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Mex Martillo 12:01 Tue Nov 10
Not what he was at the end of last season.
Why’s that then?

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geoffpikey 11:00 Tue Nov 10
Re: Bowen
Be good to see more BOWEN ARROWS (sorry).

Impressive workrate on the wing for definite, but surely one of the main reasons we bought him was because he banged in something like 19 goals in 5 months at Hull? They sunk like a stone without Bowen's GOALS.

He's not really used as a goal threat by Moyes. I do find his formations baffling at times, especially as Bowen is HIS signing.

Whatever. As apparently Moyes is now a genius.

JimmyT 10:17 Tue Nov 10
Re: Bowen
Good player.

Probably lacks that extra bit of pace that would make him a very good player.

Side of Ham 6:22 Tue Nov 10
Re: Bowen

Alwaysaniron 5:42 Tue Nov 10
Re: Bowen
Mex.. Great post! Totally deserves being called out for his slacking and poor attitude post lockdown. Either that or he had a mildly off game against Fulham and has otherwise been nothing short of excellent for the rest. A great signing and he works his socks off. Anyone would think he was actually Cech!!!!!

Block 5:21 Tue Nov 10
Re: Bowen

Moncurs Putting Iron 4:40 Tue Nov 10
Re: Bowen
twoleftfeet 3:50 Tue Nov 10
Re: Bowen

Actually. To the letter but with the addition of a K and a w


Takashi Miike 4:38 Tue Nov 10
Re: Bowen
two leftfeet 3:50 Tue Nov 10

nychammer 4:36 Tue Nov 10
Re: Bowen
unlucky not to score goal of the season against Fulham, one of our best players this season.

TopGun 3:55 Tue Nov 10
Re: Bowen
Bowen? Been class, stay off the spice.

Moncurs Putting Iron 3:53 Tue Nov 10
Re: Bowen
twoleftfeet 3:50 Tue Nov 10

This. To the letter.

twoleftfeet 3:50 Tue Nov 10
Re: Bowen
You clearly no fuck all about football because he is in the top 10 players in the PL for attacking midfielders based on form.

Why do we always slag off players? Drives me mad.

Swiss. 3:34 Tue Nov 10
Re: Bowen
He's visibly put a bit of timber on. Which should be good. He'll be fine.

Sir Alf 3:05 Tue Nov 10
Re: Bowen
Not unexpected. Teams will now include specific tactics to nullify him. Its what often happens to a whole team sometimes let alone a player ( Sheff Utd this years example ). The old "second season syndrome". He will get far less room now because the opposition know he can cause problems for them. Needs to up his game, learn how to be effective with less time etc.

ted fenton 2:17 Tue Nov 10
Re: Bowen
Great buy talented and gives 100% shame Haller hasn't got his attitude.

Darlo Debs 1:59 Tue Nov 10
Re: Bowen
Can't beat a bit of bully

Mr Kenzo 1:56 Tue Nov 10
Re: Bowen
My Old man went to a Comedy stand up and Jim Bowen was one of the comedians, he lasted under 10 minutes before the audience gave him a verbal shoeing and he fucked off stage They would would have been better better with Bully and a Dictionary.

Darlo Debs 1:52 Tue Nov 10
Re: Bowen
Pump up the Ham..

I think i need a lie down

Side of Ham 1:47 Tue Nov 10
Re: Bowen
Looks like this new WH2U club followed by our limited supporters has even taken bits of our song!

Those, those bubbles, they will reach the skyyyyy,
No valley too deep, no mountain too hiiiiiiigh!

Darlo Debs 12:01 Tue Nov 10
Re: Bowen
You love Jim Bowen.... Super Smashing Great...

Err hang on

Takashi Miike 11:27 Tue Nov 10
Re: Bowen
love bowen & jimmy, these threads are bollocks

Lato 11:23 Tue Nov 10
Re: Bowen
I believe he is a Moyes type of player works hard but is always a threat going forward and will score goals. The commentator summed him up perfectly after taking a corner at Leicester that came to nothing. " Bowen sprints back into a defensive position, you wouldn't see Felipe Anderson doing that " Or words to that effect!

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