun Nov 1
Re: Chisora v Usyk
Leroys, GO

They are kind of super-opponents. Respectable enough boxers and done enough in the past so people might not notice they are just opponents.

Golden Oldie 2:34 Sun Nov 1
Re: Chisora v Usyk
Good idea
Replace it will a bowl of fruit, maybe a nice bunch of flowers or something.

PeterJ 2:26 Sun Nov 1
Re: Chisora v Usyk
I would take the Golden out of your username.

Golden Oldie 2:13 Sun Nov 1
Re: Chisora v Usyk
Usyk is a class act whose taken on the best in the world in their own backyards at cruiser-weight and just beat his first initial test professionally at a higher weight.
Probably the best pound for pound fighter in the world right now.

That will be WAR Chisora's 10th loss now I think, whose managed to get a shitload of PPVs out of the Matchroom hype machine too.

Thank Jah for the gullible British consumer.

Be interesting to see how Usyk goes forward from here, he's shown he can take a lump from the heavier man as he's been in the super heavy category as an amateur and he knows the right way to put weight on intelligently as a boxing athlete rather than for aesthetics like most seem to do without it compromising his style, it was his first fight in over a year after unifying the cruiser belt division and used to being very active up till now.

Needs a few more fights before facing Joshua and if successful then the final boss Fury who is skilled and big enough to counter Usyk's ability, there are weight classes for a reason as Mikey Garcia Vs Errol Spence jnr or Loma vs Lopez the other week shown, sometimes the step up is just too much.

Then again it's not about who hits the hardest otherwise it would simply be called "punching", not boxing.

Shout out to Naoya Inoue last night, he really is a fucking monster at that weight class.

LeroysBoots 1:25 Sun Nov 1
Re: Chisora v Usyk
It fucking cracks me up when these serial "losers", Chisora and Whyte are constantly talked up by all and sundry as if they are undefeated

They keep getting fucking chances all the time, wtf !?!

Johnson 2:20 Sun Nov 1
Re: Chisora v Usyk
I laughed when he said that.

Going to talk himself up to a big fight though ain’t he. He knows he’s only got one maybe two PPV at that level in him.

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