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Guy Gibsons Dog 10:06 Sun Nov 15
Netfix or Amazon Prime
Which are better, both look like a pile of cunt, am I better off getting a premium membership for Pornhub

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Nurse Ratched 12:12 Mon Nov 16
Re: Netfix or Amazon Prime
Ron Swanson is my ideal man.

Nurse Ratched 12:12 Mon Nov 16
Re: Netfix or Amazon Prime
Sold - just the trailers for The Hunters make me cringe and snigger at the same time. I'm giving that one a wide berth.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:11 Mon Nov 16
Re: Netfix or Amazon Prime
Walton Goggins and Timothy Olyphant are rarely in anything rubbish.

As for other stuff on Prime -

The Expanse is good. Mrs Maisel is very good. The Boys is hilarious.

Damages, Man in the High Castle, Mr Robot, Outlander all ok if they are your bag.

Parks and Recreation if you can get past the first half dozen episodes and don't bother with the last season. IMHO Ron Swanson is one of the funniest characters of the past decade.

Terrible user interface that means you can't easily find the good stuff. There's quite a lot more according to taste and if you can find it.

tonka 12:09 Mon Nov 16
Re: Netfix or Amazon Prime
Justified is fantastic supermarket number 4 cheddar television. I really enjoy it, but it’s mild and predictable. Goggins is excellent and has a varied array of waistcoats.

ironsofcanada 11:41 Sun Nov 15
Re: Netfix or Amazon Prime
Another for Justified as well.

I love Walton Goggins in most things - and this is one of his better roles. Probably just behind The Shield. with honourable mention for his drag role in SoA.

and Timothy Olyphant as well, going back to Gone in 60 Seconds.

Iron Duke 11:37 Sun Nov 15
Re: Netfix or Amazon Prime
I started to watch Hunters, then realised that the first episode was two hours long. I don’t have the patience for that.

This is Us is good on Prime. I’m still on season 2 though because the missus watches with me and isn’t always in the mood. Story of my life.

ironsofcanada 11:36 Sun Nov 15
Re: Netfix or Amazon Prime
Probably one of favourite things on Prime is a super dark comedy/thriller Patriot.

Just two seasons but great little watch.

Northern Sold 11:33 Sun Nov 15
Re: Netfix or Amazon Prime
Nursey... yeah just had a look at the reviews for that and all highly praising it... I will have a look...

One I did notice on prime was The Hunters... all about jews hunting down nazis in new york?? Anyone seen??

Nurse Ratched 11:18 Sun Nov 15
Re: Netfix or Amazon Prime

Justified (on Prime) is excellent

Northern Sold 10:37 Sun Nov 15
Re: Netfix or Amazon Prime
Already had Disney+ and Netflix... daughter at Uni gets 6 months free with Amazon prime so we get an account... have to say not been that impressed with the content... although the Rugby was pretty good at the weekend.

Disney+ has been superb... worth it just for the brilliant Mandalorian and The Right Stuff.... that on top of great docs and every single film that Disney/Pixar/Marvel has ever brought out... superb value at £50,00 a year.

Netflix more expensive but great content... box sets... The Last dance, Mindhunter, superb... great films as well... again well worth the money.

JAC 10:29 Sun Nov 15
Re: Netfix or Amazon Prime
Prime has some very good series worth watching.

1. Bosch


3.The Exorcist (series)

to name just three...there are more if you dont mind a bit of ferreting.

jfk 10:27 Sun Nov 15
Re: Netfix or Amazon Prime
We've got sky and Netflix,herself watches loads of boxsets and films our kids arn't bothered either way.For the last couple of years ive been getting right into listening to the radio/ podcasts on a mates reccommendation didn't realise how much is available also started reading much more.
Both sky and Netflix occasionally show decent films but so does film 4 and there's some good stuff on the iplayer if I had my way I wouldn't pay for either.

chim chim cha boo 10:14 Sun Nov 15
Re: Netfix or Amazon Prime
I've got Netflix and the one thing I will give it is the HDR content looks amazing on a decent OLED 4K TV.

The biggest problem is the fundamental curse of the Western world - too much choice. It's getting harder and harder to find a decent film to watch as they get buried under a pile of shit ones.

Sometimes I think as long as there's noise and coloured, moving shapes nobody seems to mind.

WHUDeano 9:55 Sun Nov 15
Re: Netfix or Amazon Prime
Randomly I've got everything at the moment, prime, Netflix, nowtv (film/entertainment) and Disney. All are shared between 2 locations without any issues (I've given my old man my log in details).

From reading this thread quickly, maybe they are all shit?

I've got very little time to actually watch tv, and when I do, I usually spend half the time trying to find something.

The one massive positive is the lack of 5min advert breaks. I can't stand them and find it almost impossible now to have any sort of normal TV on anymore.

However I would say:

Netflix - decent for kids, and watch a couple of movies a month.

NowTV - has he most up to date movie releases, plus some great nat geo / discovery options on entertainment package. I love a survival style show (Ed Stafford is my current choice), so I used this more than anything else.

Prime - I don't really use the TV, just make use of the delivery, however my parents enjoy the obscure movie choice on there and are on there quite often watching randoms.

Disney - surprisingly good selection of movies, maybe better than the rest.

However, there is a huge possibility that maybe I'm just an absolute cunt with no relevant advice on worthy subscription services?

Mad Dog 8:24 Sun Nov 15
Re: Netfix or Amazon Prime
Loads for the kids on netflix

Got it with my sky deal.

Got amazon as it was cost effective due to deliveries. Csnt say I watch much on it. Just started watching "the boys"

Alfs 7:35 Sun Nov 15
Re: Netfix or Amazon Prime
Having both is also cheaper than a tv license. Something that the BBC seriously need to address.

LeroysBoots 7:02 Sun Nov 15
Re: Netfix or Amazon Prime
The reality here is both are as cheap as chips when compared to SKY, and subscription to either or both is hardly going to break your budget

ironsofcanada 5:51 Sun Nov 15
Re: Netfix or Amazon Prime
Prime comes with some e-books, music and the delivery stuff, so we always have that.

If we are off or have less to do we will do Netflix for a month. Binge some stuff like Mindhunter, Better Call Saul, Ozark, The OJ and Versace series - forget what they are call, Bojack Horseman, Travellers, House of Cards before it went garbage, etc.

Alfs 4:51 Sun Nov 15
Re: Netfix or Amazon Prime
The advantage of Prime is that you get free delivery as well as the tv bit. Netflix has gone downhill lately.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 12:14 Sun Nov 15
Re: Netfix or Amazon Prime
Apple TV has the morning show which is brilliant - I haven’t watched anything else in there as it looks rubbish. My free offer ends in feb and I won’t renew.

Prime is worth having just for the free delivery. What is? £80 a year? Our household saves a lot just there and the tv is a bonus plus you can stick your kodi on your fire stick.

Netflix used to be good when you could mod a Wii or similar to play US Netflix. Uk Netflix was shocking. They both seemed to have levelled out now and regressed. There are some good shows but you get dragged into dross and can’t get out - designated survivor is a case in point. Really gripping for season 1 and 3 seasons in and they are scraping the barrel.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:06 Sun Nov 15
Re: Netfix or Amazon Prime

Yes, that is a piss-take of the highest order.

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